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Zhongba Forced Labor Camp in Guizhou Province Brutally Tortures Falun Dafa Practitioners (Photo)

April 24, 2006 |  


Zhongba Forced Labor Camp in Guizhou Province uses various means to brutally torture Dafa practitioners. Each team of the forced labor camp has set up special cells. They attempt to lure the most vicious criminals into torturing Dafa practitioners by reducing their imprisonment terms. The police in the forced labor camp demonstrate to criminals how to "transform" Dafa practitioners through brutal beatings and close monitoring. The torture methods are the most inhumane. All practitioners who have been sent to this forced labor camp are "worked on" immediately upon arrival. Police force practitioners to write so-called "repentance letters" to denounce their belief in the Fa. They work on practitioners one by one in an attempt to "transform" them. Physical and mental torture is used to crush practitioners' belief in the Fa.

After 2000, the Fifth Group in the Zhongba Forced Labor Camp set up a specialized team to "work on" Falun Gong practitioners. They tortured practitioners. Many practitioners became crippled and mentally ill.

A practitioner from Guiyang City was locked in a box for over two years. His current whereabouts is unknown.

Practitioner Lin Shusheng publicly said, "Falun Dafa is good." Because of this, police Yang Renshou, Li Jiliang, and Panzhong beat him. As a result, Liu suffered bleeding in his stomach. He suffered from edema all over his body and could not walk for over three months.

Practitioner Kong Deyi criticized the fact that practitioners had to work for seventeen or eighteen hours every day. Police Yang Renshou, Xu Fayuan, Huang Chaoming, Huang Xianyue, and Jing Jian beat him and stomped on him. They did not allow Kong Deyi to sleep for twenty-four days.

Practitioner Dai Qiyuan criticized the police in the forced labor camp for abusing their power and not abiding by the laws. The police then forced him to work seventeen or eighteen hours every day. Weekends and holidays were no exception. Police Song Xuefei, Huang Xianyue, Xu Fayuan, Yun Changchun, along with criminals Wang Hao and Zhong Liang, physically abused him. They sent him to the so-called "time-out" area (see picture of his punishment card below) several times.

At the beginning of May 2005, practitioner Du Xiansheng from Zunyi City exposed the policemen's evil acts. Policeman Song Xuefei, Group Head Wen, and Group Head Ming Hong then beat him and stomped on him with leather boots. Du suffered bruising all over his legs and could not walk. After that, they dragged Du into a special cell and kept him there for ten days. Then they locked him up in the team's special cell for almost twenty days. Eventually, they transferred him back to the subgroup and placed him in a solitary cell until he was released.

Policemen Chen Ge and Xu Fayuan, along with criminal Wang Hao, beat up practitioner Mr. Chen, a college graduate, several times. On numerous occasions, they dragged Mr. Chen with a lasso around his neck and "trained" him under the scorching sun.

Practitioner Zhao Peng refused to cooperate with the evil persecution. Because of this, policemen Yang Renshou, Xu Fayuan, Jing Jian, together with criminal Cao Yong and Gan Laosan, beat him to the point where he was spitting out blood and passing blood in his stool. They then locked him up in the special cell to continue to "work on" him.

Practitioner Jiang Chaolin is a retired teacher. Policemen Yang Renshou and Li Jiliang instigated criminals Cao Yong, Feng Jianning, and Yang Jie to beat him and break his ribs. They didn't allow Jiang Chaolin to get any medical treatment. Jiang Chaolin managed to report on their acts to their boss. However, he was then locked up in a special cell and tortured by the police.

Policemen beat up practitioner Wang Shangyou many times. They didn't allow him to sleep after the beatings. They ordered him to stand up straight, facing a wall. They forbid him from sitting down. During winter, they poured cold water on him whenever he became sleepy. They used bright lights to blind him for two nights until his eyes became damaged.

Policemen beat up practitioner Zhao Yihong and locked him in a special cell for almost one year.

Two weeks before practitioner Liu Tingyang was released, the police called him to the office for a "chat." They tried to make Liu give up practicing Falun Gong. Liu firmly answered, "Falun Gong teaches people to be good. It improves people's health. I will never give up practicing it." Policemen Jing Jian, Peng Tao, and Sun then beat him. He still had bruises and cuts all over his body upon his release.

Cheng Huazheng is a very determined Dafa practitioner. He firmly believes in Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance. Policemen Yang Renshou, Li Jiliang, along with criminal Feng Jianning, beat him with an iron pad. They locked him up in a special cell and beat him twenty-four times until he was unconscious.

Policemen Yang Renshou, Li Jiliang, together with criminal Guo Lin and Long Xutao, beat up practitioner Gao Guoyuan in mid-May of 2004. He had cuts and bruises all over his body. He could not walk for several months. Later, he suffered a mental collapse and under this circumstance, criminals forced him to drink their urine and eat their stools.

Practitioner Liu Zhe was a high school math teacher at the No. Two High School of Zi County, Zunyi City. He was illegally sent to the forced labor camp in 2002. Police Yang Renshou, Li Jiliang, Pan Zhong, Yun Changchun and other criminals tortured him until he suffered a mental collapse. He did not completely regain consciousness over the past three years. He would pick up things from the ground and eat them. He became extremely thin. Two months before he was released, policeman Peng Tao beat him down to the ground. He suffered a big cut on his head. He had several stitches and almost died. After he was released, he was sent to a mental hospital in Zunyi City.

Zhongba Forced Labor Camp uses countless means to torture Falun Gong practitioners. They scorch practitioners with fire. They pour cold water on practitioners. They pierce practitioners with needles. They do not allow practitioners to sleep. They force practitioners to drink their urine and eat their stool. They force practitioners to stand outside in the midst of a storm or under the scorching sun. They force practitioners to work long hours without a break. They beat practitioners at will. Zhongba Forced Labor Camp has committed countless crimes against Falun Gong practitioners.