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Jilin Siping Prison Denies Medical Parole to Ill Practitioners Mr. Liu Zhijun and Mr. Wang Hongge

March 25, 2006 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Jilin Province

(Clearwisdom.net) Several Falun Gong practitioners are being illegally detained in Siping Prison. Practitioner Mr. Liu Zhijun has been there for a long time, because he was given a four-year sentence. Mr. Liu is suffering from high blood pressure, migraines, and bladder problems as the result of persecution. His blood pressure often reaches 160 mmHg, and he needs to urinate very frequently even if he eats only soup. His relatives asked for a medical parole on his behalf. The chief prison administrator, Li Zhiqiang, evaded discussing this issue with Liu's relatives. He only said, "The Prison Penalty Section is in charge of medical paroles." The officer in charge of Ward 11, where Mr. Liu is detained, is believed to be Yu Lixin. Yu was extremely rude to Liu's relatives and also evaded the issue.

Another practitioner, Mr. Wang Hongge, also needs medical attention. His relatives asked to speak with the assistant administrator of the prison, Lan Lijun. The guard blocked their path, so the Wang family called Sun Yanqing, director of the Prison Penalty Section. Sun replied, "Wang's appeal is withheld. Our policy is to withhold all appeals related to Falun Gong." He added, "This policy is approved by the Jilin Province Bureau of Prison Administration." Sun also claimed to be true to his words. "Wang Hongge's case does not qualify for medical parole," Sun concluded.

The Wang family then visited Siping City's Prison Procuratorate Office and asked to see Director Lai regarding Wang's medical parole. Lai said he was busy and told the family to be patient. Nonetheless, Lai admitted that it was illegal for the prison to withhold Wang's appeal.

Practitioners Jiang Quande and Liang Zhengxing were transferred from Siping Prison to Gongzhulin Prison on Chinese New Year's Day. To cover up the persecution, prison authorities prohibited family members from visiting these practitioners.

Contact information:

Siping Prison switchboard: 86-434-5462364, 86-4345463712, 86-4345462211, 86-4345462212
Education Team Yi Shoudong: ext. 9955(Office)
Geng Mingcai: ext. 9920 (office)
Prison Administration: ext. 9663(Office)
Prison Administration Li Zhiqiang: ext. 9819(Office)
Li Guojun: ext. 9788(Office)
Ward 11: ext. 9634, 9668(Office)
Chief of Ward 11 Yu Lixin: 86-434-6161569(Home)
Education Section Cheng Guoming: 86-434-6166111 (Home)
Siping Prison Assistant Administrator Lan Lijun: 86-434-6112116 (Home)