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Our Mother Came on This Day

May 15, 2006 |   By Sanhua (Compiled from a young Disciple's enlightenment)


Heavenly Climate

Every time we hold a Falun Dafa activity, the heavenly kingdoms are busy as well. Especially when it's Master's birthday or a large-scale Fa conference, all the flowers in the heavenly flower shops are used up. Sometimes there are not even enough! The flying deities are busy flying around to prepare things.

In fact, some of the world's holidays correspond to the heavenly ones, such as Mother's Day. All mothers come down to visit their children in the Three Realms, and Master chose this day to come, which tells the world's people that our "mother," who has every being in her heart, has also come. But people cannot be told this directly, so the worldly Mother's Day is not a fixed day, but takes turns around that day. This arrangement is very meaningful, because heaven and earth celebrate this most splendid day together.

Mothers' Expectations

On this day, all cultivators' mothers come to encourage their children. They clap their hands if their children are in good cultivation states, and then go back with a satisfied smile. If their children are not doing well, they try to give a hint, and many of their family members even come down and worry beside them. The heavenly soldiers and warriors stand guard, expecting their children in the maze to return home. They are all very proud that their children could be disciples of the Lord of Buddhas, hoping they can reach Consummation and bring the indestructible harmonious new Fa of the cosmos home. They are all watching closely, worried. But to put it in another way, all those carefully arranged tribulations and tests are for disciples to upgrade their xinxing. Mothers always stay near their children. Especially when their children have not passed their tests well, they wait there with compassion, patiently waiting for their children to wake up.

Time Is Already Near to Return to Position

Today when I was sitting meditating, I saw that the sentient beings in my kingdom were busy in a very magnificent hall, and it seemed like they were preparing a ceremony. They were very happy, but it seemed like they were doing some last minute work to finish. When I asked them what they were bustling around for, they answered, "The Lord is coming back!"