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Dafa Practitioner Mr. Cao Huashan from Yan'an City, Shannxi Province Persecuted to Death

October 08, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner couple Mr. Cao Huashan and Mrs. Li Shulian are teachers in Yan'an Middle School. They have been persecuted numerous times and were forced to leave their home. In July 2006, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials arrested the couple together with their 19 year-old son. The couple was once again sentenced to a forced labor camp. Mr. Cao was held in Zaozihe Labor Camp in Shannxi Province and passed away from being persecuted sometime around August or September 2006.

Mr. Cao taught chemistry and was responsible and diligent in his work. He was respected and well-liked at the school. After practicing Falun Dafa, he lived by the principle of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," and was widely regarded as a good person. His wife Shulian also practiced Dafa, and they lived a happy life.

After the persecution began on July 20, 1999, in order to speak up on behalf of Dafa, they went to Beijing to appeal, but were arrested and sent back to Yan'an City. From that point on, Yan'an City CCP secretary Wang Xia tried all kinds of methods to persecute the couple, and he sent them to Zaozihe Labor Camp.

Mr. Cao began a hunger strike in the labor camp. He was transferred from the No. 1 Team to the No. 4 Team and was subjected to abuse numerous times. Police officer Feng Xiyao instigated inmates to torture Mr. Cao. Inmates Ge Zhengui and Zhang Pingshe abused and tortured Mr. Cao on the pretext of treating his hemorrhoids. He was taken to a secret confined room to receive torture on a daily basis.

After the couple was released from the labor camp, they were monitored and constantly harassed by CCP officials, and were forced to leave home for Yulin to make a living. When Secretary Wang discovered the couple was gone, he shouted, "We will catch them no matter what it takes!"

In July 2006, Mr. Cao, along and his wife and son, were arrested in Yulin. The CCP officials used no proper procedures, legal documents or proper cause, and did not notify any relatives of Mr. Cao. They were sent to Zaozihe Labor Camp and the Women's Labor Camp in Shannxi Province. Mr. Cao began a hunger strike in the No. 1 Team at Zaozihe Labor Camp. Mrs. Li Shulan began a hunger strike in the No. 2 Team at the Women's Labor Camp in Shannxi Province. She was forced-fed many times, and as a result several front teeth were knocked out. She is as thin as a skeleton and is denied family visitation rights.

After news of the couple's persecution was published on the Minghui website, Mr. Cao's sister and brother-in-law were taken away from their workplace. The Public Security Bureau stated that they were just asked to cooperative with the investigation, but they raided the couple's home and workplace.

Yan'an City Perpetrators:
CCP Secretary: Wang Xia
610 Office director: Li Zhulin
86-911-2136378 (office), 86-911-2314631 (home), 86-13509112690 (cell)
Labor Camp Perpetrators:
Zaozihe Labor Camp:
Director: Zhang Shilu, deputy director: Xing Yimin
"Transformation Office" director: Yang Yun (He has already met his retribution, paralyzed at home)
"Transformation Office" staff: Feng Xiyao (plan to replace Yang Yun), Wei Qiming
No. 1 Team leader, Zhu Dangxu: 86-917-7485330
No. 1 Team advisor: Liu Zhiqi
No. 2 Team leader, Yang Jianbin: 86-13991579685 (cell), 86-917-7485331
No. 2 Team advisor: Zhang Weilong
Women's Labor Camp Shannxi Province:
Perpetrators: Zhang Zhuoqing, Zhao Xiaoyang
No. 2 Team guards, Ren Haizhen, Fei Heng, Zhang Ya, Zhang Xiuni: 86-29-86227764
Zhang Maizeng, director of Shannxi Province 610 Office, deputy secretary of Province committee, 86-29-85581578 (office), 86-29-82669562 (home), 86-13571959368 (cell)
Wang Yue, director of Shannxi Province Public Security Bureau, deputy director of Shannxi Province 610 Office: 86-29-87729199 (office), 86-29-87729199 (home), 86-13609299199 (cell)
Lei Yiming, deputy director of Shannxi Province 610 Office, deputy director of Province Propaganda Department: 86-29-85582009 (office), 86-29-87482340 (home), 86-13909202289 (cell)
Liu Zhongcheng, deputy director of Shannxi Province 610 Office: 86-29-87293352 (Office), 86-29-82240784 (home), 86-13991333318 (cell)