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Thoughts on "Tests Reveal What is True"

November 07, 2006 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Shandong Province

(Clearwisdom.net) Because I was too careless, I was illegally arrested by the police and my home was raided, which caused unnecessary losses. Over one year has passed and I have been reflecting on the course of these events. I have now realized deep in my heart that during every step on the cultivation path I need the guidance of Dafa, and Master's protection. As long as I am within the Fa at all times and under all circumstances, Master arranges the best for me and supernormal or even miraculous events happen, and when I am not in the Fa, I stumble and fall.

I was taken to a high-class hotel. Afterwards I learned that the "610 Special Case Team" from the provincial government stayed there.

Two policemen talked with me. One of them, in his 50s, was the Political and Protection Department head. The other was a police officer in his 30s. They used the routine of pretending to be kind at first, and when that didn't work, they showed their evil sides and began to use sarcasm and insults. Even though they used every trick in the book, I stayed as solid as a rock and remained unwaivering. I clarified the truth when the opportunity arose and kept sending righteous thoughts towards my captors to try and eliminate the evil factors behind them. I noticed that the older man did not listen to the truth at all and was close to being beyond saving. Thus I focused my righteous thoughts on him to eliminate the evil that was influencing him.

When I was alone with the young police officer, I said to him, "You and your family are lucky that you and I have met." He asked, "Why?" I replied, "As long as you say, 'Falun Dafa is good' from your heart, it will keep your whole family safe."

He smiled and said, "Thank you, I appreciate your advice!" He went on, "In fact I am reluctant to do this kind of work. I was given this assignment on short notice. I'm not sure where I will be sent next." I said, "No matter what you do in the future, do not persecute Falun Gong, otherwise mishaps await you for sure." He nodded in agreement.

From the moment I was taken from my home, I was thinking about how I could escape. I kept in mind that, as a practitioner, I have Master's help and cannot be manipulated by the evil. The following night while I was lying in bed, I kept sending righteous thoughts asking Master to help me escape the danger. I was confined in a room in the hotel and two guards took turns watching me throughout the night. Before bedtime, the police head made a point of telling the two guards that police were all around in the nearby rooms and they could call for help if anything happened. I kept sending righteous thoughts to ask Master to give me strength and to make the guards fall into a sound sleep.

At around midnight, and half asleep, I saw the two guards sleeping in bed, one on his back and the other on his belly. Somehow I fell asleep again. Suddenly I woke up and looked at my watch: it was two sharp. I looked at the two guards again, and they were indeed sleeping soundly. I realized that I had foreseen this moment. I took my time putting on my shoes and then quietly walked past the guards and out the door.

As I hurried towards the gate, I noticed that it was locked. Peering into the guard's room, I saw a security guard staring at me. Although I was not prepared for this, I was not scared. I said calmly to him, "Please open the gate!" He opened the gate without saying a word. A taxi was waiting outside the gate! I got in the taxi and left quickly. I then boarded a bus and got off right at my destination, and another taxi was waiting right there. I arrived at a fellow practitioner's home several hundred li away (one li is 547 yards) at 4:30 a.m.

I called my family first, because I knew they were worried about my safety. Then I asked my son (a practitioner) to spread the news of my escape to the fellow practitioners that I contacted frequently. I asked him to tell them that the police did not have any knowledge of what I did before so that they need not to worry about my safety or their own safety. I did not want my arrest to affect fellow practitioners in their cultivation, truth-clarification, and saving sentient beings.

Because I am esteemed among my fellow practitioners and they think that I am diligent in cultivation, I worried that my arrest might have had a negative impact on some of them and might have caused anxiety in their minds. However, my escape using righteous thoughts validated Dafa's magnificence and proved that as long as a disciple's thoughts are righteous, Master protects him/her, and the persecution by the evil disappears by itself.

After staying at the fellow practitioner's home for several days, I went to the provincial capital. Many of my classmates, relatives, and friends live in the city. It was a good opportunity to clarify the truth to them and save them. Afterwards, I went to my hometown. Upon arriving there, I learned that many of my relatives, friends, and other people were waiting for me to clarify the truth and save them. Another issue was the need to import materials and to send statements and articles for the Clearwisdom website and The Epoch Times that came from other areas. There was no local materials center. This problem greatly affected the truth-clarification work in the area. With the Fa-rectification at the present stage, I realized that the situation was not normal. I wanted to utilize my skills to solve the problem. After planning for a while, some local practitioners and I set up a materials center which enabled us to produce Dafa materials and send information abroad.

Although I had been living away from my home for over a year, I did not feel forlorn. On the contrary, the past year was the happiest of my life. My wife, also a practitioner, and I have been doing what we should do and have lived fulfilled and meaningful lives. The persecution of the evil not only did not achieve its intended results but also provided more spacious dimensions for practitioners to validate the Dafa. Of course all this was accomplished with Master's help. I now feel that Master is beside me all the time and arranges very well both the trivial things in life and the big task of Fa-validation.

Our mighty virtue comes from the Fa. Since obtaining the Fa in 1996, I have kept in mind that Master told us to read the books and study the Fa more. I study one to two lectures in Zhuan Falun every day in addition to reading other Dafa books. I have never stopped reading during ten years of cultivation and have read Zhuan Falun many, many times. Another thing we are required to do is look inward when faced with a problem. No matter if the problem is ours or someone else's, if it happens in real life or is in a fellow practitioner's article, I always use it as a mirror to reflect myself. Once I uncover my shortcomings, I correct them and get rid of attachments little by little.

Studying the Fa more and looking inwards when there is a problem have laid a solid foundation for my personal cultivation and Fa-validation. The basic reason that I stayed calm and escaped the danger smoothly is because of this.

The other day some people who went astray tried to "transform" me and said, "Isn't it for yourself that you cultivate?" I replied, "No. I cultivate in Dafa to ascend but not only for myself. My more important mission is to validate the Fa and to save sentient beings. There are still many people who deserve to be saved but have not been saved. This is my wish unfulfilled. As long as I am in this world one day, I will go and save them." Those words came from the bottom of my heart.

Over ten years of cultivation have changed me physically and spiritually. I changed from being a sick person full of medication to a healthy person with a glowing complexion. I also transformed from a hot-tempered person into a calm and kind-hearted one that no longer argues with anyone. I look much younger than my peers, with black hair and a glowing face, and many fellow villagers mistake me for my younger brother. My younger brother is in his 40s and I am much older--over 60.

Whenever I read the poem by the Master, "The Difficult Path to Godhood," I cannot help but shed tears:

"Predestined relationships spanning endless lifetimes
Each connected by the thread of Dafa
Through hardships the body of gold is tempered
Why such slow and leisurely steps?"

I feel in my heart that I can't return even one ten-thousandth of the great benevolence I have received from Master. I also feel that my steps in cultivation are slow and I am not diligent enough. It pains my heart and I feel guilty.

October 1, 2006