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Rising above Fear: "A Wolf Is Coming, So I Should Close My Doors and Windows"

October 06, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Every one of us lives in everyday people's society and has many everyday people's notions that are accumulated from past lives, but practitioners have to get rid of human notions.

People have the common notions: I have to put on more clothes when I feel cold, eat food when hungry, have a rest when tired, enjoy life when getting rich, avoid difficulty when running into it, "close the doors and windows when a wolf is coming," etc. When we live in everyday people's society for a long time, we naturally develop such notions, which will play a role at critical moments. These are human behaviors.

A few days ago, one of my colleagues (this colleague often had contact with national security officers and police officers) saw me and told me that, "Now the National Security Office has listed you and somebody else as an important target to monitor. Your home phone, computer, mobile phone and your usual transportation means are all being monitored. They know everything you do and they are prepared to arrest you at any time."

He said a lot to me. I did not feel nervous at the time and thought, "It does not matter what you say or what they tell you." I also tried to remain calm in my mind and told myself not to be moved, but the whole day, my mind was heavy. From time to time I thought about what he said and thought that if it was really like what he said, how should I deal with it? Every time everyday people's strategies of how to handle the situation emerged in my mind I immediately treated it as everyday people's thoughts and tried hard to repel it, but it still came out from time to time in my mind. Though I appeared calm, the idea that "a wolf is coming, so I should close my doors and windows" kept playing a role. After going back home, I still took some security measures in a human way. Though I also sent forth righteous thoughts more often than before, in fact I was doing this out of fear and it still belonged to "closing doors and windows."

Yesterday, I watched Master's Fa lecture on video. In Lecture Six Master said,

"..there once was a person who was tied to a bed. They took one of his arms and claimed that they would slit it to make it bleed. Then they blindfolded his eyes and scratched his wrist once. (He was not at all cut and bleeding.) A water faucet was turned on so that he could hear water dripping, and he thus thought that it was his blood that was dripping. The man died shortly afterwards. " (Zhuan Falun)

I suddenly enlightened to it. Wasn't Master giving me a hint? The example Master gave is the same as the incident happening to me. Am I the same as that person who was tied to a bed? If you think your own blood is dripping, what different result can you have? Isn't such a result what you are pursuing?

This morning when I got up to do the exercises I suddenly remembered a cultivation story that I read in the past: One disciple followed his Master to cultivate. The Master said, "Ok, you can build a simple hut to cultivate by yourself." This disciple was very obedient and spent a lot of effort and built a thatched house. Shortly after he sat down, strong wind blew the house away. The second time, he built up his courage and constructed an even stronger thatched house, but before he started the meditation, another strong wind blew away his house again. In this way, he built one thatched house, which was blown away, and then he built another one, which was again blown away. This process repeated many times. No matter how hard he thought or tried or what human methods he took to strengthen the house, in the end he still could not build a thatched house that would remain standing. At this time, he suddenly enlightened to some principles and sat on the ground and started to cultivate. His Master came to ask him, "Where is your thatched house?" He said he had built it in his mind. His Master smiled.

When running into some problems, if we do not look inside for our own fundamental attachments, and instead try to do different things on the surface, and if we do not change our everyday people's thoughts that are inconsistent with Dafa and emphasize our own difficulty, then isn't it the fundamental reason that the old forces and old cosmos need to be eliminated? If we try to protect things that we do not want to let go of when we have a problem, isn't this the fundamental problem that should be rectified? Why? The dark minions and rotten ghosts that the old forces arranged at the bottom level are still playing a role. I have enlightened to the fact that some of the old forces' ideas still exist in our minds, i.e. part of the old forces still "stay" in our minds.

When speaking about martial arts qigong, Master said,

"When you punch someone, you do not need to direct qi or think about it as the gong will be there already. When you try to ward off someone’s attack, the gong will also be there already. No matter how quickly you throw a punch, it will travel faster than you do as the time concepts are different on the two sides. "(Zhuan Falun)

I enlightened to the fact that when we truly remove everyday people's notions at the fundamental level, everything of ours is actually separated from this world and things of this level cannot reach us.

Of course, out of a responsible attitude towards Dafa, it is entirely necessary for us to pay attention to our own safety and the safety of other practitioners on the basis of maintaining our righteous thoughts.