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Fond Memories of Listening to Teacher's Lectures in Taiwan in 1997

March 26, 2006 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner in Taiwan

(Clearwisdom.net) Our compassionate and magnificent Teacher graced Taiwan in November 1997 by giving Fa lectures in Taipei and Taichung. Like so many other Falun Gong practitioners that had obtained the Fa but not yet had a chance to meet Teacher, I was eager to meet Teacher in person and listen to Teacher's Fa lectures in person.

In order not to disturb Taiwanese practitioners' minds, Teacher told only a few practitioners that he was coming to Taiwan. According to a fellow practitioner, another practitioner was about to share his cultivation experience in the meeting in Taipei when the most exciting news arrived - Our most respected Teacher had arrived! At that time there were not as many Falun Gong practitioners in Taiwan as there are now. The wonderful news was quickly relayed via phone to fellow practitioners in other cities and counties in Taiwan that Teacher would be giving a Fa lecture at Taipei Municipal San-Sing Elementary School. A few days after the Taipei lecture, Teacher gave another Fa lecture in National Wufeng Agricultural and Industrial Vocational High School in Taichung. I was most fortunate to be able to listen to both Fa lectures in person.

I Had the Enormous Fortune to Listen to Two Fa Lectures in Person

It was almost past noon when Teacher arrived at National Wufeng Agricultural and Industrial Vocational High School in Taichung. According to a fellow practitioner who traveled with Teacher, Teacher graciously declined fellow practitioners' invitation for lunch before coming to Taichung in order to save time. Teacher ate only instant noodles before he hurried to Taichung. Teacher impressed me with his sober dress. He was wearing a dark blazer made of an inexpensive fabric. It was apparently an old blazer, but it was very clean and tidy. Teacher's hair was also very neatly groomed. Teacher thought only of teaching the Fa and he didn't take any break or have even a sip of water despite long hours of talking. Teacher was asked to take a break a few times, but each time Teacher graciously declined and said it was all right. During the intermission, a fellow practitioner told me what Teacher had said. Teacher explained that he didn't want to stop because the field had not been rectified yet.

In earlier years Teacher would address Falun Gong practitioners as "practitioners" in public, but in later years Teacher started addressing us as "disciples," reflecting the fact that our understanding of the Fa has matured. Like many Fa lectures, Teacher reserved some time for practitioners to ask questions about cultivation practice. At the time many audience members were new practitioners, and non-practitioners that were the friends of practitioners and learning about Falun Gong for the first time. Consequently, a lot of questions were pretty basic, yet Teacher patiently answered each and every question. I still remember one question: "What is the difference in process of obtaining the Fa and cultivating in Falun Gong in Mainland Chinese versus in Taiwan?" This is Teacher's answer based on my personal memory: Today's Mainland Chinese people do not think much about gods or Buddhas, so it is more difficult for them to obtain the Fa. Despite this, once a Mainland Chinese person obtains the Fa, he is likely to be very determined in the cultivation practice, and impervious to obstacles on the cultivation path. Taiwanese people are very open to all kinds of religions, so it is easy for them to obtain the Fa, but it is more difficult for them to practice only Falun Gong. Teacher added that Falun Gong would spread far and wide in Taiwan.

Compassionate Teacher Addressed My Question

When I first obtained the Fa, many people were unable to obtain a copy of Zhuan Falun. Later, a fellow practitioner managed to obtain a copy, which we took turns reading. Finally, a printing company in Hong Kong published Zhuan Falun in traditional Chinese font with a royal blue cover. On the front cover, there was a large Falun emblem and several smaller Falun emblems. On the back cover, there was a budding lotus flower. Several years later, a practitioner in North America discovered that the lotus flower on the back of his Zhuan Falun was in full bloom. After I heard the news, I took out my copy, and sure enough, the lotus flower on my copy was also in full bloom. I remember when I first obtained my copy of the book a question arose in my mind, "why did they choose to put a budding flower on the back cover?"

In the earlier years there was no Falun Gong group practice site or group Fa study in Taiwan. When I first started to study Zhuan Falun, I studied in the same fashion as studying textbooks in school - I would mark out important parts. I thought I was very serious about my Fa study by doing this. It was not until later when I realized the Fa's sacredness and solemnity that I began to regret what I had done. I felt terribly guilty and uneasy. I was very anxious to ask Teacher what I should do to amend my mistake. At the intermission, Teacher didn't exit at the back of the stage. Instead, Teacher walked down the stage and towards the audience. I walked briskly towards Teacher, wanting to take the opportunity to ask the question. I had a special feeling at the time: the world was silent. The only thing I knew was that Teacher was walking in my direction and I was walking towards Teacher.

Although I didn't study the Fa well, I dared not extend my hand to shake hands with Teacher because it says in Zhuan Falun that many people shook Teacher's hand and didn't want to let go. But Teacher was very kind and amiable. He extended his hand to shake hands with me. I felt there was no one around, except Teacher and myself, however, the moment I shook hands with Teacher, I suddenly felt Teacher surrounded by a lot of people and I heard a lot of people talking. Because it was very noisy, Teacher couldn't hear when I presented my question. Teacher put a hand next to his ear, signaling that he couldn't hear me. Everyone stopped talking at once. I asked the question again, "I have marked parts in Zhuan Falun that I think are important. What should I do?" Teacher answered with compassion, "That is all right, as long as you stop marking the book." Finally I felt relieved. Fellow practitioners at the scene felt happy for me too.

In my memory, Teacher was very, very tall and broad-shouldered, but Teacher is very amiable, affectionate and kind. I felt tremendous compassion, peacefulness, and sacredness from Teacher. I didn't feel any pressure from Teacher at all. I felt Teacher had read every disciple's mind and addressed our questions compassionately. Teacher's hands are very thick, yet the skin is very fine and smooth. I regret very much not taking full advantage of this extremely precious opportunity. If I had the opportunity to shake hands with Teacher again, I would be sure to hold fast both of Teacher's hands.

Teacher's Sacred and Supernormal Big Hand Signs

A fellow practitioner wrote a note asking Teacher to demonstrate some big hand signs. Teacher read the note and said he would do big hand signs if there was any time left. After the Fa lecture when Teacher announced that he would now do big hand signs, practitioners applauded excitedly with joy. Teacher stood up and pressed hard on the edges of the table to make sure that it was sturdy enough. Next, Teacher sat on the table in full lotus position and started doing big hand signs.

Teacher's big hand signs were incredibly beautiful and graceful. I was in awe by Teacher's lofty and sacred energy field. Later on I started to hear the sound of beeping, which gradually turned into an increasingly strong sound like bombing. Then all of sudden the entire stadium was enveloped in powerful bombing sounds. I was shocked by Teacher's powerful energy. I couldn't help looking up at the ceiling of the stadium, observing the earthquake I felt. This lasted for several minutes. I thought everyone felt the earthquake, but later I learned that some felt the powerful energy, but others didn't.

Before that day, I had never entered tranquility when I practiced the sitting meditation. I think it was owing to Teacher's big hand signs that I attained tranquility when I practiced the sitting meditation that night. My mind was clear and I thought of nothing at all. For the next few days, I became less and less tranquil. After a while, I was not able to enter tranquility any longer.

It has been many years since Teacher gave His Fa lectures in Taiwan, but I still remember Teacher as the most down to earth and thoughtful being I have ever met. I have the enormous fortune to live in the same time period as our magnificent and compassionate Teacher. This is the greatest honor and a great pleasure for all Falun Gong disciples cultivating and saving sentient being during the Fa-rectification period. By sharing my most precious memory of Teacher, I hope that all predestined people will obtain the Fa.