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Photos: Exposing Hewan Forced Labor Camp in Wuhan City, Hubei Province - Illegally Detaining Dafa Disciples

December 02, 2006 |  


(Rear side of Hewan Labor Camp, which includes the men's and women's sections, Wuhan Drug Rehabilitation Center and Hewan Education Brigade)

(Entrance of Hewan Education Brigade. Upon walking forward about 20 meters one will see the women's section where female practitioners are detained.)

(Front view of the men's section, next to which is the Hewan Labor Education Administrative Bureau where the 610 Office is located.)

(In order to hide its persecution of practitioners, the authorities spent lots of money beautifying the men's section, building luxury office buildings and water fountains with artificial mountains by its side. All these intend to display a so-called "peaceful atmosphere.")

(Wuhan Drug Rehabilitation Center, where some female practitioners are detained.)

(Building in Hewan Labor Camp where male practitioners and some non-practitioner inmates are detained. )

(Building in Hewan Labor Camp where practitioners are being brutally tortured. Isolation cells are also located in this area.)

(Front view of Wuhan Drug Rehabilitation Center. In order to separate practitioners so they can't communicate with each other, the authorities also detain some female practitioners here.)

(Side view of Wuhan Drug Rehabilitation Center)

Second brigade: 86-27-85601024

Captain: Lei Changwen, Team leader: Ming Jianhua

Mr. Hu, chief of the education brigade, beats practitioners as well as their visiting family members. If other police officers refuse to arrest and beat good people, he threatens to lay them off. Because he is so vicious, very few people even know his name. Even those who know don't dare to tell.

Zip code of the labor camp: 430015