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Japan: Distributing and Publicizing the Nine Commentaries in the Kyushu Area

December 22, 2006 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan

(Clearwisdom.net) From November 11 to December 3, 2006, practitioners in the Kumamoto Prefecture distributed and publicized the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party in Japan's Kyushu area. Practitioners cooperated well during the nearly two months of activities. I experienced much and wish to share it with you.

I was greatly inspired by practitioners' pure hearts and methods when distributing the Nine Commentaries. They handed the truth-clarification materials to people waiting at traffic lights, and were not affected by the attitude of those who refused to accept the material. They treated everyone well and did not discriminate against anyone. They looked calm and peaceful. On the other hand, I found that I handed out materials selectively. I realized that I must do better, although I was sure that I was experienced in handing out truth-clarification materials. This was not my first time in taking part in truth clarification activities and handing out materials. However, when watching these practitioners I felt very much ashamed.

Despite bad weather, rain and wind, they were handing out fliers in the busy streets of Oita City. They wore raincoats and bravely held banners that promoted the Nine Commentaries. They stood in the rain from morning to evening to distribute the Nine Commentaries and exposed the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party. They disregarded being soaking wet as well as other personal comforts. They held only one thought, that was to save the sentient beings and disintegrate the evil forces in other dimensions. I enlightened that it is important to eliminate all interference from the evil forces with our powerful righteous thoughts, and to save those sentient beings that could be saved. In the past, when experiencing difficulties, I would always think of myself first and cared a lot as to how everyday people saw us. With the improvement of my understanding this attachment was eliminated.

When handing out truth-clarification materials in the rain, the umbrella became an obstacle. It was difficult to find the right time to hand out materials when holding an umbrella. I felt disappointment and lost confidence. I thought that maybe no one would accept the materials. However, when I strengthened my righteous thoughts and shouted "Introductions to books, please have a look!" People interested in books would fold their umbrellas and ask for our materials. From the activity I enlightened that practitioners should not be affected by the environment but change the environment with righteous thoughts.

When distributing the Nine Commentaries, we noticed that more people asked for materials in the afternoon than in the morning. By the evening, many people said that they had read the materials. I enlightened that the sacred energy field created by our powerful righteous thoughts can assimilate sentient beings and accelerate their awakening.

We promoted the Nine Commentaries in Fukuoka City for two days. On the first day it was raining and the rain soaked all the materials. It was difficult to hand out materials that were wet. However, practitioners were determined to carry the activity through to the end, including sending forth powerful righteous thoughts. The following day the weather cleared up. Alas, compared to the number of passersby only few asked for truth-clarification material.

During our activities In promoting the Nine Commentaries and quitting the CCP, we experienced good or bad environments, and both good and bad weather. As practitioners we should not be confused by the environment, but instead be firm in our belief in Falun Dafa and be more compassionate. We must try our best to do every Fa-validation activity well.

Distributing the Nine Commentaries was carried out in Kumamoto City, Kanlema County, Kagoshima City, Fukuoka City, Nagasaki City, Oita City, Yamaguchi City, Saga City and some other places. At the beginning of the activities I had a very shallow understanding of the Nine Commentaries. During the 11-day-long Memorial Ceremony for the City of Kumamoto, everyone else was assigned to hand out fliers on the Nine Commentaries. I was worried because I believed that my workplace would not give me any day off except those I was entitled to. Once I gained a better understanding on the importance of the Nine Commentaries and on the coordination, I unexpectedly was allowed more days off, so that I could take part in the activities. By taking part in the Nine Commentaries distribution activities, I deepened my understanding of the importance of the activity. Many people who asked for the Nine Commentaries expressed their understanding and showed concern about the activity, "You are doing better and better in this activity. I will buy a book." Others would say, "Thank you very much! Keep going!" Still others said, "You should have done this kind of activities much earlier." This activity helped us get a very good start for distributing the Nine Commentaries in other places.

At the beginning, due to practitioners' over cautiousness and attachments we had some conflicts. Within time we formed one body. We forgave each other and cooperated with each other and so were successful with our activity. Every practitioner shared the work load in preparing the activity. Some made display boards and banners, some arranged for broadcasting the Nine Commentaries, some prepared the sound system and still others printed the truth-clarification materials. Some practitioners quietly prepared lunch for other practitioners or gave their cars for transporting us and materials, especially when we went to neighboring counties. Local practitioners would invite us to stay at their homes and provided all conveniences.

I learned from this that we might encounter all sorts of difficulties and manifestations of various attachments at the beginning of such Fa-rectification activities. However, as long as we let go of attachments, overcome difficulties and coordinate well we can be more effective.

On our cultivation path, we should not rest on things we had already done, but redouble our efforts to improve our xinxing and cultivate more diligently and make faster progress.

Please kindly help me understand any shortcomings I may have.