Everything the CCP Shows to the World Is a Facade

(Clearwisdom.net) After the exposure of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners in the Sujiatun concentration camp, the CCP was a focus of concern by other countries around the world, and for three weeks the CCP did not respond. Three weeks after the initial exposure, all the evidence was transferred or destroyed, and a CCP foreign business affairs officer was sent to publicly deny the crime, and gave an ingratiating invitation to the international community to see the site themselves. The CCP's word "visit" reminded me of something that happened before Sujiatun.

At the end of 2000, I went to Beijing to clarify the truth and validate the Fa. Because of my actions, I was abducted by 610 Office agents and sent to the Beijing Tuanhe Labor Camp. It was here I witnessed what the CCP's "visit" actually means.

Since large numbers of Falun Gong practitioners have been clarifying the truth across the country, there are more and more facts exposed on the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. With this new situation at Sujiatun, the CCP has thought of a new game-- they invited overseas media to visit a few labor camps and prisons where Falun Gong practitioners were detained. At the Tuanhe Labor Camp I saw with my own eyes how the CCP played the "visit game."

Here were the procedures used by the Tuanhe Labor Camp for the visits:

1. Several days in advance there was a big cleanup--bedding was made all in the same fashion. The fish tanks were cleaned, fresh water was added and dead fish were replaced. Every leaf of the indoor plants had to be clean and there could be no paper or traces of phlegm on the floor. Everything must be shiny clean. Then if you looked at the place, what you see would be rabbits and deer running on the grass, birds singing, complete sports equipment, colorful lights, and blooming flowers. It would not look like a labor camp. Instead, it looked like a good university.

2. A week before the visit, they prepared answers for possible reporters' questions. Here was how it went: first, the education branch made a list of questions and standard answers in writing and prisoners were required to follow the answer sheet to answer the questions. For example, to the question, "Are there any political prisoners here?" we would have to answer, "There are no crimes for free thinking in our country." The sheet was then sent to every team and all prisoners had to study and memorize it, led by the police. Meanwhile special video seminars were organized many times.

3. On the day of the visit, the arrangement was as follows: (1) they put all the Falun Gong practitioners who they considered had not been thoroughly "transformed", into a sealed room in the west building and made them watch TV. They were not allowed to leave the room except once to use the restroom. (2) The police officers arranged some of the people to read books in the multimedia halls, which never happens on ordinary days. (3) The police officers even arranged for some people to attend classes or learn the computer. Once, they even arranged a tug-of-war match. On another occasion, they arranged for some people to exercise on single or double bars and take some pictures, though nobody was allowed to use the bars on ordinary days. People would sit in the computer room and take pictures. After these pictures were taken, they asked people to leave the room without doing anything on the computer. (4) The lunch for that day was of higher quality. Later we found out that those people who answered reporters' questions had all followed the prepared guide sheet.

Practitioners are tied to bed board and shocked by multiple electric batons; sometimes as many as twelve, are used to shock them. Many people, such as Xie Ningfeng, Zhao Ming, Liu Diankai, and Qin Wei, have all been tortured by electric batons. Sometimes, they used several people to hold down a single prisoner, by the name of Guo, (I only knew his last name). The police used chopsticks to keep the person's mouth open and force a full washbasin of water down the prisoner's throat.

Once, they held a person named Yang Ruqiang under the cold running tap water, and they wouldn't stop even when Yang was trembling. Sometimes they ordered people sit on a washbasin, or pushed the person under bed. Some people were tortured by this bed torture method. The bed is very low. The person would have to press his chest tightly against his legs. They would keep the person like that for a long time. Some people got severe spinal damage because of this torturous posture. Sometimes these police officers would gang up to beat a single person and break that prisoner's ribs. Sometimes they wouldn't allow a person to sleep more than two hours for several months and the person eventually weakened and often fainted. Of course there are also examples of more severe torture methods. They would take the practitioners to some hidden places, or special cells, and we didn't see those people any more and no idea what they went through.

The CCP is a wolf in sheep's clothing. What they say, what they allow the public to see is all a beautiful facade. What they do behind that facade is quite different. After the organ harvesting camps were exposed, the CCP invited overseas media to visit and investigate. What "investigation"? It would only be a staged game. Would the wolf expose its true nature to the world?

Chinese version available at http://minghui.cc/mh/articles/2006/4/24/125946.html