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Xin Minduo Illegally Jailed, His Wife Bao Juncen Falsely Charged and Tried

March 12, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Police arrested and brutally tortured Mr. Xin Minduo and his wife Ms. Bao Juncen on August 3, 2005. On September 12, 2005, they were illegally sentenced to 13 and 12 years in prison respectively by the district court of Xinglongtai District, Panjing City, Liaoning Province. After Xin Minduo and Bao Juncen filed an appeal, the court affirmed the original decision in Xin Minduo's case, but Bao Juncen's case was put aside for two months while the perpetrators created fake evidence. Finally they falsely charged her again. On February 20, 2006, Ms. Juncen was put on trial before the district court of Xinglongtai District, Panjing City. The court ended without announcing a verdict.

After Xin Minduo and Bao Juncen were arrested, they were put on trial before the court twice within half a year. The first time was on September 12, 2005. A number of government officials and police from the National Security Team, led by Xu Hao, sat happily in the first two rows of the audience. They yelled, "Family members sit in the back!" The second trial was on December 15, 2005. In the first trial, the practitioners were falsely charged as "accomplices." There were a few lawyers, government officials, and people from the National Security Group sitting in the audience area. This time, Xin Minduo and Bao Juncen were put on trial separately by the National Security Group. When Bao Juncen's case was heard in court, fewer government officials attended the court. Song Buo, Yao Chenglin and Jiang Yongsong from the National Security Group showed up. However, Xu Hao did not come.

The more trials that were held, the clearer the truth became. The more fake evidence presented, the more clearly people knew it was fabricated. People came to understand the truth through the trial process, and more and more people realized what Falun Gong is.

In court, prosecutor Pei Guangyan read the charges aloud as listed. He read them sometimes fast, sometimes slow and sometimes very unclearly. Nobody could understand what he was talking about. The so-called evidence was: 1. Bao Juncen had been arrested seven times. 2. She wrote two letters. 3. She made two declarations on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website.

Bao rejected the prosecutors statements right in the courtroom, "I was arrested (kidnapped) only once, and imprisoned for more than 3 months (more than the normal detention period). If 15 days is the correct detention period, I was imprisoned for about seven times longer than the normal detention period. You cannot say that I was arrested seven times."

The prosecutor said, "The two letters she wrote were to spread and manufacture propaganda materials." The lawyer objected, "Writing two letters is not manufacturing propaganda material. In addition, she did not spread them. The quantity is so low. Actually, one is a letter, and the other one is only a diary. She did not break the law."

The prosecutor said again, "She made two declarations on Minghui/Clearwisdom website." Bao said, "No, I did not. I don't know how to do it." The judge asked her, "Did you ask anyone to do it for you?" Bao replied, "No." The judge asked, "Your father signed the guarantee statement for you. Did you know that?" Bao said, "I didn't know. I've never seen it."

The lawyer said, "Since she did not sign or see the guarantee statement, the guarantee statement is irrelevant to her. The guarantee statement cannot therefore be used as evidence if she breaks the law. In addition, in the first trial, Bao and Xin are accomplices. The evidence of this trial is completely unrelated to the evidence of the first trial. This evidence is completely new and the situation is 180 degrees different from the previous trial circumstances."

The lawyer said, "The evidence is completely unreasonable. In the charges presented, two letters were discovered during the home search. But why are they not recorded on the search record? In addition, why were they not mentioned at all in the first trial?"

The prosecutor said, "She was arrested before she could spread them."
Bao said, "I only wanted to write down my thoughts and save them. I have never thought of spreading them."
The lawyer said, "She only has one copy of each letter. Do you have any evidence to prove that she wants to spread them?"
The prosecutor's claims were completely rejected by the lawyer and Bao. Finally, the prosecutor was speechless.
At last, Bao Juncen said, "I did not break the law. The lawyer has also proved that I was not against the law."
The judge dismissed the trial and wanted to consult with other members of the court to give the verdict.
We are waiting for them again to see if they still have a sense of conscience.

We hope that the compassionate and righteous people all over the world will continuously support us. The Falun Gong practitioners of Panjing City will continue to clarify the truth in depth and disclose the illegal persecution of the evil CCP until the persecution stops.

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