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Some Understandings on Master's New Article, "Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil"

November 13, 2006 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Baoding City, Hebei Province

(Clearwisdom.net) When I read Master's words in "Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil,"

"As a result of the righteous thoughts that Dafa disciples have put into validating the Fa and saving the world's people, the complete dissolution of the evil beings and elements that play a negative role and persecute Dafa disciples is taking place. Right now, there are only a small number of evil, rotten demons, and they are being concentrated by the old forces in labor camps, jails, and other dark dens that are taking part in persecuting Dafa disciples."

I thought that there were no more evil factors outside those evil dens, so our clarifying the truth would be very easy. I grew a bit zealous, but I quickly caught myself - regardless of the specific circumstances in the Fa-rectification process, cultivators must catch any attachments that surface and eliminate them.

In the current Fa-rectification process, I enlightened that we must prevent zealotry and the attachment of showing off, and we must immediately eliminate them when they are found. Master reminded us of this tendency in "Teaching the Fa in the City of Chicago."

Why did the improving situation lead to zealotry? It was because I became lazy about doing the three things. This instant in history is immeasurably precious. I will turn my regret into to an impetus to remind myself not to leave any regrets, and assimilate with Falun Dafa whole-heartedly. I will do the three things more diligently and keep a calm mind at any time and under any circumstances. I will not be sad in difficult situations, stunned in messy conflicts, or zealous when everything is going smoothly. I want to have compassion at all times and always keep faith in Master and Dafa. I will save sentient beings while eliminating the evil, and help Master in Fa-rectification. Always being in a peaceful state of mind can enable us to be unshakable in any situation.

The environment will change according to how well we cultivate, and meanwhile we should not be moved by environmental changes. We are Falun Dafa disciples who are helping Master with Fa-rectification. I hope that we can send forth righteous thoughts more often to thoroughly disintegrate the evil as quickly as possible.