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Recalling the Miracles When Master Held Classes in Wuhan City

May 13, 2006 |   By practitioners who attended Master's classes in Wuhan City

(Clearwisdom.net) Thirteen years ago, I luckily obtained Falun Dafa. Under Master's great care, I have arrived here today. Now I will share several miracles with you.

In March 1993, there was a Qigong fever all over China; all believed that Qigong could cure the illnesses. I came into Dafa also with the thought of curing my illnesses. Then I heard that a super Qigong Master came from Beijing and would hold classes in Wuchang. He would cure illnesses before the classes and gave lectures with Gong.

Story 1: One driver went Wuchang City to book tickets- it was at the Qigong Society then. He saw with his own eyes that Master cured illnesses for a patient. He saw that Master did not use any medicine, or needle, his hands did not touch the body of the patient but only moved above the sore, and it became smaller and smaller. He later said: "This is a true Qigong Master. What I saw is true!" He then took his friend to Wuchang to cure illnesses. This friend had spurs in both legs and could not walk for several years. After an adjustment by Master, he could walk on the spot. His whole family was all very happy, saying they met with a true Qigong Master, and were all very grateful to Master's kindness.

Story 2: Master gave a Qigong lecture before the class, and I listened to Master's every word. I felt that it was different from other Qigong masters and what Master said was really true and every word was just into my heart. The atmosphere in the auditorium was very good, and everyone felt comfortable. I took away an Introduction to Falun Gong before going. The second day I found some spare time, and could not wait to read through the introduction carefully. After reading about half of it, I felt a warm current spreading through my whole body. Because it was very cold then, I thought it was my colleague who turned on the air conditioner. When I saw the air conditioner was not on, I enlightened it was because I read the Introduction to Falun Gong. I said at the bottom of my heart: "Oh! This is a true Qigong Master. I did not learn the exercises, but only read the introduction and then my body had already had responses. Where could I find luckier things like this?" Then I determined to participate in Teacher's classes.

Story 3: Before the classes, a couple from the countryside had a less than three-year-old child who had blood illnesses. The couple went to many hospitals to cure their child, and used many folk prescriptions, but none was effective. After some adjustment by Master he soon recovered. On the day when the classes began, the couple made a banner, written "Living Buddha coming into the mundane world; affecting a miraculous cure and bringing the dying back to life." The couple kneeled down to Master in front of all of us to thank his great favor. All the practitioners were also moved into tears, being happy for the saved child and grateful to Master's compassion.

Story 4: In the classes, my celestial eye opened. I saw the platform was not a platform at all, but a big gate, and Master was telling the Fa inside the gate. Both doors were open, on each side standing four people in warrior costumes. I did no know what it was then, but according to other fellow practitioners afterwards, they were the Eight Buddhist Gods. I saw endless people layer upon layer behind Master's back. I did not think more then, but only felt so miraculous. I had human thoughts afterwards and all the scenes were gone.

Story 5: When Master was holding classes in Wuchang and Hankou, some practitioners told Him that in some places people had three jobs, and did not have time to come and listen to the Fa; so they wondered if Master could hold classes near them. Master consented to it immediately, holding a class with about 1,000 people. Many people from the three towns of Wuhan came over, filling the hall to over-capacity, because they all knew that Falun Dafa is good.

Story 6: When Master held classes in Wuhan, several fellow practitioners and I luckily participated in the first and fifth classes. Because old practitioners already felt the goodness and happiness that Dafa brought to them and their families, they were all very grateful to Master from the bottom of their hearts. Before the end of the last class, the practitioners suggested inviting Master to dinner, but surprisingly, it was refused by Master politely. Old practitioners all felt very sorry, thinking that Master gave us so much, why didn't he even have a meal of us? He was so pure. We had no way but prepare some good tea for Master during the lectures, but was refused by Master politely again. During the lecture, we saw that Master did not have a sip of water. It was the same bottle of water after ten classes, which moved us all in tears. Master bothered so much for sentient beings but asked for nothing.

Story 7: There is a paragraph in the Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. International Fa Conference:

"Talking about this reminds me of something. In all these years there is one facet of Fa I haven't brought up with you. When the persecution was really intense, back in 2000, students in Mainland China were exposing the slanderous propaganda about Master that the evil had made up, and something said by one student has really stuck with me. And it is a view that needs to be corrected. The evil ringleader and the CCP made up lies and told our students how their teacher was so rich, how he had such-and-such luxury apartments in Beijing and Changchun, and how he led such an extravagant lifestyle. When I taught the Fa in China my lifestyle was in fact quite basic. Well, a student in Mainland China said, "Our Master is the best and he wouldn't be like that. If our Master were that way I wouldn't follow Him." I was saddened by that, and more than ever I understood the hardship and pains felt by the previous divine beings who had descended to the world to save people. Cultivation is about cultivating oneself--why look at others?"

In the last class, on the outside wall of the auditorium there was a sentence of Master which gave me deep impression: "Cultivating gong has a path, mind is the way; on the boundless sea of Dafa, hardship is your ferry." I thought it over again and again but still did not understand then. But after trials and hardships of more than ten years, I truly understand its meaning.

Story 8: During the first class, Master took out some time to Wuhan Radio Hotline to adjust bodies for sentient beings. A young man suffered from blood illnesses, and there were three of them in hospital together. One morning, he tuned into the Wuhan Radio Hotline accidentally, and heard Master said: Hello, everyone! Think of your main illnesses, and lift your right leg.... The young man could get out of bed on the spot. After adjustment by Master, the young man ran home in one breath to tell his family that he would like to participate in the classes held by Master. After several days his family finally found the place where Master held classes. The whole family participated in Master's classes and all benefited.