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Witness to Persecution in the Baimalong Forced Labor Camp, Hunan Province

April 10, 2006 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Mainland China

(Clearwisdom.net) The abuse and mistreatment of Falun Dafa practitioners in the Baimalong Forced Labor Camp is cruel and has been exposed by many practitioners. I was one of those detained in the camp during 2005 and experienced and witnessed actual abuse, torment, and mistreatment. I have detailed the persecution below.

The No. 7 Division was a special organization for persecuting practitioners. It has three subdivisions: No. 1, 2 and No. 3. In the No. 3 subdivision are four or five rooms with the curtains closed all the time. Two to three criminal inmates are on duty in each room. If a practitioner was out to the bathroom, other rooms would be closed tightly so that none knew how many practitioners were locked in each room. There was one room where four accompanying prisoners monitored one practitioner. They deprived practitioners of sleep for 24 hours any physically abused them, such as making them stand or squat. Showers during the summer were forbidden. Every day the practitioner was forced to watch TV that slandered Dafa and to write a report on what she had learned. If she refused to write the report she would not get any sleep.

During the daytime, guards Long Liyun, Tang Luyun, and others from the No. 2 subdivision of the No. 7 Division, along with collaborators, went to the No. 3 subdivision and tortured the practitioners to make them "reform." Ms. Liu Yongfen, over 50, from Zhuzhou, was punished by having to stand for a long time so that her legs swelled up Ms. Liao Hong from Xiangyin was forced to have her hair cut so that she was half bald. She became dark and thin compared to her formerly bright face and plump body. She looked like a completely different person. I experienced physical torture when I was not allowed to sleep for several day and nights. When I first arrived at the No. 3 subdivision, the division head shouted at me, "If you want to shout, those smelly rags and socks are waiting for you!"

The new arrivals were be forced to stand in the janitor's room in the No. 2 subdivision for a whole day, regardless of their ages. They then were ordered to write the Guarantee Statement. If anyone refused, she would have to stand, with limited bathroom breaks or without permission for bathroom time. Ms. Zhou Xiaohong from Chenzhou was beaten by five on-duty criminal inmates Zhou Lanlan, Xiao Fue, Huang Zhicheng, and two others. They prohibited Ms. Zhou from going to the bathroom. As a result, she had to use her lunchbox as a chamber pot, then carry the lunchbox to the bathroom to clean it up before using it to eat a meal again. Ms. He Yingqing, an agricultural university professor, had kidney problems, which required frequent bathroom times. To resists the persecution, she refused to go downstairs for required exercise. As a result, the on-duty criminal inmate Gao Meizhi prevented her from going to the bathroom and mentioned that she was under the direction of leader Ning. Ms. He had to urinate in the room, which led Gao Meizhi curse her with a string of verbal abuse.

During the 2006 New Year, a practitioner wrote a solemn declaration (voiding any renouncements of their faith in Falun Gong that they had given their captors under coercion). This had a great influence. The guards had an accompanying prisoner lock this practitioner into the janitor's room. However, the accompanying prisoner did not bring any harm to the practitioner, despite orders from the guards. The guards were not satisfied with her performance and mentioned that she was too nice to the practitioner. As a result, she did not get rewarded that day. Criminal Zhou Lanlan, on the other hand, who made a great effort to beat practitioners Zhou Xiaohong and Yang Junying from Ningxiang, earned praise from the guards. The guards also promised Zhou's family that she would be released soon even without having to pay the fee for a drug control program.

Practitioner Ms. Yang Junying had her sentence extended by 25 days because she sang a song. Ms. Yang refused the sign the extension letter; therefore, police guard Long Liyun had a criminal on duty sign the letter for her. Ms. Yang was served with a two-month extension in February 2006 and was transferred from the No. 2 subdivisions to the No. 3 subdivision of the No 7 Division for continuing persecution. All this was conducted in secret and this information was not leaked to the outside.