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A Sample of Crimes Committed by Guards at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Liaoning Province During 2005 and the First Six Months of 2006

November 01, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Su Jing, female, is the director of the Masanjia Second Women's Division, also called the Mind Education School, of Liaoning Province. On March 31, 2005, a "Strict Management Brigade" was set up in the Second Women's Division. Li Mingyu, captain of the brigade, began to torture practitioners. Practitioners had to wake up at 5:00 a.m. and were given only five minutes to get ready. After that they had to sit on a small stool without moving for a long time. Practitioners had to sit straight, with their hands on their legs, and not move or talk. Those who did not obey were beaten. Some practitioners' buttocks bled because of the prolonged sitting. Yet, they still weren't allowed to move.

The guards wouldn't allow practitioners to shower, wash their clothes, visit with family members, make phone calls, or write. Practitioners couldn't buy food and had to eat bread provided by the prison, which often had rat secretions in it. Guards often stripped practitioners, and searched their clothes and all their belongings. If they found Teacher's articles, they would extend practitioners' sentences. The guards all wear gloves and face-masks because they hate the bad smell of the practitioners who were not allowed to shower. When in the strict managing brigade, guards often illegally confiscated practitioners' belongings. Almost all practitioners' rooms and bathrooms have surveillance cameras. Many practitioners were tortured in a small dark isolated room. There was nothing in this small room except a large speaker tuned to the highest volume during broadcasting. The regulation was to let practitioners use the bathroom three times a day and eat three meals. However, many guards were lazy. They just gave each practitioner in the small room a bucket and collected the buckets at certain times. Sometimes they locked two or three practitioners in one small room and didn't give them enough bread. Practitioners often went hungry. From April to July of 2005, two practitioners died of torture at Masanjia. One of them was Ms. Li Baojie. The director, Su Jing, told the public that everything was civilized and legal in the camp and that there was no secret torture. Yet, the torture never stopped. Practitioner Ms. Jiang Guiyun was cuffed on a death bed for over six months and suffered greatly under the torture.

Wang Naiming, female, was a political commissioner of the Masanjia Second Women's Division. She often used foul language and ordered guards to intensify the persecution of practitioners. In March 2006, she cut practitioners Ms. Yan Chunjiao, Ms. Lin Xiuqin, and Ms. Teng Shiyun's hair, trying to make them look ridiculous.

Li Mingyu, female, captain of the Strict Managing Brigade, often beat and electrically shocked practitioners. She often illegally prolonged practitioners' sentences and put them in solitary confinement. In April 2005, she and Ding Taiyong, a medical doctor, and a few guards force-fed a practitioner and caused the practitioner's death. They told the public that the practitioner died of acid intoxication.

Xiang Bofeng, female, was in charge of broadcasting and playing videos. She often forced practitioners who renounced Falun Dafa to tell their personal experiences, insult Dafa, and show admiration for the CCP. She played videos that defamed Dafa in an effort to brainwash practitioners. She also played instruction videos of other types of qigong and forced practitioners to learn them. She played songs from revolutionary times -- the 50s and 60s -- daily and tuned the volume to the loudest level possible. Some practitioners became dizzy because of the high volume. She often watched practitioners from the monitoring room and reported practitioners to the captain for more torture.

Bai Li, female, is a staff worker who sells goods in the Second Women's Division. Guards forced everyone to put ten yuan on a payment card and then to spend the money. Bai Li always sells inferior or expired goods at high prices. Bai doesn't put the price on the goods and gets angry when asked. She only swipes the card and tells the amount left on the card and never gives receipts. She often programmed the computer so that she could charge the practitioners extra.

Cao Yujie, female, was a nurse in the Second Women's Division. Her job was to help guards torture practitioners. She often added excessive salt, drugs, and cold water to the "food" used to force-feed practitioners. She always overfed the practitioners. Sometimes practitioners vomited because of too much being pumped into their stomachs. Cao would pick up their vomit and re-inject it back into the practitioners' stomachs, scolding them.

Ding Taiyong, male, was a medical doctor in the Second Women's Division. He had no medical ethics and often used practitioners as his guinea pigs. He forcibly did acupuncture on practitioner Ms. Feng Suhua. He covered for the guards and ignored the wounds on practitioners from guard brutality. He often defamed the founder of Falun Dafa in front of the practitioners. He also often mis-diagnosed the practitioners who were tortured and said that they were healthy. He beat practitioners, including Ms. Mi Yanli, and wasn't sympathetic to practitioners when they suffered from brutal force-feedings. He targeted practitioners and tortured them to release his anger, especially those practitioners in solitary confinement.

Wang Xiaofeng, female, was the captain of the Third Brigade. She often threatened practitioners and made practitioners who renounced Dafa work for her. She put practitioners Ms. Wang Xiuyan from Benxi and Ms. Gao Yaxian from Shenyang in solitary confinement during cold winter days in an attempt to freeze them. Ms. Wang suffered frostbite and could not wear shoes or walk. Her face was deformed. Ms. Gao was confined in the freezing cold for over a month. Her leg was stiff and numb when she was released and she couldn't walk.

Zhang Lai, female, was known as the number one most malicious guard in the Second Women's Division. She was always planning how to torture practitioners. Practitioners in her team were severely tortured. She wouldn't let practitioners eat at the table. When practitioners were under strict management, they were not allowed to dine with others and had to eat in their cells. Practitioners had to stand from 6:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. and were only allowed to eat once a day at 4:00 p.m. She wouldn't let practitioners use the bathroom if she was not in the mood. When she walked, practitioners had to walk behind her or they would be punished.

In November 2005, Zhang wouldn't let practitioners wear warm clothes. She put practitioners including Ren Wei in a house without heat and opened all the windows to freeze them. She wouldn't allow practitioners who had been tortured and were weak to rest on their beds. Even practitioners who were on hunger strikes for many months had to do the day-long standing. She would make a mess when searching practitioners' rooms. She stripped practitioners regardless of the presence of the surveillance cameras. In 2006, she intensified her persecution against practitioners. She often removed practitioners' clothes during March and April. If anyone wore anything more than underwear, she would make sure the "extra" clothes were removed. One day in March, practitioner Ms. Chen Guilan, 55, threw a piece of tissue paper in a garbage can without permission. Ms. Chen was forced to pick it back up and ask for permission before she could throw it out. In February and March, the weather is extremely cold. Practitioners in the first brigade were locked in the coldest room without heat and had to stand the entire day. Zhang Lai watched them to make sure they didn't have gloves on their hands. She illegally prolonged many practitioners' sentences and enjoyed making practitioners' lives miserable.

Liu Hui, female, was a guard in the Second Women's Division. She learned many torture methods after she arrived in 2004. She always wanted to try out torture methods, such as electric batons, hanging by handcuffs, beating, kicking, slapping, and "illegal sentencing." She tried hard to find Teacher's articles so she could report this to the supervisors. She often electrically shocked practitioners, beat them, and force-fed them while sitting on their stomachs in solitary confinement. In November 2005, a practitioner was forced to sit on the ground every day for a long time. Liu took away all soft objects from the practitioner and watched the practitioner closely even when the practitioner was in the bathroom. She forced practitioners to sit close to the door so the freezing wind could blow on them. In March 2006, Li Jun, deputy division head, asked practitioner Ms. Yang Liwei to clean the guards' room. Ms. Yang found peels from seeds and cigarette buts everywhere and said, "Please keep the public area clean. We are suffering there and you people are having a good time here while torturing us. I won't clean this place. I am a Dafa practitioner and will not help the evil." Li turned Ms. Yang over to Liu. Liu made Ms. Yang stand near a door that had a freezing draft. Ms. Yang wore very few clothes and was shivering because of the cold. Ms. Yang stood there for a day and Liu wouldn't even allow her to use the bathroom. Many guards were freezing with thick jackets on but no one cared about Ms. Yang.

Zhang Xiaofeng, female, was a staff member in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. After guards beat the practitioners, she was in charge of playing the "good cop," pretending to be friendly to win practitioners' trust, yet she often slandered practitioners and Dafa.

Wang Wei, male, was the deputy director of the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. In 2005, the camp assigned Wang to be in charge of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Therefore, on February 24, 2006, Wang, Liu Yong, Ma Jishan, and other guards started a new wave of torture to intensify the persecution against practitioners in the First and Second Brigades.

Liu Yong, head of the security division, was the husband of Li Mingyu, captain of the Strict Management Brigade. Liu punished practitioners in the Strict Management Brigade. He made them stand from morning until night daily and also searched their rooms every few days. Sometimes Liu did not allow practitioners to use the bathroom or eat, and deprived them of sleep for 24 hours. Liu often broadcast the camp regulations at high volume. He and a group of others beat practitioners for no reason just to "teach them a lesson." On March 4, 2006, he made practitioners sleep in prisoners' clothes. If practitioners refused, they were not allowed to sleep. The practitioners protested. Liu punched practitioner Teng Shiyun from Anshan City, injuring his eyes. Teng has not been able to see clearly ever since. In April, Liu forced many practitioners to kneel down for a long time. Practitioner Xie Wende from Dalian City was disabled because she injured her knee caps during this torture. Ms. Wang Huinan from Fushun City refused to kneel down. Liu, Ma, and Wang cuffed Ms. Wang and beat and kicked her until she was bruised all over. In February 2006, Liu put Qiu Li from Fushun City, Zhang Jingyan from Liaozhong City, and Liu Guiyuan from Shenyang City, into solitary confinement and threatened to keep them there forever if they didn't renounce Falun Gong. Liu also illegally prolonged Ms. Yang Liwei's, Ms. Yan Chunjiao's, Ms. Sun Suxiang's, and Ms. Shang Xiaoyun's sentences by between one and three months. On a cold March day, Liu ordered a female guard to strip Ms. Long Sufen from Shenyang City, and forced Ms. Long to stand outside until midnight, wearing only thin underwear. Ms. Long suffered stomach cramps as a result. Liu and Ma were in charge of a group of male guards whom they stationed in the First and Second Brigades to torture practitioners.

One of the torture methods is the "hanging cuff." The hanging cuff involves cuffing a practitioner's hands to the two ends of a bed, one higher than the other. This way the practitioner cannot straighten his body and has to bend his body and put his entire weight on one leg. The practitioner is cuffed around the clock, even during sleep. When the practitioner is laying down to sleep, his hands are cuffed to one end of the bed so he can't turn. The shoulder that is pushing against the bed is often numb and extremely sore after a night. About forty practitioners were tortured using this method. They looked fine on the outside but their muscles and bones were in excruciating pain. Many people's bodies, especially their feet, were severely swollen after that. Some people's wrists were covered in scars, and they suffered cramping, they vomited, and they fainted from exhaustion. Some practitioners' hands were almost disabled. Ms. Zhou Hua's (from Benxi City) shoulder was dislocated due to a month of such torture. The guards then cuffed her hands on one side of the bed for another two months. Ms. Yuan Shuzhe was tortured with the hanging cuff for over two months and beaten many times. Ms. Wang Huinan was tortured in this way for over forty days and fainted many times. Ms. Yang Liwei was hang-cuffed for almost twenty days and fainted and experienced cramps many times. Ms. Long Shufen was hang-cuffed for a month and one of her arms was disabled. Ms. Zou Xiuju was hang-cuffed for over forty days. Liu ordered other guards to beat Ms. Yan Chunjiao and made her face the wall at bedtime to humiliate her. Liu beat Ms. Zhang Jingyan and tortured her with the hanging cuff.

Ma Jishan was the head of the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp management division. On February 4, 2006, Ma ordered guards to take away the belongings of practitioners in the First Brigade and give each of them a set of cotton clothes that were so thin that light could be seen through them. In the cold winter days of February, about twenty practitioners were forced to go to an isolated house with no insulation and no heat. It was like an ice cage, and even guards wearing thick warm clothes had to walk back and forth to stay warm. Practitioners were in thin clothes and were not allowed to move. Many practitioners' feet and hands were frostbitten. The torture lasted for two months. During this time, practitioners weren't allowed to shower or change clothes. Ma stripped female practitioners of their jackets to further punish them, spit on them, grabbed their hair and slapped them, and kicked them.

In late April, practitioners detained in the First Brigade were forced to stand facing the wall from 6:00 a.m. until midnight. They were only allowed to use the bathroom three times a day. They would get brutally kicked if they moved or were not in the "right" position. Many guards watched them around the clock. One day in May, the guards pulled one of Ms. Zou Xiuju's teeth and she bled profusely. Ms. Zou was immobilized on the "death bed" with a megaphone in her mouth. This was one means of torture. The megaphone forced the practitioner's her mouth to stay wide open for a long time and her jaw thus became very sore. Ms. Zou was tortured like this for over twenty days. Ma liked to use the hanging cuff torture method. He would wake up practitioners at 5:00 a.m. and hang them up in the cuffs from their wrists until midnight or 3:00 a.m. Practitioners were not allowed to shower, wash, or change clothes. Ms. Yang Liwei from Bensi City was tortured like this until she shook continuously, involuntarily. Ms. Wang Huinan from Fushun City fainted many times while she was being hang-cuffed. Ms. Zhou Huayi's arm was dislocated. Ma threatened to kill Ms. Xie Dewen and ordered his followers to force-feed Ms. Xin Shuhua with drugs.

Chen Lishan, head of a division, slapped Ms. Wang Manli from Benxi City many times while she was on a hunger strike. Ms. Wang lost conscious and her face was disfigured and swollen. Ms. Wang had to pay for her medical expenses.

Yu Wen, head of a division, participated in many of the torture incidents. On June 21, 2006, Yu and Li Dongming brutally beat practitioner Shi Guirong, 65, from Shenyang City, and caused Shi's high blood pressure to worsen. Shi could no longer walk by herself.

Li Jun, head of a division, often participated in beating and scolding practitioners.

Li Dongming, 30, liked to beat practitioners and wouldn't let them shower or wash during the hot summer days in May. Li and Fan Takui wrote depraved words on the bed boards and forced practitioners Ms. Yan Chunjiao and Ms. Sun Suhua to stand on the bed boards. Li even wrote words that slandered Dafa on the two practitioners' clothes. Li has beaten practitioners, including Ms. Long Sufen from Shenyang City, Ms. Yang Liwer from Benxi City, Ms. Yan Chunjiao, Ms. Xin Shuhua, Ms. Yuan Shuzhe from Shenyang, and Ms. Shi Guirong.

Liu Fuquan, Ma Jishan's driver, assisted in the beatings.

Zhang Jun had a very bad temper. Zhang and Ma used to kick Ms. Yan and injured her ankle and wouldn't allow her to go to a hospital. Zhang used a steel tea cup to beat Ms. Yang many times, until she was severely injured and vomited a lot of blood. Zhang brutally beat Ms. Qiu Li from Fushun City and caused internal injuries. Zhang is one of the most brutal guards who likes to beat others.

Fan Yakui often beat practitioners. One time Fan was beating Ms. Long Sufen so hard that he tore her jacket and the filling in the jacket scattered everywhere. In June 2006, Fan and several guards beat and kicked practitioner Yuan Shuzhe until Yuan was seriously injured.

Wang Qi beat many practitioners and helped other guards to torture practitioners.

Han Kai was very vicious and often threatened practitioners that they would not be allowed to use the bathroom. Han often handcuffed practitioners very tightly and reminded the guards on duty to cuff the practitioners while they were asleep. Practitioners were often tortured until they couldn't move. Han would kick them to check whether they were dead or alive.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg concerning torture in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.