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Persecution of Dafa Practitioners at the Gansu Province Women's Forced Labor Camp

March 17, 2006 |  


Incident 1. Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhao Yueqin refused to write a guarantee statement during her illegal detention at the Gansu Province Women's Forced Labor Camp. The guards made her work during the day and stand at night. Ms. Zhao is in her 50s and could not stand for a long time after working hard the whole day. When she squatted down, the guards verbally and physically attacked her so loudly that others were awakened by the noise. Ms. Zhao could not stand up anymore and sat on the floor with her back against the wall. Zhao Li, the inmate on duty, beat and kicked her and stomped on her head and face with her shoes. They tortured Zhao Yueqin for about 20 days.

Incident 2. Practitioner Ms. Zhang Youfu spoke of her persecution experiences in the past year during a so-called "test." The guards and inmates beat her and used other corporal punishment on her. They forced her to stand at night. She went on a hunger strike to protest the mistreatment. One day after lunch several roughnecks beat her until she could not walk and had to be carried. Her face was black and blue.

Incident 3. Practitioner Ms. Li Zhaoying was in her 60s and the oldest detainee at the labor camp. She refused to attend the so-called "test." The guards forced her to stand in the yard at night during the cold winter, and they made her clean the yard with a piece of cloth and cold water. The temperature was so low that the cloth froze soon after it was pulled out of the water. Inmate Li Shuhua forced Ms. Li to wipe the yard repeatedly. Even many drug addicts could not bear to watch it and walked away.

Incident 4. Practitioner Ms. Chai Mei was sent to the labor camp in December 2002. She refused to attend the so-called "test" and refused to write guarantee statements. With insinuated orders from the guards, one inmate viciously attacked Chai Mei's face until it was black and blue. Ms. Chai was forced to wipe the yard with a piece of cloth and cold water and had to stand in the day and at night. They ordered her to stand on tiptoe, with her head against the wall and the soles of her feet off the ground. When she refused to cooperate, inmate Fu Hongxia beat and kicked her. She stepped on Ms. Chai's hair and pushed her against the wall. Inmate Chen Yuejie beat Ms. Chai Mei until she was covered in blood. Blood from Ms. Chai's nose and mouth formed clumps on her sweater, and the flesh inside and outside her mouth was ragged. She could barely open her mouth to eat. She was tortured for about 20 days.

The guards transferred Ms. Chai to another group because she was very determined in her faith in Falun Dafa. Inmate Liu Cuijuan in this group was well known for torturing practitioners. The guards handpicked two inmates, Lu Decui and Zhang Hongling, to monitor Ms. Chai. The guards set Monday as the deadline for her to submit guarantee statements.

Chai Mei was taken to an empty room. Zhang Haixia was the first to hurl insults at her and beat her. Then inmates Liu Cuijuan, Lu Decui and Zhang Hongling savagely beat her. In the end, they said they would hang her up with a rope. They couldn't find a rope, so they whipped her with a belt. The belt hit Ms. Chai's forehead, and blood streamed down her face.

People couldn't recognize Chai Mei the next day, because she was covered in wounds. Her head, face, and neck were severely swollen and black and blue. Her chest was savagely beaten and almost immobile. Her head was covered in bumps, and she could not put her head on a pillow because it hurt so much. She could barely walk. Despite her condition, the perpetrators forced her to clean the toilets, not with a mop but with a piece of cloth. Her severe injuries made it difficult for her to squat and stand up. Even now she cannot use her front teeth and cannot exert force with her chest.

Incident 5. The guards knew that none of the "reformed" Falun Gong practitioners really wanted to give up their belief, so they always ordered other inmates to monitor the practitioners and forbid them from speaking to each other. The inmates followed the practitioners everywhere. They were afraid the practitioners would return to Dafa. In March 2005, Gansu Province 610 Office agents went to the labor camp for a so-called appraisal. Only one practitioner from Group 1, Division 1, cooperated while the other practitioners either refused or they spoke the truth to the agents. The guards were furious and tortured the practitioners. They detained the practitioners, beat them, inflicted other kinds of corporal punishment, and cursed them.

The guards encouraged the criminal inmates to torture practitioners by promising them points and credits for each practitioner they "reformed." The inmates contrived all kinds of methods to earn these points. They handcuffed the practitioners and hung them up with ropes. Practitioners who were previously healthy looked emaciated and sickly after they left the solitary confinement cell.

The criminal inmates who failed to turn even one practitioner against Dafa were replaced with another group of inmates. Guard Zhou Zizhong said that the most vicious inmates were to be used to torture Falun Gong practitioners until the practitioners gave up their belief.