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Wang Shuohui and Liu Boyang, Mother and Son, Deeply Mourned

April 07, 2006 |   By a practitioner from Mainland China


At the end of October 2005, I read the news on Clearwisdom.net about a 30-year-old male Falun Dafa practitioner who was pushed by a Luyuan police officer from the 6th floor of a building and fell to his death. His name and further details about him were pending at the time. After the investigation, it was confirmed that the practitioner was Liu Boyang from Changchun City. He and his mother, Wang Shouhui, were on their way to another practitioner's home at 4:20 p.m. on October 28, 2005, via separate routes. They were followed and abducted by police from the Kuancheng Police Department in Changchun City, and then taken to Luyuan Police Department where they were cruelly tortured. Liu Boyang was persecuted to death that night. Less than two weeks later, Wang Shouhui was also persecuted to death, not even knowing that her son had already died.

When I learned of their deaths, I cried. I knew both the mother and the son. They had been repeatedly arrested and tortured horrifically.

I remember in the beginning of 2001, another practitioner and I went to visit Wang Shouhui after she had been released. She had injuries all over her body from the tortures, and was merely skin and bones. She had numerous scars from electric shock batons and wounds caused by different sharp tools. There was an egg-sized purple bump on her right eye. Because she was detained in a very dark and damp environment, and was cruelly tortured in unsanitary conditions, Wang Shouhui had scabies all over her body when she was released.

Wang Shouhui told me about her experiences in Changchun Women's Labor Camp. The evil prison guards tortured her in a variety of ways. The purple bump on her right eye was from a beating by a criminal prisoner acting under instructions from the guards. Another time, a guard bound her legs in the lotus position and secured her onto a small table. Then they took the table with them wherever they went. This lasted for over 10 hours. Finally, a kind-hearted guard could not bear to watch this any more, and pleaded with the others to release her.

Before Chinese New Year in 2003, I saw Wang Shouhui for the second time. It was not long after she had been detained and released again. Another practitioner took Wang Shouhui to an empty house to take care of her. She fell down and could barely walk, as only one of her feet could hold any weight. She had to use a cane and hop around step by step. She looked like she only weighed 45-55 pounds. The itching from the scabies, the pain from the injuries to her body, and the pain between her hipbone and leg tortured her constantly.

Wang Shouhui's whole family was persecuted often, so they were separated and it was hard for them to get together. Despite the physical and psychological torture, and all kinds of suffering, this over 50-year-old mother did not waver in her firm belief in Dafa. She only slept for a couple of hours each night, and she kept sending forth righteous thoughts on the set hours. Every day she spent many hours studying the Fa. In order not to bother other practitioners, she insisted on taking care of herself, though it was very difficult for her. When she could just barely walk with the help of a cane, posted stickers reading "Falun Dafa is good" around the neighborhood, and distributed truth-clarifying VCDs at the market. She tried her best to clarify the truth, awaken, and save sentient beings. When she was illegally arrested again and died, she still had a limp.

Wang Shouhui's son, Liu Boyang, was also abducted and tortured by the police many times. During the illegal detention period, Liu Boyang was physically and mentally tortured, and he, too, had scabies all over his body.

Who would have guessed, after not seeing these two practitioners for one year, that the mother and son would both be dead? Like a bolt from the blue it has shocked the hearts of all kind people who learned about it. The deaths of Wang Shouhui and Liu Boyang further demonstrate that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is an evil party. After committing all kinds of crimes throughout history it has accumulated a bottomless blood debt. Today, we are seeing the CCP's last crazy struggle before its demise.

This mother and son did not think of their own safety and continued to clarify the truth to sentient beings in many ways. They awakened many sentient being and saved them. Wang Shouhui came out of the evil den of persecution with her righteous thoughts many times and never gave up her belief in the face of the evil. Her righteous faith was feared by her tormentors. Now she and her son have left this world before completing their holy missions. This is deeply regretful to those people who have still not understood the truth.