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Falun Dafa Practitioner Zheng Shoujun from Liaozhong County, Shenyang City Badly Wounded by Police

April 03, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Zheng Shoujun from Niuxintuo Village, Liaozhong County, Shenyang City is currently being held in a detention center in Liaozhong County. He does not cooperate with the evil and has been on hunger strike for 14 days. Recently his head was severely wounded by police brutality, but the detention center is covering up this news and refuses to provide treatment to him. They do not allow his family to visit him or to make any inquires about his case.

At about 9 p.m. on February 16, 2006, while distributing materials at Panjiabao, Mr. Zhen Shoujun and Mr. Qiu Qinghua were illegally arrested by police from Panjiabao Police Station. They were taken to a detention center in Liaozhong County on the following day. They refused to cooperate with the evil and have maintained righteous minds and righteous actions. They shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" and were badly beaten by policeman Li Wei and others. In order to completely deny the evil persecution, they both refused to consume food and water.

Mr. Qiu Qinghua was in critical condition at the point when he was taken to Shenyang Zhangshi Forced Labor Camp on February 20. On the following day the police asked his family to take him home. Now, he has been forced to leave his home to avoid harassing visits from Li Wei (from the Political Security Team of the Public Security Bureau of Liaozhong County), the director of Panjiabao Police Station Zhu Dezheng, policeman Zhi Yong, Ding Guoqiang and other policemen. The authorities still try to force Mr. Qiu's family to tell them where he has gone.

Zheng Shoujun was once persecuted in Zhangshi Forced Labor Camp by the so-called "sudden brake" torture, wherein police kick Dafa practitioners in the head to have their heads knocked against the wall. Every kick and knock is called a "sudden brake." After being tortured in this way, Zheng's legs were immobilized for several months, leaving him to drag them around with great difficulty.

I hope that practitioners in Liaozhong County can widely spread the facts of the persecution, expose the evil persecutors in Liaozhong, and continue to send forth righteous thoughts at 7 p.m., 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. every day to rescue our fellow practitioners. Let's not ease up on our will to be diligent, stop the evil acts and completely eliminate the evil.

Telephone numbers of the relevant organizations and people

Director of the public security bureau Dou Hongliang: 86-24-87899199 (Office), 86-24-87800005 (Home), 86-13840502006 (Cell)

Deputy Director Lin Yongxian: 86-24-87897855 (Office), 86-24-87800009 (Home), 86-13604015000 (Cell)

Deputy Director Wang Tie: 86-24-87885023, 86-13504988801 (Cell)

Director of the 610 Office Feng Dongchang: 86-24-87883425 (Office), 86-24-87822610, 86-13504008811 (Cell)

Chief of the Political Security Team of the Public Security Bureau Li Wei (police registration number 115225): 86-13604909119 (Cell), 86-24-87820003 (Office)

Policeman Zhiyong: 86-13604909562 (Cell)

Policeman Ding Guoqiang: 86-13514206868 (Cell)

Director of Panjiabao Police Station Zhu Dezheng: 86-13898890033 (Cell), 86-24-87971419 (Office), 86-24-87893455 (Office), 86-24-87971410 (Office)

Inspection Team

Wang Xue: 86-24-87882638, 86-24-87887135, 86-13940436635
Xing Guochen: 86-24-87882061, 86-24-87885997, 86-13804979318
Wang Jinfu: 86-24-87882061, 86-24-87806856, 86-13704037921
Wang Weizhong: 86-24-87882061, 86-24-87881246, 86-13700028782
Huang Zhisheng: 86-24-87882061, 86-24-87887203
Wang Hongwei: 86-24-87882250, 86-24-87823566, 86-13940379501
Li Changgui: 86-24-87882250, 86-24-87885155, 86-13998345813
Zhu Dong: 86-24-87882250, 86-24-87892899
Zhang Zhigang: 86-24-87882250, 86-24-87899602
Qin Weihe: 86-24-87882061, 86-24-87890897
Li Yinlu: 86-24-87882250, 86-24-87885737, 86-13504988115
Wang Wanlun: 86-24-87882250, 86-24-87891904
Liu Xiangli: 86-24-87882250, 86-24-87880793, 86-13804034095
Yu Shouzhong: 86-24-87882250, 86-24-87887945
Wang Yaan: 86-24-87882250, 86-24-87880792 86-13940049773
Xu Chengyou: 86-24-87882250, 86-24-87894312
Zhang Chunsheng: 86-24-87882250, 86-24-87803959
Zhang Deshan: 86-24-87882250, 86-24-87889764
Qi Chuncheng: 86-24-87882250, 86-24-87884462
Que Xiancheng: 86-24-87882250, 86-24-87888365
Kuang Yongqiang: 86-24-87882250, 86-24-87888050
Liu Guibin: 86-24-87882250, 86-24-87881566, 86-13514268098
Li Xiaohui: 86-24-87882250
Huang Xianlu: 86-24-87882061, 86-24-87885262, 86-13504988328
Tang Jianli: 86-24-87882250, 86-24-87881661, 86-13904024909