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Practitioners Suffer Cruel Persecution at Sanshui Forced Labor Camp, Guangdong Province

October 05, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Between 2002 and 2005, the Entrance Team of Sanshui Forced Labor Camp, which detains and persecutes male Falun Gong practitioners, four times enacted a procedure called "Attacking the Base," in order to "transform" practitioners by cruel torture. The procedure was first launched around the period of the 16th National Assembly Conference in 2002. The second time was from the beginning of 2003 to August 2003. The third time was from February 2004 to June or July 2004. The fourth time was from October 2004 to February 2005.

On March 25, 2005, practitioner Mr. He Weiyu yelled out, "Falun Dafa is good!" during the morning roll call in Sanshui Forced Labor Camp. All the other practitioners gathered together and echoed, "Falun Dafa is good!" and "Dafa is good." On the afternoon of the same day, practitioner Mr. Liang Jinjia climbed up on the metal fencing, trying to tear down the banners hanging on the third-floor fencing, which badmouthed Teacher Li and Dafa. The policemen forced the prisoners to subdue Mr. Liang by grabbing his feet. Mr. Liang yelled, "Falun Dafa is good!" while hanging there. The practitioners in the stairway echoed, "Dafa is good!" In all, five practitioners, including Mr. Liang Jinjia from Foshan, Guangdong Province; Mr. He Weiyu from Maomin, Guangdong Province; Mr. Huang Jianyu from Jiangmen, Guangdong Province; Mr. Chen Guanzuo from Zhongshan, Guangdong Province; and Mr. Nian Jingsheng from Heilongjiang Province were individually confined in small rooms. Then they were transferred to the 4th Division of Sanshui Labor Camp, where they were forced to work with drug-addicted prisoners.

On June 28, 2005, practitioner Mr. Huang Jingxian from Dayawan, Huidong County, Guangdong Province, sitting straight on a desk, held his hands in a big lotus palm position and yelled, "Completely eliminate Communism's evil spirit!" and "Falun Dafa is good!" He was persecuted through confinement in a small room. Later, he was transferred to another division of the camp. Within six months after being imprisoned at Sanshui Forced Labor Camp, Mr. Huang Jingxian was confined in a small room three times.

In June 2006, the Special Watch Team under the 3rd Division of Sanshui Camp moved to the 2nd Team of the 2nd Division, which could be the original 7th Division or the former Women's Forced Labor Camp. In 2000, the 7th Division served as a location to cruelly torture practitioners. Mr. Hong Haoyuan from Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, was persecuted to death in the 3rd Team of the 7th Division. Mr. Huang Yutian from Meizhou, Guangdong Province was electrically shocked, beaten, and tortured in the 3rd Team of the 7th Division.

On August 11, 2005, the State Department of Guangzhou City arrested Mr. Huang Yutian for a second time and detained him at Sanshui Brainwashing Center. Now no one knows where he is. Please advise if anyone knows where he is. There are three teams there, the Exit Team, the Entrance Team, and the Special Watch Team. The Special Watch Team is likely the original 3rd Team of the 7th Division. Since the beginning of 2006, the forced labor camp has conducted even crueler persecution towards practitioners. It labels practitioners as "class enemies" and uses electric shocks very frequently. For going on a hunger strike, practitioners are confined in a small room.

Below is the list of practitioners suffering various forms of persecution:

Mr. Li Xiaoming from Huazhou, Guangdong Province, was confined in a small room four times. His imprisonment was scheduled to end March 17, 2006, but was extended for another six months.

Mr. Geng Dong from Tianjin City was confined in a small room for going on a hunger strike. His imprisonment was extended for another three months.

Mr. Wu Xianjin from Gaozhou was confined in a small room four times. Since April of this year, the police have hung him up by handcuffs several times for his insistence on practicing Falun Gong in the prison.

Mr. Huang Wei from Huazhou was confined in a small room four times. This April, the police stripped off his clothes and shocked him with eight electric batons for two hours, confined him in a small room, sent him to the Medical Treatment Team, and then sent him back to the Special Watch Team. Later Mr. Huang went on hunger strike again. He was confined and sent to the Medical Treatment Team again. Mr. Huang is still on a hunger strike at the Medical Treatment Team.

Mr. Wu Rifeng from the Nahai Special Region was confined in a small room once. He was sent to Sanshui Forced Labor Camp twice. His first period of confinement lasted from July 2000 to the lunar New Year of 2002; the second time lasted from August 2004 to August 2006.

Mr. Zhong Qirong from Luoding was sent to a forced labor camp for two years, from June 2004 to January 2006, with an extension of seven months. He was beaten while imprisoned.

Mr. Lu Lisong from Yunan was confined in a small room. His term was extended three months.

Mr. Yu Huijun was confined in a small room for reading a common book.

Mr. Feng Yuhui from Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, was confined in a small room. From September 2004 to September 2005, he wasn't allowed to go home until after he went on hunger strike for several months.

Mr. Chen Libin from Chaoshang, Guangdong Province, was confined in a small room four times. His term was extended seven months. He was released in May 2005.

Mr. Liu, Changli from Xingning, in his 60s, was transferred to the 2nd Team of the 1st Division soon after he arrived in the 3rd Division. This was his third time staying at Sanshui Forced Labor Camp.

Mr. Zhang Tao from Gansu Province was confined in a small room.

Lai Zhenxian from Yunfu was shocked electrically. She was sent to a forced labor camp for three years, with a sux months' extension.

Mr. Chen Wenyuan is from Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province.

Mr. Chen Xichun's profile was not available.

Mr. Lai Jiawen from Yunfu was sent to a forced labor camp for two years beginning in September 2005. He was electrically shocked.

Mr. Chen Zhiguang is from Dongguan, Guangdong Province.

Mr. Wu Zhisong is from Hubei Province.

Mr. Ruang Xianchou from Taishan, Guangdong Province, was sent to a forced labor camp. This is his 2nd time being put into a forced labor camp.

Ms. Gao Xuejun was forced to wear handcuffs while entering the office. In June 2006, she fainted after six days of a hunger strike. Then she was sent to the hospital for force feeding.

Mr. Zhong Jiawen from Guangzhou City worked as an engineer for Guangzhou-Meizhou-Shantou Railway. He was illegally arrested at Huizhou, Guangdong Province. Mr. Zhong has been on a hunger strike ever since.

Confining a prisoner in a small room is a cruel torture in a forced labor camp. Wearing nothing but underwear, the prisoner is locked in a small room, bitten by mosquitoes and shocked electrically at least twice a day.

The following is a list of police guards and supervisors involved in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in the forced labor camp:

Sanshui Forced Labor Camp, Guangdong Province: +86-757-87318294, +86-757-87312844, +86-757-87314343

He Xiaodong (current Team Head): +86-13928573808 (Cell), +86-757-87316148

Qiu Jianwen (ex-Deputy Team Head): +86-13709601693 (Cell), +86-757-87750218

Zhang Wujun

Zen Qingping: +86-13925485855 (Cell)

Wen Zhiguang: +86-13928574188 (Cell), +86-757-87759881

Zhou Zehua: +86-13928554360 (Cell), +86-757-87312686

Zen (surname), a director of a sub Team.

Huang and Yang Ling (female).
20 young police guards, some of them just graduated from school, were newly transferred here.
Altogether there were 40 to 50 police guards that participated in the persecution.
Supervisory Bureau of Forced Labor Camp at Guangdong Province

The CCP General Secretary: zhenwei@gdljj.gov.cn

The Chief of the Bureau: jvzhang@gdljj.gov.cn

Compliant Line:

Supervisory Department: +86-20-83800065

Management Department: +86-20-83809381