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The Angel that Disappeared

February 03, 2006 |   By Li Ye

(Clearwisdom.net) She is an angel in my heart, but she has disappeared!

Eight years ago, we were dispatched from different work units to complete a line of duty. We were both dispatched to the same team, so each day we would always sit down to have a chat after completing our work. Even now, some of her words are still in my memory. She said, "One needs to have a belief. Morality nowadays is so bad, isn't it because people do not have any beliefs?" I felt what she said was reasonable, so I often agreed with her.

Because she was so beautiful and her words and her behavior were so kind, I always wanted to talk with her more, yet I did not have much chance. In my impression, young girls as beautiful as her are cold and unfriendly, yet she was warm and kind.

I later had a chance to get in touch with her quite often. During one period, my father's heart disease broke out five times, and the person who drove the ambulance to pick up my father each of those five times was always her. How could it be so coincidental?

My father's medical expenses put our whole family into great financial difficulty. The fifth time my father had to go to the hospital, I truly had no idea what to do. My friend saw my embarrassment from my face. She called me to her office, took out 800 yuan and gave it to me, and said, "I just got my salary. This is not much money, and I can only help with this little bit. But I think you better take your father home." I didn't understand. She said seriously, "Many doctors and nurses at this hospital are murderers!" I stared at her, at a loss. In my mind, doctors and nurses would never be connected with murderers! "Actually I am not supposed to expose this scandal in my own workplace, but I really don't have the heart to see you in such difficulty any more. You don't know that as soon as the patient comes into the hospital, the doctors would first try to find out if the patients' family is rich. If they know that you are rich, they will kill you financially. Otherwise many doctors will drive the patients away. Some patients died because they were unable to pay. Further, in regards to nurses, do you think they are white-clothed angels? Some of them stealing the medicines. They replace albumin that costs several hundred yuan with a bottle of cheap medicine, and then sell it to private pharmacies. Sometimes the doctors and nurses work together to steal the medicines. I've seen too much of this. Some patients are just waiting for death in this hospital."

I was in a panic. How could such things happen in the hospital run by the party? But according to my knowledge of my friend's integrity, what she said was true. So I took my father back, and later she voluntarily came to my home to give transfusions. Until his death, my father still wondered how could there be a nurse as nice as her in such a society? What we saw was that good people were becoming fewer and fewer, but she was kind enough to offer such help to us. Later, I went to Beijing for training. After I returned, I went to see her, as I wanted to give her a present to thank her for her help with my father. I went to her office, but she was not in. So I asked another nurse. That nurse raised her head, glanced at me in a sideways manner, and immediately lowered her head and said there was no such person. I thought that maybe this nurse had only come here recently, so I asked another one, but got the same response, that there was no such person. How come? I found a nurse who seemed to be familiar, and the reply was still that there was not such a person working there. I said it was impossible, isn't she the nurse in charge here? She made up an excuse to leave and no longer wanted to talk with me.

I then went to another office and finally met a doctor with whom I was familiar. He said, "Don't you know? She was arrested, because she practices Falun Gong." I was stunned. I stood there and couldn't move. I finally got a real answer. I did not know when my tears silently came out. What has happened to this society? Has China suffered from delirium? A person like her has been arrested!

After that I had insomnia, which lasted a long time.

Another few years passed, and I still couldn't find any exact news about my friend. It was said she had a boyfriend, and they were already talking about marriage. But the persecution had come along, which disrupted everything. It is also said that she had already passed away. This world cannot even respect a good person who is as kind as an angel! What kind of a society is this! If she is still alive she should be about 30 years old. I think about her now and then. As soon as I think about her, I have an urge to burst into tears. As soon as I think about her, I feel ashamed. But in this prison-like society, I am unable to do anything but cry.

Now I have finally found the answer to all questions via the Freegate software. So I have a sense of responsibility. I know what I should do. I should let more people in the world know about such tragedies! Chinese people are hopeful! This is for sure!