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More Accounts Pointing to Illegal Organ Transplants in China

May 14, 2006 |  


After the harvesting of organs from living practitioners was exposed, the Falun Dafa Association and the Minghui/Clearwisdom website jointly established a Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong on April 4, 2006. This organization calls for the public to provide further information about the persecution. We hope that more people will come forward and provide information.

Kidney Transplant Performed Every Night in Beijing 307 Hospital

According to doctors who work at the Beijing 307 Hospital, recently there has been a kidney transplant operation performed each night in the hospital. They have no idea where the hospital got so many kidneys, nor do they know why the operations have to be done at night. After the operations, patients are transferred to neighboring smaller hospitals to be cared for.

10 Times Higher Price for a Liver Transplant

According to a report entitled "10 Times Higher Price just to Have a Liver Transplant" published in the Bando Morning Post in Dalian City, Liaoning Province, a Mr. Zhang, the head of the Shanxi Province coalmine, came to Jilin Province on a business trip last October. On October 26, he suddenly fell into a coma after drinking. He was diagnosed with late-stage liver cirrhosis and only a transplanted liver could save his life. However, the hospital couldn't find the right liver. In order to have the operation done quickly, Mr. Zhang's family members offered to pay 10 times the regular price for a liver transplant. In other words, they were willing to pay 4 million yuan for such an operation. The hospital then found a suitable liver in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. Dr. Tang Li was the physician who performed the transplant. It is not known whether a Falun Gong practitioner was forced to provide the liver.

Blood Taken in a Brainwashing Center in October 1999

After learning about the Sujiatun incident, I recalled my experience in October 1999 when I was detained in a brainwashing center in Xingezhuang, Dingxing County, Baoding City, Hebei Province. During that time, some doctors were brought in to give us medical examinations. When we heard about this, we were very puzzled. The staff there beat and abused us, using every possible means to torment us. How come they wanted to have us go through a medical examination? They first asked to take some blood from us. We felt that our blood was precious because of improvements through cultivation, so we refused. They then asked each person if we had any diseases. We said no. Then they asked what diseases we had before we practiced Falun Gong, saying that a certain type of disease needed a blood sample to be diagnosed. This way, by using deceit, they were able to take blood from some people. They also measured everyone's blood pressure and checked our health.

When it was my turn, they also checked my eyes. I told them I was full of illnesses before I practiced Falun Gong. When I mentioned a certain type of disease I had, they didn't want to draw my blood anymore. Now looking back, they did not care about us at all, but were trying to find suitable organs from us for transplant.

Falun Gong Practitioners Forced to Go Through Medical Examinations in Sanshui Women's Labor Camp in 2003

In 2003 I was detained in Brigade Two of the Sanshui Women's Labor Camp in Guangdong Province. The captain was Tang Xiangping, who is in her 20s. A team leader surnamed Sun was very vicious. There were two teams within the brigade and the team leaders were Li Hui and Liang.

At that time we were divided into two groups to go through medical examination. I was in the second group. As soon as we were brought to the hospital inside the camp, the police closed the doors of the hospital. Then dozens of doctors in military uniforms showed up. The atmosphere was very tense. Falun Gong practitioners were asked to go through each item on the medical examination form, one of which being blood samples.

There were five or six practitioners among the second group who were very determined and who successfully rejected the checkup. I was one of them. Several of us stood against the wall, with people assigned to monitor us standing next to us. We observed how other practitioners went from one room to another for tests. I felt very sad seeing their blood being taken. Our blood is very precious. How can these practitioners allow their blood to be taken?

In order to resist the medical examination, practitioner Fan Zhijun in the first group tried to run away. She was caught and her term was extended by three months.

Abandoned Buildings Should also be Targets for the Organ Harvesting Investigation

We have focused our attention on hospitals and labor camps. However, after the "Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong" announced the first group of targets to be investigated, it seems that the Chinese Communist Party is transferring practitioners detained in hospitals and labor camps to other places.

According to reports, the Sujiatun Concentration Camp was located underground, and it was modified from abandoned underground bomb shelters. There was at least one exit close to the back door of the hospital. There are many underground bomb bunkers all around the country and some of them are still in use for military storage today.

I wanted to remind fellow practitioners not to overlook abandoned structures such as bomb bunkers. I feel that we can't wait or rely on others when rescuing our practitioners. We should be proactive. While doing the three things well, we should conduct a complete investigation, not missing any suspicious place.

Some Information about the Shenzhen City Military Police Hospital

The Shenzhen City Military Police Hospital's number is 86-755-82699999. This hospital has also participated in organ transplants. Moreover, this is also one of the hospitals where practitioners on hunger strike are force-fed.