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Officials in Langfang City, Hebei Province Brutalize Practitioners and Family Members for Trying to Rescue Detained Practitioners

February 23, 2006 |  


1. Falun Dafa practitioners in Langfang City rescue fellow practitioner Mr. Wang Shaoqiu

Officers from the Xianghe Police Department arrested Dafa practitioners Mr. Wang Shaoqiu, Ms. Liu Shuying and Mr. Li Dejun on January 25, 2006. At around 10:00 a.m. on February 5, 2006, practitioners from Langfang, Hebei Province, including Wang Shaoqiu's family, went to the National Security Division at the Xianghe Police Department and requested the release of practitioners Wang Shaoqiu. The following are the details:

Wang Shaoqiu was a lecturer at Langfang Industrial University. He is currently being held at the Xianghe County Detention Center. He and his wife have a six-year-old daughter. He lived with his wife, aunt and father-in-law who have no income. Their life is very difficult.

Wang Shaoqiu's family repeatedly and strongly requested a meeting with Wang Shaoqiu. They were eventually permitted to enter the door of the guard's room but were forbidden from going inside the office. Other practitioners quietly waited outside the police department. The door guard phoned Zhang Zilai, the person in charge. Zhang Zilai came out but refused to give his true name and said his surname was Wang. (Wang Shaoqiu's family later learned his real name from someone who knew him.)

Wang Shaoqiu's family talked with Zhang Zilai for about half an hour and he agreed to report to his superiors as soon as possible and inform the family about the outcome. The conversation was conducted in a peaceful manner.

Around the same time about fifty practitioners from Dachang area had arrived outside the police department and requested the release of Dafa practitioners from the Dachang area. The National Security Division agents saw many people outside, shut the guardroom door and didn't let anyone inside. They told the fifty practitioners to appeal to a higher Communist regime agency. The whole event is captured on surveillance camera(s) at the police department.

At around 11:00 a.m., practitioners from Langfang and Dachang went to the Xianghe County government offices. Practitioner Liu Shuying, her two children and parents went inside and requested the release of detained practitioners. The other practitioners waited outside. About one hour later, many police vehicles arrived and surrounded the practitioners and some passersby. Practitioner Ms. Liu Shuying returned from her talk with the officials but did not get any response or indication that the issue was going to be resolved. The police encircled the practitioners, dragged them into police vehicles and drove them back to Langfang.

Practitioners Yang Jianpo and Shi Zhimin were held at the Guangyang District Police Department. The other practitioners were sent back to the local township police station. The police ransacked the practitioners' homes on the evening of February 5. The practitioners' families went to request their loved ones release and were told, "The police are waiting for orders from higher-ups."

We strongly urge kind-hearted people and international human rights organizations to pay attention to this latest development and help rescue Falun Dafa practitioners who are unlawfully incarcerated and abused for clarifying and upholding the truth.

Gao Chenggang: male, Xin Pingyu, female: in charge of the Guangyang District Police Department National Security Division
National Security Division: 86-316-2333886

2. Practitioner Yang Jianpo's Family from Langfang Requests his Release

The Langfang City 610 Office agents and agents from the National Security Division in Hebei Province arrested many Dafa practitioners on February 5, 2006. On the morning of February 6, practitioner Ms. Nie Chunling and her daughter went to Guangyang District Police Department's National Security Division where Nie Chunling requested the release of her husband Yang Jianpo who was arrested the day before. Xin Pingyu at the National Security Division beat her and she subsequently suffered a heart attack. She lost consciousness and collapsed on the floor. Her family later took her home. She is unable to care for herself. The details of this incident are written below.

At 9:30 a.m. on February 6, 2006, Nie Chunling and her daughter went to the National Security Division. They saw Yang Jianpo locked to a metal chair upon arriving at the National Security Division. Nie Chunling held her husband, cried, and said to the officials, "We had just spent a little time together at home when you guys started persecuting him again." Nie Chunling's daughter cried and tried to reason with the police.

Xin Pingyu, a woman in her 40s who is a head official at the National Security Division said to Nie Chunling's daughter, "Hurry up and leave with your mom! This is an official agency! You should be grateful we let you meet with him. Yang Jianpo violated the law of the state, so he must be arrested!" Nie Chunling pointed at Xin Pingyu and asked, "What law did we violate? What law did he violate by practicing Falun Gong? Can you show me any legal document that backs your words?"

Xin Pingyu hit her before she could finish.

The daughter held her mother and asked Xin Pingyu why she hit her mother. Xin Pingyu said, "Your mom pointed at me. I can't allow it." She then said, "Quick, get your mom out of here!" The daughter said, "She is my mother, and I listen to her. What if your parent were to suffer a heart attack?" Xin Pingyu said, "If my mom is like this, I'll kick her out before she has time to react." She kicked the air to emphasize her point.

The police tried to move practitioner Mr. Yang Jianpo into a room. Nie Chunling strongly held onto Yang Jianpo and wouldn't let them take him. Xin Pingyu and some tall male police officers forcibly separated the couple and locked Yang Jianpo in a room.

The daughter saw the police beating her mother, so she shouted, "Help! Help!" She tried to block the police from getting to her mother. One male officer with a square face beat the daughter. He grabbed her by the hair and threw her aside.

Nie Chunling was lying on the floor. The police officers stomped on her. She suffered a heart attack and could not move. She could hardly breathe. The square-faced man said to the daughter, "Are you trying to attack the police?" The daughter said, "Are you serious? You hit me! Now you are saying I attacked you?"

Xin Pingyu saw Nie Chunling was in a perilous condition. She didn't want to accept responsibility and went to another room. She called on the others to also enter that room. Nie Chunling and her daughter were left in the stairwell. The daughter saw that her mother could die any time, so she shouted, "Xin Pingyu, I know you! If something happens to my mom, you'll be held responsible!" The officers came out of the room upon hearing those words. Xin Pingyu said, "I have a good relationship with your parents, otherwise I would have had you arrested a long time ago." The daughter said, "You hit my mom although you have a good relationship with her?" Xin Pingyu said, "I didn't hit her, I didn't hit her, I was trying to stop her..." The daughter said, "You hit us! And that man hit me!" Xin Pingyu kicked the daughter and jabbed her head with her finger and said, "Do you have any evidence to prove that we hit you?" The officials left. A while later, the daughter's uncle came and took the mother and daughter home.

Practitioner Yang Jianpo suffered frequent persecution. On March 30, 2003, Gao Wei and other police officers waited at Section 1 on the third floor on the east side of the Fengrun District Police Department building in Tangshan City. They handcuffed Yang Jianpo to a metal chair and electrically shocked him with a wire telephone, which conducts 110-Volt electricity. They didn't let him close his eyes during the day or at night.

At that time, his wife Nie Chunling was held at the No. 1 Detention Center in Tangshan City. She was force-fed and her blood soaked the feeding tube. Officers from the Tangshan City Police Department stomped on and broke her thumb(s) and her nails came off.

On February 20, 2004, Yang Jianpo was again sent to the Kaiping Forced Labor Camp in Tangshan City. He weighed about 90 pounds when he returned home on June 8.

3. Daughter of Dafa Practitioner Mr. Shi Zhimin from Langfang City Requests the Guards to Release Her Father

The Langfang City "610 Office" agents in Hebei Province and those from the National Security Division arrested many Dafa practitioners on February 5, 2006. At around 11:00 a.m. on February 6, 2006, practitioner Shi Zhimin's daughter went to the National Security Division. She went to the fifth floor and heard someone continuously shouting, "Falun Dafa is good!" She looked where the voice came from and saw her father handcuffed to a metal chair. He was unable to move and did not get any sleep the night before. Another Dafa practitioner was locked inside a room and could not be seen.

Shi Zhimin's daughter explained the goal of her visit and one police officer took her to the head office of the 515 National Security Division.

Shi Zhimin's daughter asked, "Why did you arrest my father?" Officer Gao Chenggang said, "Your father was in a mob riot in Xianghe County. We went and brought him back here."

Shi Zhimin's daughter said, "My father is old and weak. How could he have been in a mob riot?" Xin Pingyu said, "What do you mean he's weak? He's very healthy!"

Shi Zhimin's daughter said, "I only believe the facts. My father didn't do anything wrong." Officer Gao Chenggang said, "He gathered a mob and created riot and disrupted the administration of state law."

Shi Zhimin's daughter said, "My father is so old, what kind of law did he break? My father was last tortured in Henan Province until he weighed less than 55 pounds. His condition had just improved a little."

Shi Zhimin's daughter asked, "When will you release my father?" The officers said, "We have to wait for orders from above. We don't have the authority to release him."

Shi Zhimin's daughter asked, "Doesn't the order still come from the police department? You belong to the same system. Don't you claim to serve the people?" The officer said, "But not you. You are not considered one of the 'people!' If you don't leave, we'll detain you. Get out! Now!" Then they shoved her.

Shi Zhimin's daughter said, "I have to bring my father home." Xin Pingyu said, "We don't have to talk to you." Shi Zhimin's daughter asked Xin Pingyu what really happened that led to the arrest. Xin Pingyu said, "The nature of this case hasn't been determined. It's a secret and must be kept as such. Quick, leave now! Don't interfere with public duty." She shoved the daughter very hard and tried to push her out while saying to her, "You think you can take him home whenever you want to? I'll throw you out if you don't leave right now!"

Gao Chenggang and Xin Pingyu pushed the daughter.

The daughter tried to go to the room where her father was held. Gao Chenggang said, "Get out! You are not allowed to see your father!" He dragged the metal chair into another room with Shi Zhimin locked in it. Shi Zhimin's daughter said, "Can't you be more gentle? Is this how you treat an old man?"

Gao Chenggang didn't say anything. He dragged the chair into another room and shut the door.