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How Jiamusi City Labor Camp Persecuted Falun Dafa Practitioner Wu Chunlong to Death

December 11, 2006 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Heilongjiang Province

(Clearwisdom.net) In the following report, a Falun Dafa practitioner who was subjected to gross, persecution-related abuse at Jiamusu City Labor Camp, exposes the incidents he witnessed and verifies the tragic death of Falun Dafa practitioner Wu Chunlong, who died at the hands of Jiamusi Labor Camp persecutors over a year ago.

Wu Chunlong's Story and His Resulting Death

Mr. Wu Chunlong was illegally sentenced to three years of forced labor for practicing Falun Dafa.

During the winter of 2000, the police removed all his clothing and poured cold water on him outside, when the temperature was 20 degrees Celsius below zero (-4 degrees Fahrenheit). When another detained Dafa practitioner questioned guard Guo Gang about this atrocity, Guo lied, saying, "I cannot believe this happened. I vouch with my life that this is not so!"

Wu Chunlong was later sentenced to another three years of forced labor. This time he did not survive. Guards Liu Hongguang and Guo Gang killed him because Wu Chunlong was discovered carrying Falun Dafa articles. Guard Liu Hongguang issued a command to torture him at will. Liu asked whether Mr. Wu would agree to obey their instructions. Wu Chunlong said, "Dafa practitioners did not violate any criminal law, why follow unreasonable instructions?" Liu Hongguang ordered, "Since he will not obey, torture him!"

Wu Chunlong was detained in Room Eight on the north side of the building. Two criminals, Wang Fu and Zhao Yancai, tortured him for more than a month. He suffered much during that time. Someone always guarded the door, to keep people from seeing what took place inside. Only at meal-time or clean-up time could one take a glance. I often saw the guards shutting the wide-opened windows and door when I got off work. I was eventually subjected to the same persecution, and I realized that they did this purposely to freeze Mr. Wu but were afraid of others seeing this. Every day, Wang Fu and Zhao Yancai carried Wu Chunlong to the washroom, took off his clothing and poured cold water over him. Being doused with water during the winter is extremely cruel! One freezes instantly.

Because Wu Chunlong maintained a continuous hunger strike, the evildoers kept the inserted nasal tube in place and filled it with a large amount of a mixture containing powdered milk and lots of saline-solution. They eventually handcuffed Wu to a bed so that he could not move. The concentrated saline solution was toxic to Wu Chunlong's internal organs, which were severely injured. He lost control of his bowels and bladder. However, Guo Gang told everyone, "Wu Chunlong is so bad that he intentionally urinated on the bed." Wang Fu and Zhao Yancai also deprived Wu Chunlong of sleep during the night. They tortured him if he fell asleep.

We often heard Wu Chunlong shout, "Falun Dafa is good!" A couple of time these shouts were suddenly interrupted, because criminal Wang Fu had taped his mouth shut with adhesive tape.

Wu Chunlong was released when he was close to death, but he was suffering from renal failure. He died shortly after his returning home.

Practitioner Wu Chunlong had suffered from inhuman persecution for such a long time. In addition, two criminals often used brutal methods to choke him, blocked his mouth and dug at his eyes. Abuser Zhao Yancai also used a bed board to beat him. This caused Wu Chunlong to lose consciousness. He was abused to the point of being at death's door. Massive, concentrated saline-solution force-feeding caused Wu Chunlong renal failure, and he died shortly after returning home. The labor camp team leader, however, fabricated a rumor saying, "Wu Chunlong developed neurosis and was bailed out for medical treatment."

Once, when the guards had beaten prisoner Wang Fu, he said that the guards were responsible for Wu Chunlong's death as a result of the persecution, but they made him be the scapegoat.

Several Evildoers in the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp's Male Team

Liu Hongguang is the most evil person in this camp. When he was the women's team leader, two practitioners were hung up and beaten. When he became leader of the male team, he sent practitioner Zhang Changming to the collective training team. The guards and criminals there ended up beating him to death.

This time when Wu Chunlong was persecuted so severely, it eventually resulted in his death. Liu Hongguang was the primary murderer. He was later promoted to be the Discipline Inspection Commission Secretary of the labor camp. He said, "I got this promotion because I made contributions to persecuting you Dafa practitioners."

Guo Gang is an evildoer who was extremely vicious toward the practitioners. Supported by the evildoing Party, he persecuted practitioners through brainwashing. He said, "I was chosen by the team leader and am responsible for "reform" work." He was very pleased with this and devoted himself to the persecution. He often sang, "The Party has unlimited expectations for me." When Wu Chunlong's life was in danger, Guo Gang was afraid of getting into trouble that would prove disadvantageous for him. He told practitioners, "Persecuting Wu Chunlong was done by Wang Fu! We police were not involved in it." He also said, "You said that I will meet with karmic retribution. I do not believe that the Communist Party is going down. What can you do about me!" When he chatted with a criminal, he was heard to say, "I also admit that Falun Gong is good, truly good! The only thing is that a few people went on the wrong path."

Though he clearly knew that Falun Gong was good, he still betrayed his heart and soul. Later, Guo was promoted to become a team political head. Once, because I did not call him by his title, he was very irritated and ordered me to go to his office, "From now on, you call me 'Political Head!' If you don't, it means you do not respect me." I replied, "Do you respect others? You make me sit on a stool until my buttocks are festering! Do you respect me? You open a Dafa book and put our Master's portrait under my buttocks. Does that mean you respect me? Are you persecuting me or respecting me?"

Afterwards, I learned that practitioner Wu Chunlong had already died as a result of the persecution.

Yang Chunlong, originally a political head, succeeded Liu Hongguang as team leader after his transfer. Yang is hypocritical with the local practitioners. He manipulated people behind their backs. However, with those from other counties he is brazen regarding the persecution. In 2005, a Dafa practitioner from Daqing City who was over 60 years old was found meditating on a bed. He slapped this older practitioner on the face as soon as he saw him.

Yang Chunming is a person good at telling tales. He worked hard for the persecution. It was said that he was in the collective training team before and was one of the guards who incited the criminals to beat practitioner Zhang Changming to death. He is also a gambler, which led to his divorce.

Li Fuguo, another evildoing individual, frequently slandered Dafa and Master. He did so many evil things that not only he but also his family members suffered several kinds of illnesses. His wife contracted encephalorrhagia at age thirty. However, he was unrepentant and dared not acknowledge that this happened as karmic retribution.

Wang Fu is a thief who was a fugitive for many years. He was good at cheating. He was in his forties, and a vicious persecutor. He was used by guard Guo Gang and was one of the murderers who abused Wu Chunlong so severely that he died.

I Suffered the Same Persecution as Wu Chunlong

This labor camp has two rooms on the north side, which are specifically used to persecute steadfast Dafa practitioners. During incidents of abuse, no one was permitted to be present. Once, when they tortured Zhao Qingxiang, I tried to look through the small 10 cm x 30 cm window. Guard Yang Chunming roared at me and stopped me. I even had an argument with him because of this. Wu Chunlong had been tortured in Room Eight on the north side for more than one month, until he was at death's door and was sent home, as stated above. Then they used similar methods to persecute me and wanted to make me into the second Wu Chunlong.

In September 2004, I had worked in Hegang City. Officers from the Nanyi Police Station in the Xiangyang District in Hegang City arrested me. My wife and I were both sentenced to three years of forced labor and sent to the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp. We suffered from brutal persecution at the hands of guards Guo Gang, Yang Chunming and others. To make me give up my belief in Dafa, they roughly handcuffed me onto a bed. My cotton trousers were taken off and I was forced to sit on a large thread spool. They also brought a Dafa book, opened it to the page with Master's portrait on it and put it under my buttocks. Later, Guo Gang and criminals took turns smoking and then blew the smoke toward my face. They said, "You, Falun Gong do not smoke. We let you smoke!"

They forced me to sit for a very long time on the thread spool. Because there were some protruding screws, my buttocks were bruised, and blood and flesh stuck to my underwear. Later when they forced me to sit on a small stool, I refused. They forcibly handcuffed me to the bed headboard. Yang Chunming lifted my legs up, put the stool under my buttocks and threw my legs into the air. They tried to make me to fall but failed twice. At this time Liu Hongguang came by and said, "What do you want to do? Your Falun Gong is nothing!" I said, "You are a ghost from hell. When Fa-rectification time comes, you all will go to hell!" Liu was so angry that he beat me rampantly. After he had slapped my face several times, saying I didn't yield at all, he squatted before me and hit my nose with the back of his hand, over and over. My nose bled.

I began shouting loudly, "Falun Dafa is good!" Liu Hongguang made a criminal gag me with a cloth strip and wiped the blood off of my face, nose, body and floor. Because I refused to sit on the small stool, they handcuffed me onto a bed. Guo Gang had by then urged Liu Zhimin, who gave up Falun Dafa and went to the opposite side, to persuade me to give up Falun Dafa. I drove him away assertively. Guard Li Fuguo often opened the window to freeze me. It was 20 to 30 Celsius degrees below zero (-4 to -22 degrees Fahrenheit). The window would be open for more than half an hour. This lasted for twenty days. The Chinese New Year was approaching. They still could not "reform" me so they gave up.

Around July 2005, I was persecuted once again by guard Yang Chunming. That day my family had just visited me. I came back to the cell and spoke with fellow practitioners about some issue of Falun Gong. The guards eavesdropped on our conversation and shouted from outside, "The labor camp has a rule, forbidding any mention of Falun Gong, don't you know?" I said, "This kind of thing is nonsense! You don't let me speak, and don't let me look into the neighboring cell. I have my mouth, my eyes and my ears. What I want to say, to look at, to hear are all controlled by my brain. This is our utmost basic right." He made me go to his office and called Guo Gang and Yang Chunlong to come in. He asked, "Do you dare repeat what you just said?" I said, "More than once -- I dare to say it ten times, a hundred times! I practice Dafa and think about Falun Gong and talk about Falun Gong. Each cell in my body is part of Falun Gong. How is it thus possible that you try to prevent me from expressing myself?"

Guard Yang Chunlong ordered, "What we have to do is strictly monitor you! Cuffs!" Three or four guards and three or four criminals joined together and tied me onto a chair. Guo Gang and Yang Chunming also hit me on the head with his fist and kicked me. Wang Fu also maliciously hit my head from the back with his fist. The back of my head has a large swollen area.

This gross abuse has left a permanent scar at the corners of my mouth and has become permanent testimony to my persecution at the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp.

From then on I started to protest by going on a hunger strike. They handcuffed me to a chair for two days and one night. Later I was handcuffed onto a bed and force-fed. The solution was the same as mentioned above -- powdered milk in a strong saline solution. The saline solution was quite dark and looked dirty. I resisted the force-feeding. Three guards -- Guo Gang, Yang Chunming and Li Fuguo, urged the criminals to force-feed me. Trying to reduce his term, prisoner Wang Fu aided and abetted Guo Gang. He put one of his legs on me, and pushed on my head with his hands. Li Xuena (clinic manager) attempted to insert a rubber tube into my nose. I did not cooperate. Li Xuena wickedly shouted loudly, "This is not working! Hurry! Push! Push! Push!" So, Wang Fu put two hands on my head and pushed. The skin on my chin was broken.

Because the handcuffs prevented me from doing anything with my hands, I shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is good!" Wang Fu choked my neck with both hands. I was almost suffocated. Li Xuena took this chance to brutally insert the rubber tube into my nose and into my stomach. Because what they fed me had so much salt, my stomach could not hold it and I vomited it all out.

This excruciating treatment was repeated every time. After several incidents like this, having too much salt accumulate in my body and being denied drinking water, excessive thirst made it difficult to breathe. I opened mouth but could barely breathe. Seeing me like this, Wang Fu choked my neck even tighter. I was almost choked to death several times. Sometimes he rolled a sock up and stuffed it in my mouth. He said, "I have ways to make you uncomfortable!" Another time, while another criminal wasn't paying attention, he secretly did evil things to me. He used his thumb to push my eyes hard. The pain went through my heart. I asked, "You are homeless. Nobody cares about you. Only our Dafa practitioners take care of you. Why you are so inhuman?" He answered, "Right! I am inhuman. I want to be an evil person like this. I eat you, drink you, and turn my head over to torture you. I take orders from the upper ranks and delegate to the lower level. The government will reduce my term. Let me tell you -- if you do not "reform", you will be dead. It is all right if you are dead. All I need to do is to fill out a death report. Nobody will be concerned."

The look of Wang Fu is a manifestation of the evil Party. Wu Chunlong had already been killed. The murderers did not receive a penalty. It is so common to kill a person. However, the information was tightly blocked. The death of Wu Chunlong was not known from inside at that time. So, at that time, they wanted to kill me the same way as they did Wu Chunlong. But compared to Wu Chunlong, I am lucky. During the twenty days that I was persecuted, my family knew of it and assertively demanded to visit me, so these evildoers had to stop.

Wang Fu was released before his due date for persecuting Dafa practitioners. Before he left he told other criminals, "Do it! You'll get a reward. Look at me! Released before the due date. These Falun Gongs deserve torture. Torture them! Look how much leaders Yang and Guo Gang reduced my term!"

Several days after this hoodlum was released, he went to a Dafa practitioner family for the purpose of deception, but failed. Nowadays the wicked Party is using these bad people to persecute good persons like us who cultivate Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. It thoroughly exposes the evil nature of the Communist Party.