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Six Falun Dafa Practitioners from Jilin, Shandong, Hebei, Heilongjiang Provinces Died from Persecution

April 14, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Wang Wanzhen, a practitioner in her thirties, lived in Changbai County of Baishan City, Jilin Province. She started practicing Falun Gong in the summer of 1998. Before she started practicing, she was suffering from serious pulmonary tuberculosis. The first time she came to the Fa-studying site, her husband carried her there. Soon after learning the practice, her health recovered rapidly. In December 2000, she went to Beijing, appealing for justice for Falun Gong, clarifying the truth and validating Dafa. She was subsequently arrested and imprisoned illegally by the CCP. Due to the abuse she suffered, she became extremely weak and her illnesses relapsed. She died at the end of March 2001, after her family was called to take her home.

Ms. Ren Fengying, a 75-year-old practitioner, lived in Dianzi Village of Guan County, Liao City, Shandong Province. Before she practiced Falun Dafa, she suffered from several kinds of illnesses. After she began practicing Falun Dafa, all of her diseases disappeared. She constantly told people that she met, "It is Falun Dafa that saved my life and gave me a second chance." She lived with her daughter in Dongdangpu village at the time. Her daughter Zhao Gaizhen and son-in-law Dong Xinhai are also Dafa practitioners. Since July 20, 1999, they have all been harassed many times by the CCP, and the financial losses they have suffered amount to more than 150,000 yuan. Mr. Dong Xinhai has also been detained twice in labor camps. Currently, he is still imprisoned and suffering persecution in the Wang Village Labor Camp.

On September 15, 2004, the leader of the Guan County 610 Office, Feng Shuhe and Village Branch Secretary Dong Xuegang, leading seven to eight individuals, broke into Mrs. Zhao Gaizhen and Mr. Dong Hsinhai's home while they were not there. The policemen smashed the cabinets and ransacked them. They stole all of the couple's money that was set aside for raising chickens. The police also intimidated and threatened Ms. Ren Fengying, to the point where she collapsed on the spot. After that incident, she remained bedridden and passed away on November 7, 2004.

Ms. Liang Wencai, a practitioner that is about 64 years old, lived in Shanhe City of Hebei Province. She started practicing Falun Gong in 1996. Her stubborn illnesses and her psoriasis, which she had been suffering from for years, disappeared without a trace after reading Zhuan Falun for ten days. Her eyes, which originally could not see clearly until the evening, recovered full functionality without any medical treatment. In June of 2001, she was arrested while distributing truth-clarifying flyers and taken to a detention center. There she was persecuted for three days by the Xiangheshuyang police. Under the CCP's long-term persecution, Ms. Liang was unable to study the Fa and routinely do the exercises. She passed away in October of 2003.

Ms. Liu Cuiying, 64 years old, lived in the Reed Field of Nanzhou, Yueshan District of Yueyang County, Hunan Province. She was fortunate enough start practicing Falun Gong in 1998. After she began practicing, her body and soul were purified. After July 20, 1999, due to the CCP's persecution, she was pressured by her family and suffered from frequent police visits and coercion. On January 29, 2006, her asthma relapsed. Her family sent her to the hospital, but the treatment failed and she passed away.

Ms. Wang Cuiying, 62 years old, was a Dafa practitioner living in Liutiao Village of Lixin Area, Acheng City of Heilongjiang Province. After the persecution of Dafa disciples by the CCP began, she went to Beijing on December 28, 2001 to appeal, help explain the truth, and validate the Fa. She was subsequently arrested and persecuted in front of Tiananmen Square. On January 2, 2002 she was forcibly taken to the local Lixin police station and illegally imprisoned in the Second Detention Center of Acheng City. While she was there, she suffered persecution for seven months. During this period, she was taken to the Wanjia Labor Camp three times. Because her hypertension reached the level of three hundred, she was refused work there. In 2002, her family paid for her release and she was sent for medical treatment. During the time she was home, her family again suffered threats, harassment, and extortion from the local policeman several times. Due to the severe mental pressure and fear generated by the persecution, her husband passed away in November of 2002 and her daughter was also illegally sent to the labor camp for 2 years. Under this long-term persecution, Ms. Wang Cuiying suffered extensive abuse, both physically and mentally. She passed away on November 24, 2005.

Mr. Xu Hejin was a 47-year-old practitioner, lived in Xiangxi Fengtai Village of the Taizhizhuang Area, Jimo city of Shandong Province. He suffered from inflamed kidneys since his childhood, but since he started practicing Falun Gong, his health was completely restored. He went to Beijing twice to clarify the truth and validate Dafa. He was illegally imprisoned and persecuted for more than 40 days by the township government. After he was released and allowed to return home, he was kept under constant surveillance by the local police, and he was unable to study and practice Dafa regularly. He died on November 3, 2002.