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Illustrations of Torture Devices and Methods in Dalian City Detention Centers and Camps (Illustrations and Re-Enactment Photos)

April 15, 2006 |  


Yaojia Detention Center in Dalian City

High Resolution Picture
Floor Ring

The victim is handcuffed and wears a metal ring around his neck; his feet are shackled, normally used only on death-row prisoners. Then the handcuffs, the shackles, and the metal ring are all chained together. The victim has to lean forward. The chain that connects the handcuffs to the shackles is locked. The floor ring is fixed to a metal slab in front of the feet and the metal slab is affixed to a big bed for inmates.

If practitioners shout, "Falun Dafa is good!" the evildoers gag them with towels and beat them with plastic slippers. The windows and doors are tightly closed because they are afraid visitors might hear what is going on.

High Resolution Picture

The police torture practitioners and also compel other inmates to torture them. The police step on and push down hard on practitioners' chests. They beat practitioners with leather whips, leather belts, and slippers. They take away practitioners' cotton quilts. Some practitioners had to sleep for nine days without cotton quilts, clad only in a shirt, while other inmates had several cotton quilts.

Most practitioners are handcuffed and shackled. They are tied in a spread-eagle position in bed for force-feeding, with handcuffs and shackles chained together. Some practitioners are subjected to this for as long as six months.

High Resolution Picture
Spread-eagle position

High Resolution Picture
Handcuffed and shackled

Practitioners are tied in bed in a spread-eagle position with handcuffs and shackles that are chained together. There is a big lock on the stomach. The chains are tied to a peg.

High Resolution Picture
Stripping Practitioners of Their Clothes

A practitioner found a pen when cleaning up the detention center. He used the pen to write "Falun Dafa is good!" "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance are good!" on his uniform. This figure illustrates how the police stripped off the practitioner's clothes.

Dalian City Forced Labor Camp

High Resolution Picture
The Stretching Bed

Practitioners are tied to an empty metal bed with three wooden slats, barely four-inches wide. The boards have many protruding spikes on them that poke into the skin, causing excruciating pain. The top board is for supporting the shoulders and head, but most of the head is still unsupported, which makes practitioners suffer.

Practitioners are handcuffed and shackled. Arms and legs are tightly tied to triangle metal frames by yellow tape. They use this torture method to make practitioners give up their belief.

The ankles are right in contact with the metal frames. It hurts a great deal. Being tied to the bed this way for a long time causes severe edema in the arms and legs. They also tape practitioners' mouths shut to prevent them from shouting.

In order to force practitioners to give up their belief, they also pour dirty water on practitioners. They force-feed practitioners with strong vinegar, garlic juice, and chopped garlic. They also put bugs on practitioners. For example, they have put big spiders into practitioners' mouths and poured urine into practitioners' mouths.

High Resolution Picture
Being Locked in a Small Cage

The small cage is made of steel. Practitioners are made to wear a wrestling helmet and are handcuffed. They are forced to stand barefoot in the small cage for over 20 hours every day. Some practitioners were compelled to stand for five days. Their feet were severely swollen. They torture some practitioners with several methods over and over to force them to give up their belief.

High Resolution Picture
Being tied outside of a Small Cage

High Resolution Picture
Being Tied outside of a Small Cage

Dafa practitioners are handcuffed and shackled. They are completely wrapped in plastic including the head, leaving only the eyes and nose exposed. Then a cotton hat is added to cover the head tightly. The legs below the knees are encircled with ropes tied very tightly to the cage from the back, which hurts.

The space in the back is already minuscule. A wooden board with lots of spikes on it is then added, creating a situation in which one can only stand on one's toes in front of the board. After one night of being wrapped in plastic and wearing a hat, handcuffs, and shackles, one's feet and legs become severely swollen.

High Resolution Picture
Flying the Airplane

One person sits on a practitioner's shoulders and pulls the practitioner's hair hard. Another evildoing person pokes toothpicks into the practitioners' fingernail beds. The third person slaps the practitioner's face with plastic slippers.

Even if the practitioners' family members deposit money in the practitioners' accounts, the practitioners are forbidden to use the money while they are confined in small cells.

High Resolution Picture
Bending Down at a 90-Degree Angle

If practitioners don't give up on their belief they are confined to small cells with another inmate. They are handcuffed together. The inmate is allowed to sleep. The practitioner is not. The practitioner can only bend down at a 90-degree angle.

Dabei Women's Prison in Shenyang City

High Resolution Picture
Confined to Small Cells

Four inmates are locked up with one practitioner. The other inmates must monitor the practitioner. There is a toilet area with a board to cover one's back. In the summer, practitioners are forced to wear a winter coat. To prevent them from taking off the coat, the front of the coat is sewn together so tightly that no one can tear it open with her bare hands. Because practitioners refuse to wear the criminal inmates' tags, the police sew numerous tags onto practitioner's coats. If a practitioner moves his or her hands, all the inmates come up and beat the practitioner. Some inmates step on the practitioners' ankles. Some practitioners had to wear a winter coat for six nights and days in the summer and got no sleep.

In the Dabei Women's Prison small cells, they used mostly murderers to monitor the practitioners and torture them. In 2002, prison director Bai himself led the murderers and guards to torture practitioners.

High Resolution Picture
Feet Being Stepped on; Sitting on Small Stools

They tie practitioners using ropes around their bodies and hands. One inmate is in the front and pulls the practitioner's hair down as hard as she can; another inmate continuously stomps on the practitioner's feet. Another inmate behind the practitioner grabs the practitioner's hands tightly so that she can't move. They also gag practitioners with towels so they can't shout, "Falun Dafa is good."

High Resolution Picture
Death Bed Illustration

High Resolution Picture
The Death Bed

They use murderers to monitor practitioners. They tie practitioners' hands and feet to a metal bed. A board is laid across the bed, with only a hole in the board for relieving oneself. When practitioners are on a hunger strike, they force-feed them corn mush with other unknown ingredients that cause vomiting and diarrhea. The murderers act as "doctors." They give toxic injections to practitioners for six days and nights. They even charge for these injections that make practitioners freezing cold. They also draw blood and poke very deeply, all the way to the bone. Because of such torture, some practitioners' electrocardiograms no longer registered a heartbeat. Some guards and inmates had tears in their eyes witnessing this. Certain practitioners were tied to the Death Bed for 20 days; some even for several months.

High Resolution Picture
Ankles Being Stepped on

The guards force some inmates to torture practitioners. Two inmates step on a practitioner's ankles at the same time and poke the practitioner all over her body using toothpicks. When they get tired, another two inmates will switch with them to continue the torture.

Some practitioners were not given water for three days.

An electronic eye monitors the small cell. The four inmates watch each practitioner so as to forbid the practitioner from ever sleeping. If the practitioner does fall asleep, every inmate is fined over 100 yuan every time it happens. To avoid the fines, the inmates try hard to torture practitioners. A few practitioners in some small cells were tortured to death. Some practitioners were let out of the small cells after 15 days of torture. Certain practitioners have been in and out of small cells several times.

High Resolution Picture
Torturing Practitioners Who Clarify the Truth

When practitioners try to clarify the truth, they dispatch six people to carry the practitioners, but they can't seem to pick the practitioners up. This happens often. They also gag practitioners with towels.

Masanjia Forced Labor Camp

High Resolution Picture
Tying Tightly Using Towels; Pinching

When some practitioners were tortured to the brink of death, several people used a big piece of fabric to drag the practitioner. A policewoman used her thumb to hold up a practitioner's chin and another hand to pinch the practitioner's neck. The prison doctor gags the practitioner with a towel to prevent him from clarifying the truth. They send practitioners who clarify truth to small cells. Some practitioners were healthy before they were sent to small cells but when they came out, their confinement under this torture had made them comatose.

High Resolution Picture
Brutal Force-feeding

When practitioners go on a hunger strike, seven or eight guards and prison doctors work together to torture practitioners. They force-feed them on the floor. Two guards pull the victim's hands aside and step on them and twist them. One guard steps really hard on a practitioner's chest and stomach. Another guard sits on a practitioner's legs. Other guards hold electric batons. The prison doctor force-feeds the practitioner without paying attention to the practitioner's ability to breathe. The practitioner ends up having corn mush all over the head and face. The corn mush has other unknown substances mixed in.

The guards put all the force-feeding tools in the dirty toilet, including the feeding tube, which are soaked in tap water in a lunch box.

Division One of the Dalian City Police Department

High Resolution Picture
Photographing a practitioner against his will

Agents from Division One of the Dalian City Police Department came to the Yaojia Detention Center to interrogate a practitioner. The practitioner refused to answer their questions. In order to take a picture of the practitioner, several plainclothes officers exchanged eye contact; then four or five of them started beating the practitioner and pushing him against the wall. Some pulled his hair, some covered his mouth, some kicked his legs, and some held his hands . They took this opportunity to take the practitioner's photograph.