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News of the Secret Concentration Camps Cleared Up A Lot of Mysteries for Me

May 11, 2006 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) After reading articles on the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net) exposing the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) concentration camps, I could hardly express my feelings with words. Besides shock, sorrow, anger, and sadness, many of the puzzles I had before were readily solved. I profoundly realized the extremely cruel nature of the CCP. It is comparable to a wolf wrapped in human skin, talking sweetly and pretending to benefit people on the surface, while not only killing you, but even pulling out all your internal organs to make dirty money. It is actually more evil and cruel than the wolf. It is a heavenly principle that the good and evil both receive their due, and its doomsday will come soon.

I am a Falun Gong practitioner who has been persecuted by the CCP for over two years. I'm now writing about what I know, hoping that it helps the investigation.

I went to Beijing to validate Dafa in 2000 and was arrested by plainclothes police at Tiananmen Square. At first, I was taken to a local police station nearby and locked up in an iron cage that was full of iron fencing on one side of a corridor. Males and females were detained together, and it had only two benches that only allowed six to seven people to sit. When I was taken in, there were only several people there, but the iron cage was full within a few hours. People who told their names and addresses were gradually called out and picked up by local people. I heard the cleaner there say that over 60 people were also detained in the big warehouse in the yard. None of them told their names and addresses. When it became too full, they would send a group away. I was together with a few unknown male and female practitioners, who also did not tell their names. I thought I would also be detained with these people, but I did not have a chance to meet them again. I heard they were sent away on the same night. I asked where they went, and I was told somewhere in the northeast. I could not find out the detailed location. At that time, I thought I would find out later when I got out. After more than a year, I did not hear any information about them after I was released. I was repeatedly harassed at home and persecuted by police. Since I was busy with my own business, it faded from my memory slowly. But now, after the CCP's removal of organs from living Falun Gong practitioners was exposed, my mind is reeling. Were those people sent to death camps? At that time, I also heard of people being sent to the northwest. Because too many people appealed in Beijing, and most of them refused to tell their names, detention centers hundreds of miles from Beijing were all full. The detainees were sent to other places in many vehicles.

I was interrogated twice by the police that day. Once was during the daytime. They asked for my name and address. I did not tell, so they scribbled on a paper meant for crime suspects, forcing an accusation on me. I grabbed it and tore it to pieces. The police officer who wrote it threw himself at me like a mad dog, and began to slap my face. My forehead banged like a drum, it was like a bright globe flashing in front of my eyes. The policeman then used all his strength to hit my forehead. I fell on the ground and could not get up for a long time. The roomful of policemen and policewomen felt the situation was not good, and quickly left, leaving only the small police officer who hit me and another tall policeman. When they saw that I did not move for quite a while, the tall one kicked my legs twice and told me to get up. I slowly climbed up, and they looked at my face with unusual eyes. I felt that my eyelid was heavy and could not open up, and my nose was hot, and something was flowing out. I saw the place where I fell was covered with blood. The tall policeman also saw it and quickly cleaned it with a mop. The short policeman wiped his hands with a towel, stopped interrogating me and put me into the iron cage. The fellow practitioners were shocked to see my face. I could not see it myself, but I felt that it must be very swollen and blue, and dreadful looking.

At night, the short policeman came to interrogate me again. I was taken to an office on the other side of the corridor, and the tall policeman came in later too. They did not allow me to look up, fearing I might see their badge numbers. They still pressured me to give my name and address, which I refused. The tall policeman raised his big foot with leather shoes and maliciously kicked my lower abdomen. Although I took precautions, I could not move aside. The pain was severe, as if my period came. Next, my thighs and arms suffered several brutal kicks, after which the short policeman turned around and went out. He returned with something in his hand. As soon as it touched my face, it emitted a crackling sound with white light. Instantly, my face was numb and burning. I thought, is this an electric baton? I was afraid and tried to move aside. The two policemen pushed me into a corner. I lay on my back, and the tall policeman stepped on my arm and leg, while the short police stepped on my other arm and leg and held down my head so I could no longer move. They left many cruel marks on my face, neck, and breasts, and my face was nearly disfigured. I struggled and shouted, but they did not stop. I loudly recited "Mighty Virtue," and they still continued. I could no longer bear it, so I loudly called for Teacher. Then their electric batons seemed to stop working. It did not emit a sound for quite awhile. They moved it away from me. It emitted white light, but when it touched me, it did not work, so they had to give up.

A person then came in and took away the electric batons, and said, "Don't cause any accidents." Two policemen saw that I was full of bruises, and was sitting on the floor, exhausted. They thought I was scared for sure, so they again asked me to tell my name. I refused, and they hit me again just like before. I sat on the ground and said with determination, "I continue regardless of death, I am already like this anyway." The short policeman took me to the bathroom to wash my face and then took me back to the iron cage. He wickedly said before he left, "I will tidy you up tomorrow." On the following day, many people were taken in, and it was busy and disorganized. They could not consider me. At night, I was taken away by a police van with blinds and sent to a detention center. Quite a few male and female practitioners were in the same van with me. The young lady who was closest to me was holding a baby less than one year old, who was crying.

The policemen in the detention center were more cunning and sinister than foxes. They tricked me into telling my name and address, sentenced me to one year of forced labor, and sent me to Tiantanghe Women's Forced Labor Camp in Daxing County, Beijing.

Although several years have passed, some of the things still clearly come to mind. I am ashamed that I did not do well during that period of time, but I still want to expose the evil there, let the people know about it, and quickly awaken to make up for my faults, rinse away the stain, and become a Falun Dafa practitioner who feels no regret.

Behind the tall walls and in the deep courtyard of Tiantanghe Women's Forced Labor Camp, superficially the environment seems very good - brand new buildings, a spacious and neat playground, the green trees set off one another, the flowers in full bloom, and there was also a lot of fitness equipment. However the life there was very intense. Besides a little labor, the greater part of the day was spent on studying, brainwashing, writing one's understanding, emotions, exposing and criticism, etc. It never ended; if you refused to write, you would be tormented continuously. Even people who could not write had to ask others to write for them or speak out. Due to the lack of righteous thoughts, many people could not bear the torment, irrationally confessed against their wills, or carelessly copied, dawdled in confusion and pain. There were also some people who enlightened on an evil path and became collaborators. As a result, not many people could overcome the tribulation.

There was also a small yard called the "training unit," which was the prison inside the prison. Those who did not "transform" after all means were used for a long time were detained there for suffering, for at least two to three additional months. Every day, only the guard in charge brought along several selected drug addicts to deliver small amounts of steamed buns. No one could know what physical punishments were used on practitioners inside. Even if they knew, they did not dare to say much about it. After a long time, I was also compelled to copy the books they needed, and write the exposure and criticism papers, etc. They had a "favorable impression" of me. Only then they told me, "You are right to do it this way, otherwise it is a blind path. How can the small arm twist the thigh?" Several days prior, a prisoner from Shandong died. There were three of them, all put into the forced labor camp. Two were "transformed," and one who was "die hard and unconvertible" died from electric baton shocks. It was claimed to the outside that he died from sickness in vain. Later I heard that a young girl of 18 or 19 years old was also detained in the prison inside the prison. She suffered a mental collapse and lost the capability to take care of herself. She was still detained, and I do not know what happened to her afterwards.

There was also a female Falun Gong practitioner in her twenties who had graduated from a university in Beijing. She and her husband both came from other places, but worked in Beijing. They both practiced Falun Gong, and also her sister-in-law. The three of them went to Tiananmen Square together to display banners, but were all arrested. They were detained in different places. It was later discovered that her husband was sentenced to forced labor, but the whereabouts of her sister-in-law was still unknown after over a year.

An older lady from Shandong was in her sixties. She and her son both practiced Falun Gong and appealed together in Beijing. After they were arrested, the older lady was sentenced to one year of forced labor, and the son's whereabouts was unclear. He had just turned 30 and was preparing for his marriage. Six months later, sad news arrived that her son had died. How did he die? The police claimed he died from jumping off the train on the way toward the northeast. The real situation of his death was unknown. The older lady did not speak for several days, and her eyes were swollen for a long time.

There was a young wife named An Deli, age 26. Maybe because her name was special, or maybe because she was young, beautiful and had high endurance, or perhaps due to her experience, I remember her name and won't ever forget it. Almost everyone else in her group was "transformed" after ten days to two weeks, while only she was unmoved. She stood in the corridor for two consecutive months while the guards persuaded, cursed, beat, tortured her with electric batons, deprived her of sleep, only gave her a small steamed bun for every meal, and forced her to read brainwashing articles, etc. All the methods did not make her compromise her beliefs, so at last she was sent into the training unit. There was no news of her for a very long time. A sports competition was held about two months later, and every class in the entire labor camp had to send participants - three people were sent from my cell. They came back to say that they saw An Deli, and that she was already "transformed" and had written some words for the athletes. But she did not recognize An Deli. She heard this name called from the loudspeaker and looked everywhere in the crowd, but did not find her. Actually, An Deli was sitting right next to her, but she looked like an old lady in her sixties, with gray hair, small and skinny, and her back was bent. How could she be related to the young and beautiful lady in her twenties two months ago? I do not know what kind of torture she suffered in there.

At a later time, a white-haired grandmother of over 70 was sent in. It was her second time in the forced labor camp. She always had her head down, whether she was walking, talking or eating, and we never saw her raise up her head for a moment. We felt very strange and asked her and learned that a vertebrae in her neck was broken from the torture.

Since I was released, I have met several people who came out of there. I heard the "training unit" also detained some people with infectious diseases. An old woman who had hepatitis said that after her illness was diagnosed, she was transferred there and was "transformed" after two to three months and set free. She said it was quite horrible in there. Everyone was isolated in a small cell of less than two square meters. It was only enough for one person to lie down, but they were not allowed to sleep. As soon as her eyes were closed, she was beaten. They were not allowed to wash their clothes or leave the cell, and ate and discharged their waste in the cell. They were often physically punished, and it was common to simultaneously suffer from many electric batons that were tied up together. The drug addicts were brought in to assist with the force-feeding, and they often beat and kicked the practitioners. Regardless of daytime or nighttime, frightening miserable cries could often be heard.

I did not stay very long in the isolated special space without freedom. In the limited scope, with rigorous blockage, I could only learn the above details. However, this is only a drop in the bucket of the evil crimes committed there. Compared to the crimes in the CCP concentration camp, this is tiny, but it is sufficient to explain the CCP's evil, cruel, hoodlum and beastly nature. Just like the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party says, it takes advantage of people's goodness, leads the way with lies and deceit, takes killing people and oppressing people as a happy event, and lives as a parasite on the people. What evil things isn't it able to do? The news of CCP removing live Falun Gong practitioners' organs helped me to understand all the things that I did not understand before, and explained many puzzles.

A friend of mine whose aunt lives in inner Mongolia recently caught a strange disease that caused his entire body to become swollen. The local hospital could not diagnose the disease and guessed that possibly her kidneys had failed, and wanted to give him a transplant. They helped my friend contact a hospital in Beijing for a kidney transplant. The answer was that the kidney supply was abundant, and that his aunt could come right away for the transplant. Therefore, they gathered 200,000 yuan, left in a hurry and were soon staying in the hospital. I am wondering where the kidney came from so easily? Was it from the concentration camps, forced labor camps, or prisons?