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Mr. Xin Minduo and His Wife Bao Juncen Sent to Jail Based on False Accusations

March 04, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On August 3, 2005, Mr. Xin Minduo and his wife Bao Juncen were arrested and ended up suffering inhumane torture while awaiting sentencing. On September 12, 2005, Xinglongtai District Court sentenced Mr. Xin to 13 years in prison and Ms. Bao to 12 years. They both appealed their sentences. Mr. Xin's sentence was not changed. Ms. Bao's case was put aside for more than two months while police and prosecutors gathered "information" that would ensure that the original sentence would be upheld.

Mr. Xin and Ms. Bao both worked at the Liaoning Oil Field in Panjin city. Mr. Xin used to work in the Physical Exploration Department. Ms. Bao worked in the Oil Field Central Hospital. As Falun Gong practitioners they tried to become better people and to follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in their daily lives. However, on August 3, 2005, four policemen jumped out of a van and arrested Mr. Xin while he was walking down the street. The policemen threw Mr. Xin on the ground, held his arms and legs, stepped on his head, kicked him, punched him, took his keys, and told onlookers that they were arresting a robber. Ms. Bao was arrested while she was visiting a neighbor. The police lied again and told onlookers that they were arresting people who had participated in pyramid schemes.

The couple was tortured in the detention center. They were beaten, force-fed, and tied to a bed, with their four limbs stretched out, for 12 days. The couple went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention and they were in critical condition. By September 12, 2005, Mr. Min and Ms. Bao were too weak to walk and had to be carried into and out of the court. When their family appealed the sentences, the National Security Office and the Xinglongtai District Procurator handled their cases separately.

Ms. Bao's case was sent from the City Court to the Xinglongtai District Court and then to the Xinglongtai District National Security Office. At first the officers said they would set her free. Then suddenly they said, "Appeal? Her term will not be reduced for one single day, and we will ensure that happens no matter what."

Ms. Bao's case stayed at the National Security Office for several days and then with the Xinglongtai District Procuratorate for several days. Authorities claimed that the frequent transfers were necessary for the case to be sorted out, and neither office was responsible for holding her for so long without a trial. After two and a half months, Ms. Bao's case began in the Xinglongtai District Court on January 26, 2006.

Ms. Bao was accused of the following "crimes:"

  1. Ms. Bao went to Beijing to appeal on behalf of Falun Gong in 1999.
  2. Ms. Bao published two solemn declarations online.
  3. The handwriting in a letter to the general public matched Ms. Bao's handwriting.
  4. Ms. Bao had been previously arrested, once in 1999, and detained for more than three months. The deposition stated that she had been "detained seven times".

Here, we solemnly warn all those who have persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners: Do not continue committing crimes. We sincerely hope all kind-hearted and righteous people will help to rescue these good people. We also hope that practitioners in Panjin city can thoroughly clarify the truth and expose the illegal persecution.

Contact information for the responsible people and departments:

Zip code: 124120

Cheng Yajun, Panjin Municipal Party Committee secretary: 86-427-2824110 (Office), 86-427-2823335 (Home), 86-13604231111 (Cell)
Qi Jihui, Deputy Secretary and City Synthesis Governing Director
Liu Chuang, Deputy Director of the 610 Office
Chen Yougui, Deputy Secretary of the Political Committee, 610 Office (Maintaining Stability Office)
Yang Zhenfu, Deputy Mayor in Panjin, Chief of Police: 86-427-2822003
Sun Tianming, Police Department officer in charge of monitoring: 86-13324251388 (Cell)
Liu Desheng, Political Committee Secretary: 86-427-2839045 (Office), 86-427-2839049 (Home), 86-13898700000 (Cell)
Wang, Secretary of Xinglongtai District Political Committee
Chen Zheng, Deputy Secretary of Xinglongtai District Political Committee
Judicial Bureau of Panjin City: 86-427-2823288
Lu Yunhai, Chief of the Judicial Bureau: 86-427-2824400 (Office), 86-427-2801919 (Home), 86-13904277208 (Cell)
National Security Team of Panjin City Police Department: 86-427-2683315, 86-427-2683316
Xu Hao, Chief of the National Security Team: 86-427-2683315
Zhang Runqiu, National Security Team officer: 86-13842713579, 86-13019952579 (Cell)
Liu Jingyu: 86-427-2683326
Zhou Laixin, Chief of the Politics and Security Section: 86-427-2682030 (Office),
86-427-2838165 (Home), 86-13604277978 (Cell)
Li Yonghua, officer of the Politics and Security Section
Liu Guangwei, officer of the Politics and Security Section
Chen, Director of the Panjin Detention Center: 86-427-2684251, 86-427-2684252
Liu Zhongyin: 86-427-2682511
Wang Yonggang : 86-427-2682555, 86-13514278086
Director Han: 86-427-2682555, 86-13514278086
Sui Jiwei, doctor for the prison hospital
Li Zhenguo, Chief of Xinglongtai District Court: 86-427-7821073
Xing Daien, presiding judge of the Criminal Courtroom of Xinglongtai District Court
Ma Li (female), judge
Zhou Liming, judge
Zhang Yue, Chief of Panjin City Procuratorate: 86-427-7823351
Zhang Xilin, Chief of Public Prosecution Section: 86-427-7820270
Pei Guangyan, officer of Public Prosecution Section
Wang Jianbo, officer of Public Prosecution Section
Li Changjun, judge in the Panjin City Intermediate Court
Zhu Fuqi, Chief of Panjin City Intermediate Court: 86-427-2825999 (Fax),
86-427-2822611 (Office), 86-427-2839552 (Home), 86-13065256888 (Cell)
Yuan Yinghua, Director of Xinghai Street Committee (the person who fabricated the evidence): 86-427-2875090