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74-Year-Old Practitioner Ms. Zhang Ping Arrested by 610 Office in Rizhao City, Shandong Province

November 20, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Before she started to practice Falun Dafa, Ms. Zhang Ping, an early retiree from the Donggang District Hospital in Rizhao City, Shandong Province suffered from 18 different illnesses, heart disease being the most serious one. She had to retire in her 40s. After she practiced Falun Gong, she conducted herself according to Truth, Compassion and Tolerance, and all 18 illnesses disappeared. She was 74 years old but rode her bike faster than people much younger. She was a kind person, and yet officials from the Donggang District Police Department's 610 Office arrested her and ransacked her home several times. She and her family suffered tremendously.

Donggang District Police Department deputy head Qin, a 610 Office agent, and about 30 officers from Zhaoyang Road Police Station in Rizhao City and from the Wanghai Road Police Station went to Zhang Ping's home in several police cars. They arrested her when she was going downstairs and dragged her into a police car. When Zhang Ping's granddaughter cried and tried to protect her, the police nearly shoved her to the ground. Zhang Ping shouted, "You're kidnapping me!" The police said in a cold voice, "Yes, that's exactly what we are doing!"