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Practitioners Xin Minduo and His Wife Secretly Sentenced to Thirteen Years in Prison Prior to the Trial

February 09, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On December 12, 2005 Xin Minduo and his wife Bao Juncen were put on trial before the court for the second time. But after the hearing, the court adjourned with no verdict announced. In fact, twenty days before the court session, the sentence had already been passed secretly. The couple was to be given thirteen years of imprisonment.

It all started on August 3, 2005 when Dafa practitioner Xin Minduo was arrested while walking along a street, and at the same time his wife Bao Juncen was also arrested while visiting a neighbor. In fact, they were illegally arrested by personnel from the District National Security Office.

During an initial trial, due to the lack of evidence submitted by the District Examination Court, the Intermediate Court dismissed the case, and sent the couple back to the District National Security Office.

Dissatisfied with the result, on November 25, 2005, the District National Security Office re-filed the case against Xin Minduo to the District Examination Court, with some Falun Dafa materials as evidence. It was not until December 26 that the Office managed to find sufficient "evidence" to prosecute Xin's wife, Bao Juncen, as well.

During the hearing on December 12, 2005 almost every law firm in Panjin City sent in a representative. Apart from the defendant's lawyer, there were nine other lawyers present as observers. The case was all in favor of the accused, and the defendant's lawyer put forward the arguments so beautifully that everyone applauded. At the entrance, one police officer was overheard whispering to another, "It's no use trying to defend the accused. The sentence was passed secretly twenty days ago."

In the end, the court adjourned the session hastily, and the verdict of the case was not announced.

During the court session, the prosecutor asked to present six witnesses. Except for Ms. Yuan Huaying who had some connections with the case, the other five had nothing to do with the case. However, none of the witnesses showed up that day. Similar to the first court session conducted on September 12, 2005, this session also ended in disaster. The court rejected the prosecutor's request for a re-appearance of the witnesses.

While preparing for this court case, the defendants' lawyers and their immediate family members continually received harassment and threats. On November 27, 2005, after demanding the release of Xin and Bao, the family members received threats. Xu Hao the National Security Officer said, "Sooner or later, I will get all of you locked up."

After the court hearing, the Panjin City National Security Office personnel said that they would "take care" of the two lawyers for defending the Falun Gong practitioners as a revenge for making them lose face in the court.


The following persons were involved in the conspiracy of the two court cases on September 12 and December 12, 2005:

Liu Desheng, secretary, Panjin City Legislation Committee Office: 427-2839771 (Fax)
Zhu Fuqi, officer in-charge, Panjin City Intermediate Court: 427-2825999 (Fax)

Li Changjun, magistrate, Panjin City Intermediate Court
Xing Daien, chief judge, Panjin City Intermediate Court
Ms Ma Li, deputy judge, Panjin City Intermediate Court, prosecutor (September 12, 2005)
Zhou Liming (Classmate of Ma Li), prosecutor (December 12, 2005)
Pei Guangyan, plaintiff, Xingqu Examination Court
Wang Jianbo, acting plaintiff, (December 12, 2005)

Chang Xilin, head, Public Plaintiff Office,
Wan, secretary, Xinlongtai District Legislative Committee Office
Chen and Chen Zheng, assistant secretary, Xinlongtai District Legislation Office