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More Facts About the Persecution at the Masanjia Labor Camp

April 05, 2006 |  


Since February 2006, the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners in the Masanjia Labor Camp has escalated, especially in the first ward, where each office is assigned a guard to closely monitor every cell 24 hours a day. Practitioners are hung up, beaten, and tortured every day in the camp.

Guard Liu Yong (male) beat practitioner Ms. Feng Shuhua until she was disabled. We have heard Ms. Feng has been released and sent home.

On April 7, 2005, guard Li Mingyu (female) and camp doctor Cao Yujie (female) force-fed practitioner Ms. Li Baojie from Panjin City, which caused food to enter into her windpipe. Ms. Li Baojie died after emergency treatment failed. The following practitioners are on a hunger strike: Ms. Qiu Li from Fushun City, Ms. Liu Guiyuan from Shenyang City, Ms. Meng Guili, who has been on a hunger strike for one year, Ms. Wang Manli, Ms. Xie Dewen, and Ms. Zhou Hua.

Guards locked Ms. Qiu Li and Ms. Liu Guiyuan individually in small, dark cells for more than 20 days. The cells had no bedding. Ms. Qiu Li was hung up between two uneven beds so that one hand was in a higher position and the other hand in a lower position. They were both monitored 24 hours a day.

Practitioners Ms. Sun Suxiang and Ms. Huang Shumei from Chaoyang City are also imprisoned there.

Most current phone numbers:

Masanjai Labor Camp Head Zhang Mingqiang: 86-24-89216655 (Office), 86-13904033888 (Cell)

Deputy Head Wang Wei: 86-24-89210049 (Office), 86-13840098711 (Cell)

Security Office Head Liu Yong (husband of Li Yuming): 86-24-89212326 (Office), 86-13609890899 (Cell)

First Ward Li Yuming (female): 86-24-89210406 (Office), 86-13909822122 (Cell)