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Cultivation Stories of 73-Year-Old Aunty Wen (Photo)

February 21, 2006 |   By a Dafa practitioner from Taizhong City, Taiwan

(Clearwisdom.net) Aunty Wen learned Falun Dafa after her son learned the practice. She has practiced Dafa for almost four years. Without being able to read Chinese characters, she can now study the Fa with the group for one hour every day. They read Zhuan Falun and Master's lectures. Aunty Wen also participates in clarifying the truth and telling people the facts of how the Chinese Communist Party brutally persecutes Falun Gong practitioners in Mainland China. She often goes to the lake of Sun and Moon park to clarify the truth.

Aunty Wen practices Dafa with her celestial eye open. She often sees many mysterious scenes when doing the exercises or sending forth righteous thoughts. She also often feels the Falun turning around her body and head. When she did the sitting exercise, she felt many times the wonderfulness as if sitting inside an egg shell.

With Master Around, the Fire God Stopped

On January 11, 2006, while Aunty Wen was practicing the second exercise, "Holding the Wheel," suddenly her celestial eye saw a strong wave of fire coming towards her home. At that moment, she didn't pay much attention and did not further think about what it perhaps indicated. On the same day, she accompanied her husband and participated in a two-day tour group.

The next day, on the morning of January 12, the tour group leader mentioned that there was a fire disaster around Aunty Wen's home at about 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. Fortunately, it didn't affect her home. In fact, the tour group leader at that time didn't tell the entire situation of the fire accident, so Aunty Wen didn't think about it too much and finished the tour before she went back home. When she got home, it was quite shocking to see how bad the fire had been. On both the east and north areas, the neighboring buildings were completely burned out. Many factories' computers and other equipment were all gone.

Actually, the situation of the fire was very similar to what she saw while she was doing the second exercise. The fire came from the East and North areas towards her 100 year-old clay house. The fire came in and burned into the living room. Just at that moment, the firemen came and started fighting the fire at her living room and the northwest bedroom. The northwest bedroom is the room that Aunty Wen usually uses for studying the Fa. There was Master's picture hanging on the wall and Dafa books in the cabinet. There is a truth clarifying computer inside the room as well.

After the fire, the northwest bedroom was seen to be as good as before.

How miraculous, the fire just couldn't go any further and it stopped where it should. Aunty Wen acclaims Master's merciful protection and Dafa's great mystery.

Automatically Gain Without Pursuit

After practicing Falun Dafa, Aunty Wen seems to be a different person. Her face is pink and many past diseases and pains have all gradually disappeared. One day, after she had practiced Falun Dafa for over one year, her husband saw that there were many papayas on the tree in the yard. He shook the trunk of the tree very hard and wanted to get the papaya down. But it didn't work no matter how hard he tried. Aunty Wen said, "Let me try it." Her husband told her that if she wanted to try, that she should wear a safety hat to prevent the dropping papaya from injuring her head. Aunty Wen didn't take the words seriously. She just shook the trunk as hard as she could. Suddenly, hearing a dong sound, Aunty Wen fainted and fell to the ground. A papaya had fallen down and hit her head. Her husband helped to move her up and asked whether she was OK, or whether she needed to go to a hospital. Aunty Wen's said that she was fine, and she just needed rest at the corner of the wall. Several days after that, she kept rubbing her head and felt a slight pain. Aunty Wen tolerated it and not too long after the pain stopped.

One day when she was combing her hair, she noticed all of a sudden that it was much easier than in the past. Aunty Wen touched her head and found that the ill bump she had for more than 20 years on her head had faded. Aunty Wen now realized that Master is so merciful and purified her body once again. In fact, not very long after she learned Falun Dafa, Master started to take care of this bump. Every time she combed her hair, it would spill out some blood. She hid this from her husband because she was afraid of him not understanding it and preventing her from practicing Dafa.

Aunty Wen said it is great now even though her husband hasn't learned Falun Dafa, he still accompanies her to study the Fa. He is doing this quite often.