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Persecution Facts about Falun Dafa Practitioners in Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp, Heilongjiang Province

February 23, 2006 |   By Si Yuan

(Clearwisdom.net) Because I am persistent in practicing Falun Dafa, I have been illegally sentenced to forced labor twice, each time for three years. I have been detained in the women's division of Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp, Heilongjiang Province all these years and have witnessed and suffered from the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) brutal persecution. In China, there is no peace, there are no human rights, no law and no freedom. There is nothing but violent power, corruption, and corrupt officials.

The evil CCP has created this rarely seen inhuman, bloody persecution. The police have used many methods to torture practitioners, including demanding evidence using violence, handcuffing and shackling, electric shocks, beating with a police club, the iron chair, cuffing to the bed, cuffing both hands and one foot together, exposing victims to mosquitoes, brutal beatings, slapping the face, pinching the inner thighs, shocking the face with electric batons, forcing the practitioner to sit on low stool for long hours (each day for one year, two years, or even three years), force-feeding through the nose, sending them to a mental hospital, forceding recitation of the prison rules, military drills, forced exposure to the scorching sun, writing weekly reports, extending detention terms, body searches, forced heavy labor, watching brainwashing videos such as the "Tiananmen Self-immolation" and so on.

The following are some examples of the torture that I witnessed.

Among the practitioners who were detained in the same cell with me, six died as a result of torture. They are Liu Guihua from Harbin City, Fang Cuifang from Boli County, Yi Ling from the No. 597 Farm and three from Jiamusi City - Wang Sujun, Men Xiaohua, and Wang Dongxia. During this same period, a male practitioner in the men's team died from being forced-fed through a tube in his nose. Another male practitioner around 30 years old was persecuted to the edge of the death and died just after he was released.

1. Slave Labor, Chicken Feed, False Accounts

In November 1999, the first group of practitioners was detained in the forced labor camp. Under the threat of electric batons, practitioners were forced to cull small red beans that are exported overseas. Four men would dump a gunnysack of red beans that weighed 100 Kg, onto a big table. Practitioners would start working at the table before 7:00 a.m., and work until 8:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m. or even midnight, and suffer beatings and cursing at any moment.

Every day "3215 chicken feed" was the main meal, with cold water taken from the ground-surface by an industrial well. No vegetables, not even pickled vegetables, were served. The soup was just clear water with a little salt if we were lucky, and without a drop of oil. Because the chicken feed had no nutritional value and contained additives such as bone powder, practitioners looked very pale and had no strength. Although everyone was required to finish picking 100 Kg of red beans, in fact, they could not finish 50 Kg per day.

At that time, guard Liu Hongguang was the head of the women's division. Guan Dejun was the deputy of the labor camp. Zhao Zong was the head of the labor camp, and is now the deputy director of Jiamusi City Politic and Law Committee.

In 2000, Liu Hongguang delivered two hundred bags of mildewed flour to the labor camp. Eighteen bags were consumed. Many people had diarrhea, vomiting, felt dizzy and experienced numbness. When the situation was reported to Liu, Liu said he didn't know anything about it. Later in fear of being exposed for causing the illness or possible death, they took away the rest of the flour. No one would want to use such mildewed flour for human consumption. They were not even allowed to feed it to the pigs. But the labor camp fed this flour to Falun Gong practitioners.

2. Brutal Beatings

Guards took away all of our Dafa books. In order to get the books back, practitioners started a hunger strike, refused to do the slave labor, recited Dafa writings and did the Falun Dafa exercises. As a result, the guards brutally beat them.

Led by the deputy head of the labor camp Guan Dejun and the section head Xu Zong who earned a lot of money from the practitioner's labor and did many bad things over the years, at least ten other guards began to brutally beat the practitioners. Guan cursed Falun Gong's Teacher and yelled loudly, "Beat them for me." Xu Zong whipped practitioner Fu Linhua with a leather belt 20-30 times until Xu got tired.

A practitioner from Huachuan who was sitting on the concrete floor, was suddenly kicked in the chest, which caused her to lay on the floor and twitch for a long time.

Guard Da Wei from the Administration Section kicked practitioner Dai Xiaoling to the floor, and then put one foot on her neck and the other on her arm and kept cursing her.

Practitioner Cheng Xiuchun from Yichun City had a broken rib and suffered a lot of pain after being kicked.

Song Xiuyun was a teacher from Shuangyashan City. Her arm was broken during a beating. Because they gave her no immediate treatment, her arm is now disabled.

During the hunger strike in March 2000, seven or eight male guards beat a practitioner from Huachuan. They shocked her with electric batons and pulled out her hair. She lost consciousness on the spot. When she woke up, she was unable to see clearly.

A practitioner from Mishan was previously a government officer. Because she refused to report others to the police, she was sentenced to three years of forced labor. More than ten guards beat her. A clump of hair the size of a duck egg was yanked from her scalp.

3. Detention in a Solitary Compartment

In November 2000, several male practitioners escaped from the labor camp with righteous thoughts. One of them was caught. He was put into a solitary confinement cell on the first floor of the No. 1 Building that belonged to the women's division. That cell was so small that there was no room to stand up. There was a ditch under the floor with a wooden board on the top. The practitioner had to sit on a brick that was on the top of the wooden board. He was taken to a special room to be interrogated several times. The police wanted him to tell them their escape plans and who assisted them. He suffered electric shock from high voltage electric batons. Listening to his pathetic cries during the interrogation was unbearable.

4. Torture of "Carrying a Sword in the Back"

The practitioner's hands were cuffed behind his back with one hand over the shoulder and the other hand against the lower back. The handcuffs were fastened to the horizontal bar of the metal bed. The practitioner was unable to sit or lay down. His body was half way up in the air. The bed was about half a meter above the ground. Once his body slipped down, leaving his hands to support the entire weight of his body, in a short time, his clothes and hair were soaked with sweat.

Practitioners Hu Qili, Fei Jinrong, Zhao Juan, Cheng Hanbo, Wang Yuhong and others were handcuffed like this for seven or eight hours.

5. Cuffed to a Bed

Guard Liu Yadong tied practitioner Ma Xiaohua's chest and ankles to the bed so that she was unable to move. Then he cuffed her hands and feet to the bed and removed all the bed boards that were supporting her body, except one. After suffering from this torture, Ma Xiaohua's back was injured.

6. Cuffed Behind the Back

After eight practitioners including Ma Xiaohua, Dai Lixia, Ceng Hanbo, and Fei Jinrong suffered a brutal beating, their hands were cuffed behind their backs. They were then forced to sit on the floor and were not allowed to move. For 23 days, they were not allowed to wash their faces or brush their teeth. Fei Jinrong was tortured this way for 31 days and the others for 25 days. They were cuffed day and night. Guards Liu Yadong and Li Xiujin beat Fei Jinrong so badly that her ears were damaged.

7. Extended Terms and Searches for Dafa Articles

The police conducted searches for Dafa articles once or twice per week. They searched practitioners' bodies, their bags and beds. If any new articles were found, the practitioner's sentence would be extended. In 2004, on average three extra months were added on for each practitioner. For the No. 8 Division, Liu Yadong, Li Xiujin and Sun Ben were responsible for extending the terms of practitioners.

8. Drawing Blood

One day in 2005, there was an announcement that blood would be drawn. Wei Dong and some other male guards with electric batons were called in. Whoever refused to give blood was beaten. Ma Rujun refused to allow her blood to be drawn. Wei Dong brutally beat her. She was fastened onto a metal chair and both her hands were cuffed. They forcefully drew the blood from her. Although others didn't agree to have their blood drawn, Liu Shushan and Li Xuena from the clinic forcibly did it anyway.

9. Being Forced to Sign the "Help Agreement"

On March 2, 2005, a group of male guards with electric batons and handcuffs were called in. Policemen Zhang Xiaodan and Sun Ben had prepared "help agreements" for everyone and forced them to sign. Anyone who refused was handcuffed.

Many people suffered electric shocks and brutal beatings with police clubs at that time. Su Yanhua was beaten and lost consciousness on the spot. When she woke up, Liu Yadong had cuffed her to the iron chair. Later Su started a hunger strike and Liu cuffed her to the bed without any covers and removed the bed boards.

10. Playing the Video Program "Tiananmen Self-immolation"

When the video of the "Tiananmen Self-immolation" was played loudly on TV, practitioner Fei Jinrong turned off the TV. The guards on duty and other criminals started beating her, and she called out, "Falun Dafa is good." As a result, they forcibly handcuffed her and sealed her mouth with tape. She was handcuffed for five or six days. Fei had been handcuffed many times. Because of the torture, her hands and feet were stiff and she had a protrusion of the intervertebral disk. After being handcuffed this time, she became worse and could hardly walk.

11. Forced to Wear Prison Uniform

The practitioners Ma Rujun and Fei Jinrong were handcuffed for 20 days for refusing to wear the prison uniform. Fei suffered brutal beatings five times. Twice, Fei tore the paper that slandered Teacher off the wall and also tore off the paper with slanderous words that the guards had put on them. When the police beat them, they kept shouting, "Falun Dafa is good." Guard Li Xuejin was so scared that she told the prisoner Liu Hua and others who were going to sew the cloth, "Go back. No sewing."

12. Financial Persecution

There were many opportunities for the guards to collect money, even for medical treatment. When the practitioners were forced to go to the hospital, guard Liu Shubin told the X-ray doctor in Zhongxing Hospital of Jiamusi City not to give receipts. When Fei Jinrong and Wang Yuhong asked him for receipts, he refused. Fei was charged 300 yuan, Dong Li was charged 300 yuan and Yan Xihua, 180 yuan. The money was put into the guards' pockets. When Fei Jinrong was released from the labor camp, her family was forced to pay 2000 yuan to the labor camp.