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Exposing the Evilness of the Zhongba Forced Labor Camp in Guizhou Province

March 12, 2006 |   By a Guizhou Dafa practitioner

(Clearwisdom.net) From time to time, articles have been written to expose the situation in Guizhou jails. Here I would like to expose the evilness of the Zhongba Forced Camp in Guizhou Province.

The Zhongba "Brainwashing Center"

The Zhongba "Brainwashing Center" is known to the outside world as a "Legal Training and Learning Center." Some workplaces and police stations go to great lengths to lie and resort to deceitful means in order to force local practitioners to come to this place. For example, practitioner Mr. Tao Xianda was told that he would be going there to learn accounting. In the brainwashing center, the practitioners were forced to watch propaganda defaming Falun Gong and proclaiming that the Chinese Communist Party is "Great, glorious and correct."

If the brainwashing center fails to achieve its purpose, they send practitioners to the labor camp. A so-called "sentencing statement" accompanies each practitioner to forced labor. It basically mentions whether or not the practitioner is persistent in practicing Falun Gong. For those practitioners who were arrested for clarifying the truth, the sentencing statement always mentions "in possession of Falun Gong materials." For some practitioners, no statement is even given.

Appalling torture goes on at this labor camp, including burning practitioners' faces with boiling water and forcing them to inhale heroin.

The labor camp forced other prisoners to torture practitioners. They bribed the criminal prisoners with bonus points. If the prisoners did not obey, the administrators would threaten to deduct their bonus points. The more wickedly the prisoners behaved and the more obedient they were, the more bonus points they would get. The prison guards forced those prisoners who still had compassion to do bad things. The guards incited those who did not know the truth, or who were evil and vicious, to inhumanly torture practitioners. For example, the prisoners made practitioners stand outside during the winter with no clothes on at all. They made practitioners run around in the heat of the summer wearing cotton-padded clothes. They deprived the practitioners of any sleep for long periods of time. In the wintertime, they showered practitioners with cold water and burnt practitioners with boiling water. They beat practitioners with all kinds of tools available. They also forced practitioners to inhale heroin.

The prison guards themselves also beat up and cursed practitioners. The guards used every conceivable means at their disposal to humiliate practitioners. For example, they forbid practitioners from speaking and deprived them of any freedom. Each and every week, and every single month, the practitioners were forced to write "thought reports" following the guards' requirements. Otherwise, the guards would "attack" an individual practitioner separately and torture him. They also threatened the practitioners, forbidding them from making phone calls to see their families, not allowing them to reduce their prison terms, adding time to their prison terms, and robbing their family members of their job opportunities. The 610 Office of the Shuicheng Mineral Bureau forced elderly practitioner Mr. Wu Changyu to give up cultivation by threatening to keep his son, Wu Kui, from getting a job. They also coerced his family into cooperating with them in the persecution by putting medication in his food and not allowing him to sleep.

Originally, each section had an "intensive assault unit." Later, the prison guards established a unit in each team. They told each section to give them the names of all those who needed to be persecuted. However, since so many people would see what was happening, in order to hide the persecution from outsiders, the guards set up a "solitary confinement section" close to the guards' Team Six.

Under severe persecution, practitioners Liu Zhe, Gao Guoyuan, and Cheng Huazheng were tortured until they became mentally disordered. Wang Shangyou and Wu Changyu were beaten until they had bruises all over their bodies. Wu Song and Zhong Dagang were tortured so much that they lost feeling in their legs. Ye Fenglin, Han Min, Wu Botong, and Yang Yi died as a result of being persecuted in this forced labor camp.

Zhongba Forced Labor Camp provides a convenient "out" for criminal inmates

The labor camp has provided a convenient "out" for criminals. Corruption is allowed, and you are not held responsible if you beat people. You can do whatever you want to if you fulfill your job. Police guards Li Jiming, Ming Hong, and Yang Renshou once said openly, "It does not matter if several people die. We have a quota for beating practitioners to death."

Those guards who tried all kinds of things to persecute practitioners said frankly, "If we bump into you, we can accuse you of 'attacking the guards.'" On June 2, 2005, prison guard Xu Huayuan put Peng Yeliu and Tian Zhongfu into a small cell, claiming that they had "attacked a guard." On June 10, when Wu Zhongran told the head of the guards, Qian Zhengnan, that the guards were assaulting practitioners, Qian Zhengnan replied that it was the practitioners who had assaulted the guards. Qian Zhengnan then put Wu Zhongran into the small cell.

Practitioner Zhao Peng hired a lawyer, but no one dared to testify. Practitioner Lei Guoting's appeal letter was transferred from the Section to the Team, from different sections to the municipal and provincial legal department, to the State Council. No one ever showed up to make any inquiries. When guard Long Weilin instigated someone to beat up practitioner Wu Changyu, Liu Zhengxing, a female section chief said that the practitioners were welcome to sue the police, because it would be a good chance to show off their "achievement."

Many police guards were promoted as a result of actively persecuting practitioners, such as Li Jilian, Chen Ge, Li Jiming, Jing Jian, Ming Hong, Tu Laojiu, and Song Xuefei.

Zhongba Forced Labor Camp in Guizhou Province personnel:

Qian Zhengnan, Director
Feng Yong, Political Commissar
Qu Guiping, Deputy Director
Liu Zhengxing, female, Section Chief of the section in charge of persecuting Falun Gong
Zuo Xiaozhong, Leader of Team Five
Song Xuefei, the present Instructor and Leader of the Surveillance Team
Tu Laojiu, Leader of the Production Team
Long Weilin, Leader of the "Intensive Assault Team"
Wang Rui, former instructor
Liu Yong, former Leader of Team Five
Liu Baoyi, former Leader of the Production Team

Guards involved in persecuting practitioners include: Lu Dang, Liu Yunhe, Huang Xianyao, Xu Huayuan, Jiang Pida, Li Jiming, Jing Jian, Wan Zhaogui, Huang Zhaoming, Ming Hong, Yang Renshou, Pan Zhong, Li Jiliang, and Chen Ge.

Those who have more details, please help to expose them. We need to eliminate the evil in the Fa rectification period so that it can find no place to hide.