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San Francisco: Board of Supervisors Passes Resolution Condemning CCP's Persecution of Falun Gong (Photos)

February 02, 2006 |   By Kerry Huang and Wang Ying, Minghui reporters from San Francisco

(Clearwisdom.net) On the afternoon of January 31, 2006, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a resolution that "condemns the persecution of Falun Gong." The resolution states that Falun Gong practitioners should be free from the persecution within the City and County of San Francisco, and appropriate City agencies including the police department and human rights commission should protect Falun Gong practitioners' rights and security.

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Falun Gong urges a stop to the persecution
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Spokesperson for Falun Gong Ms. Zhang Xuerong and lawyer introduce the beauty of Falun Gong to the media
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Many reporters come to interview
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Press conference site
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Falun Gong practitioners protest CCP extending the persecution to San Francisco
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Falun Gong practitioners hold display boards to expose the persecution facts

Supervisor Chris Daly proposed the resolution that "condemns the persecution of Falun Gong," which was submitted to the Board of Supervisors after it was passed on a 2 to1 vote last Monday at the City Operations and Neighborhood Services Committee. This afternoon, all 11 supervisors at the Board of Supervisors voted, and the resolution was passed on a 9 to 2 vote.

Prior to the vote, nearly a hundred Falun Gong practitioners held a press conference in front of the City Hall. Some of them practiced the exercises, some held banners reading "Extend Help to Stop the Persecution of Falun Gong," and called for the Board of Supervisors to support the resolution.

Spokesperson for Falun Gong Ms. Zhang Xuerong, after learning that the resolution was passed, said that she was pleased that the Board of Supervisors passed the resolution condemning the persecution of Falun Gong, making San Francisco join in the protection of Falun Gong human rights. She said, "We should let everyone have the right to practice his or her own belief."

Supervisor Sean Elsbernd expressed at the meeting that the essence of the resolution is regarding individuals' basic human rights. Falun Gong practitioners should be free of persecution. He called on other supervisors to support the resolution.

Supervisor Tom Ammiano expressed that the fact of Falun Gong practitioners being subjected to persecution is very clear. All has been documented. He supported Dali's opinion.