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Young Practitioner: Dafa Turned My Life Around and Enabled Me to Attend High School

October 28, 2006 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) Ever since I began school, I have disliked studying. My scores have always been low, especially in junior high school. I listened to very few class teachings. In class, I would stand the book on the desk and lie prone on the table to sleep or read novels. Therefore my back became camel-like. My mother bought a special vest to correct my arched back, but it had no effect. I scored only 200 on the high school entrance examination, so I had no hope of entering high school at all. My mother was very angry. She approached the principal teacher responsible for my class, who was also a classmate of my mother's, and also talked to a relative who happened to be a teacher in the school. They all said there was no hope for me to go to high school, and I should learn some technical skills instead in a vocational school.

During the summer vacation, I wanted to go to play computer games. I knew that Mom would not allow me to go because she practices Falun Dafa. She always asked me to read Zhuan Falun. I appeased her by reading with my eyes, but not with my heart. But in order to let Mom allow me to go to play, I picked up Zhuan Falun to read. This time, the more I read, the more I could not put it down. I read for the entire day and night, and finished the whole book in one sitting. The next day, I began to behave according to what Dafa teaches. I no longer wanted to go to play. I did the housework. Since that day, I no longer quarreled with my younger brother, and I did not cause Mom to worry anymore. Mom saw this and was very happy. She told other people that Dafa had changed me completely.

Mom decided to send me to review class. For the whole vacation, I had just studied Dafa, and I had not read the textbooks at all. When I started the review class, I was ranked fourteenth in the class. The study requirements are heavy in review class. I dealt well with the relationship between study and cultivation. I studied hard in the school and grasped the time to study the Fa after going home. I did not want to waste a minute or a second. I did not go to sleep until midnight. My grades shot up. Finally, my score rose to the first or second of the whole grade. I also took part in academic contests. The next year I entered the Advanced Class of County High School with excellent grades.

Dafa gave me the opportunity of going to high school. I cherish it very much. I want to be a good student according to Dafa's requirements. In class, I often help classmates and use the chance to clarify the truth to them. Some of my fellow students have now read Zhuan Falun. The teacher praised me. They could not tell at all that I was previously a bad kid who could not suffer a loss and even fought with other kids.

Going to high school has been intense, but I never felt tired. The mysteries of Dafa often manifested in me. After finishing high school, I entered a university with good scores. This is something my junior high school teacher could not imagine.

Dafa changed me and gave me everything. I am still far away from the requirements of Dafa, but I will continue to do what I should do and try my best to do better.