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120 Falun Dafa Practitioners Detained in Lanzhou Prison Hold Group Hunger Strike

October 28, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Recent news reports that 120 practitioners, who are illegally detained at Lanzhou Prison in Gansu Province, have gone on a group hunger strike beginning on September 26, in protest of the cruel persecution of the practitioners detained at the prison. At this time, we have only limited information about the situation. Luo Gan, a wicked CCP leader, suddenly appeared at the Lanzhou Prison at 4:00 a.m. on October 8. The most vicious guards are Qi Jun, Liu Jianghui, and Xiang Binxiong.

Guards at the Lanzhou Prison, also called Lanzhou Dashaping Prison, have intensified the persecution of practitioners. They force all practitioners to write so called "critique reports" monthly. If a practitioner refuses, they forge the report and forcibly apply the practitioner's fingerprints to the document. To protest, practitioners went on a group hunger strike on September 26. They have become very weak and guards refused family visits this month.

The mother of Mr. Yang Xuegui was finally allowed to see her son, who had been on hunger strike for three and a half months. Mr. Yang looked emaciated and tired. Guards didn't allow his family members to see him walk. He was carried out by police and put on the chair, and then they called his family. The family members believe that he is unable to walk on his own due to the persecution.

The parents of Mr. Jiang Chunbin also saw that their son, Mr. Jiang, was too weak to talk and had to leave the visitors room before finishing the conversation.

A meeting was held at the Lanzhou Prison and leaders from all working units attended. It is believed they are planning a new round of persecution of practitioners. We hope that all Lanzhou practitioners will increase sending strong righteous thoughts, and eliminate the evil plots.

October 23, 2006