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Practitioner Cai Fuchen Was Illegally Sentenced and His Family Torn Apart

April 29, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Since the persecution of Falun Dafa began on July 20, 1999, Falun Dafa practitioner Cai Fuchen of Longjing City in Jilin Province has encountered various forms of persecution. On May 26, 2004, Cai was once again illegally arrested by police from the Yanji City Yilan Police Station. He is currently detained at Jilin Province Gongzhuling Prison. His wife was forced to become homeless to avoid being persecuted. His paralyzed father soon passed away, as he could not cope with the news about his son being brutally tortured. Cai's ten-year-old son was no longer able to receive his parent's love and caring and therefore lived in great hardship. He was deprived of his right to go to school.

Cai Fuchen, 41, was an excellent public servant at Longjing City Taxation Office of Jilin Province. In November 1999, Cai went to Beijing to tell the authorities about Falun Gong, but was arrested. He was later detained at Longjin City Detention Center for a month. Since then, Cai's work unit, the Longjing City Taxation Office, continued to employ him, but suspended his salary.

In March 2000, Cai was doing the exercises when he was kidnapped by policemen from the Longjing City Longmen Police Station. He was sentenced to two years of re-education through forced labor and was later detained at the Yanbian Forced Labor Camp. At the same time, Cai was fired by his work unit.

In February 2001, during the period of Cai's detention, the deputy secretary of Jilin Province Political and Legal Committee and the deputy director of the 610 Office, Hu Xiaoyan, visited Yanbian Forced Labor Camp. Cai and several other Dafa practitioners came forward and yelled "Falun Dafa is good." For this, the practitioners were locked in a small cell for one month.

After more than two years of persecution, in March 2002, Cai was released. After Cai returned home, the corrupt government officials still did not give up persecuting him. They tried various methods to persecute Cai's family. Personnel from Longjing City Political and Legal Committee, Longjing City Political and Legal Office, Longmen Police Station and the community affairs office constantly harassed Cai's family. They raided Cai's home and created trouble without restraint.

In October 2002, the Longjing City Political and Legal Committee ordered Longmen Police Station to send Geng Liquan and several policemen to arrest Cai and send him to the brainwashing session at the travel agency at Longjing City Police Station. Cai and several other practitioners went on hunger strike to appeal against the persecution. After seven days of hunger strike, the police from Longjing City Political and Legal Office transferred Cai and other practitioners to the Longjing City Detention Center. Cai was released one month later.

On May 26, 2004, Cai and several other Falun Dafa practitioners were arrested at a truth clarification materials site by the Yanji City Yilan Police Station. On the night of his arrest, Cai's legs were beaten, resulting in severe injury that left him unable to walk.

In August 2005, Cai was illegally sentenced to ten years in prison by Jilin Province Yanji City Court after one year and three months of illegal detention. He was then immediately transferred to the Gongzhuling City Prison. Cai is currently going through brutal and inhumane tortures.

It is reported that several criminals in Gongzhuling Prison monitor Cai Fuchen for days and nights. Cai is even monitored when he uses the toilet. The criminals also forbid him from contacting others. They force Cai to work in the day, but Cai refuses to cooperate and does not participate in forced labor work. So the criminals forcibly carry him to the work field. Cai has now been persecuted to the point that he is very weak. He looks terribly deformed, yet the prison guards continue to carry out the brutal persecution.

In late 2005, Cai's wife Zhang Yanhong was forced to become homeless. Cai's young son had to be taken care of by relatives. In order to capture Zhang Yanhong, Longjing City's police did not even spare the child from persecution. They followed him to and from school every day. The child could not cope with such monitoring and psychological shock and stopped going to school. Cai's son was deprived of his right to study and was no longer able to be cared for by his parents.

In October 2004, Cai's paralyzed father was informed that his son had been tortured to the verge of death by Yanji City Detention Center. The father managed to make his way to Yanbian City Appealing Office and requested the release of his son. But his request was unreasonably rejected. Not only was the old man not able to see his son, he was sent to Longjing City Police Station by local evildoers. In 2005, Cai's father could not handle such shock any longer and passed away. Even at his last moments, he was not able to see his son again.

Organizations that are involved in persecuting Cai Fuchen: Yanji City 610 Office, Yanji City Police Station National Security Division, Yanji City Yilan Police Station, Yanji City Procuratorate, Yanji City Court, Yanji City Detention Center, Longjing City Police Station National Security Division, Longjing City Longmen Police Station, Longjing City Police Station, Jilin Province Yanbian City Forced Labor Camp, Jilin Province Jiutaiyinmahe Forced Labor Camp and Jilin Province Gongzhuling Prison