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Persecution of Practitioners in Shaanxi Province Women's Forced Labor Camp

October 21, 2006 |  


1) In September 2001, practitioners Ms. Zhang Yunxian, 55 years old, Ms. Ma Wenhua, 58, and Ms. He Guilan were detained in the "dark den," which was located on the second floor of the southern building at the Shaanxi Province Women's Forced Labor Camp. They were handcuffed and tortured for over a month. The three practitioners protested the persecution by holding a hunger strike. As a result, they were placed in solitary confinement, with Ms. Zhang in the education team on the first floor, Ms. Ma in the second division on the second floor, and Ms. He in the third division on the third floor. They were tortured physically and mentally for over seven months. The guards often encouraged the criminal inmates to hang the practitioners from the window bars and then kick and beat them. The three practitioners staged hunger strikes many times to resist the persecution, but the torture continued. On April 2, during the so-called "suppression" meeting, all the guards were fully armed with handcuffs and batons. Six of them held the three practitioners by grabbing their hair and arms. The practitioners were not afraid of the torture, and they loudly shouted, "The Fa rectifies the Cosmos; the Evil is completely eliminated." All the other imprisoned practitioners also sent forth righteous thoughts to resist the persecution.

2) On November 26, 2001, practitioner Ms. Liu Yuwen, 63, was working in the second division's machine room. One guard, who was standing there to watch her, told her to stand up. When Ms. Liu did not obey, the guard, Second Division chief Yu Yan, brutally beat her. She also instigated six criminal inmates to torture Ms. Liu together. Practitioner Ms. Ma Wenjing, who was not far from the scene, shouted, "Don't beat people!" Several other practitioners also shouted "Don't beat people!" The guards blocked these practitioners from entering the room and took Ms. Liu Yuwen, in the position of "flying an airplane," out of the machine room and then out to the gate. She was handcuffed to the gate in the hallway for several days and nights. As a result, she suffered a relapse of her heart disease, and she fainted. Only after the incident was she sent to the so-called clinic. The guards used the clinic as a place to persecute practitioners by detaining them in solitary.

3) On the evening of January 23, 2002, camp officials forced practitioners to watch video programs that slandered Dafa. The practitioners opposed and resisted this activity. As a result, the leaders of the labor camp ordered both the female and male guards to beat the already handcuffed practitioners. Practitioner Ms. Liu Guiqing was handcuffed to a bed frame inside the No. 7 cell on the second floor for seven days and nights. The guards handcuffed practitioner Ms. Wang Xiuwen to the gate in the second floor hallway for two days and nights, and she was later handcuffed to a steel pipe inside the guards' office for four days and five nights. They handcuffed practitioner Ms. Li Cuifang to the gate on the second floor of the north side for eight days and nights. Practitioner Ms. Zhang Danxia was handcuffed to a bar of the east-side window or the stairway to the second floor for six days and seven nights. Practitioner Ms. Zhang Ronghua was handcuffed inside a guards' office for seven days and nights. Practitioner Ms. Kan Guangying was handcuffed to a bed frame in the No. 5 cell for two days and nights. The practitioners' basic freedoms were denied.

4) On April 3, 2002, the labor camp gathered together the practitioners detained in the first, second and third divisions (a total of nearly one hundred) to try to force them to be "transformed." The practitioners were confined in their rooms and their personal freedoms were denied. They were not allowed to use the toilets. For practitioners who refused respond to roll call, refused to count off, refused to report, or did not watch or listen to the propaganda that slandered Dafa, the guards refused to let them sleep, and also forced them to stand "facing the walls." In the meantime, the guards also ordered the criminal inmates to swear at, kick, and punch the practitioners. As a result, some practitioners became dizzy, had blurred vision, and vomited. Practitioner Ms. Luo Changyun's legs were black and blue from being kicked.

5) Eight practitioners--Ms. Wei Xinrong, Ms. Xu Mingxia, Ms. Liu Guiqing, Ms. Sun Yuncheng, Ms. Li Shulian, Ms. Li Xiaorong, Ms. Yu Qinzhen, and Ms. Hu Chunqin--were handcuffed to the racks, gates, and stairs in the backyard, as well as to the window bars in the guards' offices, for several days and nights because they resisted the labor camp's brainwashing efforts. In the meantime, the guards instructed the criminal inmates to put urine in the other practitioners' bowls. The eight practitioners then staged a hunger strike. The guards and the common inmates handcuffed the eight practitioners, sat on them, stuffed their months with dirty clothes, and then force-fed them. Later they handcuffed the eight practitioners to the bed frames and did not allow them to use the toilet. The guards tortured practitioner Ms. Wei Xinrong for eight days and nights and Ms. Xu Mingxia for nine days and nights.

6) Zhao Xiaoyang, who was the labor camp party secretary of the discipline committee, claimed, "Carrying persons out of the labor camp is the same as carrying them out of a hospital." One evening in mid-April, eight or nine practitioners who had been resisting the brainwashing efforts and had already been forced to stand facing the wall for several days and nights, with their legs and feet becoming swollen, including Ms. Kan Guangying, were handcuffed by male guards to the cell windows for three days and nights. They could only touch the floor with their toes. When practitioner Ms. Wang Xiuwen saw what the guards had done, she shouted, "Bad hearts." She was then handcuffed to the window in her cell for three days and nights. On the morning of May 4, the vicious Zhao Xiaoyang, holding a baton, ordered a group of guards to try to force the practitioners to watch a propaganda program that slandered Dafa. Seeing that Ms. Li Cuifang resisted and did not want to watch, Zhao personally went to beat Ms. Li on the head with a baton. All the practitioners, fifty of them, shouted, "Don't beat people!" Zhao then ordered a guard, whose last name is Ren, to drag Ms. Li away to a solitary cell. He handcuffed her to a window bar and then beat her with a baton. As a result, Ms. Li lost control of her bodily functions and lost consciousness. Later she was handcuffed to a bed frame for nearly one month in solitary. When practitioner Ms. Li Shulian stood up to resist the evil acts of Zhao Xiaoyang, she was also handcuffed and hung on the door frame of the meeting room for two days and nights. Later she was detained in the monitoring room by herself.

7) From April to July 2002, this women's labor camp created an environment of terror to brutally persecute practitioners. Practitioner Ms. Du Shuming, 57, was forced to wear a straight jacket for eight days and nights, during which time she was not allowed to sleep. She was also forced to stand facing the wall. Practitioner Ms. Zhang Xiuying, 65, was handcuffed and detained in solitary for six days and nights. She was put in a straight jacket for as long as 25 days. Practitioners Ms. Gao Yimin, 60, Ms. Liu Gaixian, 50, Ms. Du Shuming, Ms. Wang Xiuwen, 56, Ms. Yu Qinzhen, 43, and others were also tortured with straight jackets for many days. Practitioner Ms. Chen Guilian, 61, was handcuffed to a bed frame, with her hands behind her back, for three days and nights. Female guard Feng used a baton to beat Ms. Chen on her buttocks and thighs until they were covered with bruises. Practitioner Ms. Zhao Bixia was handcuffed with her hands behind her back to a bed frame for two days and nights. Practitioners Ms. Li Xiaorong and Ms. Zhang Ronghua were tortured by labor camp director Tan Zhenglin and other guards. They beat and dragged the two women. When practitioner Ms. Xu Mingxia saw what was going on, she said, "Don't drag her. Let her walk." Tan then knocked Ms. Xu down to the ground with his baton, and subsequently dragged her out to the yard and hung her from the clinic's window for six hours. Later she was handcuffed in a guards' office for seven days and nights. Other practitioners including Ms. Li Shulian, Ms. Sun Yuncheng, Ms. Zhang Ronghua, and Ms. Li Xiaorong were handcuffed for eight days and nights.

8) By March 2001, practitioner Ms. Xu Mingxia, 48, had been persecuted in the women's labor camp for a year and a half. Her term was later extended for five more months. Because she was determined in her cultivation in Dafa and because she repeatedly opposed and resisted the brainwashing, guard Zhang Xiaoling tortured her severely. Ms. Xu was handcuffed continuously for over 48 days during the bitter cold of winter. She was not allowed to use the toilet and was deprived of sleep. In the meantime, the guards often beat and cursed her. During this period, she was also handcuffed to a stairway rail or the gate, and was also forced to stand facing the wall for long periods. She had experienced numerous inhumane tortures. Practitioner Ms. Yu Qinzhen, to safeguard Dafa, tore down the propaganda drawings. The guards kicked and punched her. Much of her hair was pulled out. Three guards, including Li Cailian, beat her in turns. Afterwards, they handcuffed her to a stairway rail. The guards instigated the criminal inmates to step on or kick her hands, chest, back, and head. The torture lasted over ten days.

9) In late 2001, the guards discovered that practitioner Ms. Li Surong, 60, who had been detained in the women's labor camp for over two years, was reading Falun Gong articles. They handcuffed her to a bed frame two meters high. She was not allowed to use the toilet and was disallowed contact with the outside. Her pants were constantly wet and soiled. This persecution lasted seven days and nights. In the end, her term was extended for ten more days.

10) Practitioner Ms. Zhou Yating was handcuffed to a window bar in a guard's office because she was determined in cultivating Falun Gong. The guards ordered an inmate to watch Ms. Zhou, and this inmate often beat and swore at her. Once the inmate used a square stool to hit her several times on her head, and she instantly started to bleed profusely. When the blood did not stop flowing, the inmate called in the guards, who sent Ms. Zhou to the clinic. It took over a dozen stitches to close the wounds. Even after several months, her face was still swollen beyond recognition. Even though she was in such a critical condition, guard Li Zhen (the political head of the education team) still used a big needle to stab Ms. Zhou around her mouth. Ms. Zhou's month was covered with blood.

11) In 2003, practitioner Ms. Li Zhihui, 35, wrote a solemn statement declaring that the three statements that she had written before were null and void and that she was determined in cultivating in Dafa. The guards detained her in an office all by herself. When the other practitioners went out to work and there were no others around, guards Li Zhen, Huang, and Bai surrounded Ms. Li and beat her. They kicked her and hit her with batons. After the baton landed on her face once, her face instantly became swollen and deformed. In the subsequent period of nearly three months, Ms. Li was not allowed to come out and she was not allowed to see her family members.

12) Practitioner Ms. Xu Yuqin from Mian County and practitioner Ms. Cai Shuping from Shangluo were individually detained in the washroom because they determinedly cultivated themselves in Dafa. They were forced to go barefooted in the bitter winter, and their quilts were also wet with water. They were forced to stay on the concrete floor, facing the wall, for several months. In these icy conditions, their bodies became swollen and they were in a very miserable state.

13) Practitioner Ms. Liu Chunxia, 36, because she refused to cooperate with the guards' arrangement of extorting things from prisoners, was beaten and cursed by guard Bai Xiao. Later she was handcuffed under the hallway stairs. She was also injected with poisonous, unknown drugs. This made her mentally disoriented. When she was released from the labor camp, she was still not mentally clear. Before she was sent home, she was sent to Tongchuan Mental Hospital for several months of persecution. She is now completely mentally traumatized.

14) Practitioner Ms. Zhang Lianrui found a notebook and returned it to the person who lost it. Guard Bai Xiao, after seeing this situation, said, "Ms. Zhang Lianrui, you went to the other cell." Ms. Zhang replied, "I was outside the door. I did not enter the door. I just returned the notebook." Bai said that Ms. Zhang disobeyed her. Bai opened the gate and rushed into Ms. Zhang's cell. Bai grabbed Ms. Zhang's arm and dragged her to the office, where Bai pinched Ms. Zhang and slapped her face and beat her on her chest. Ms. Zhang shouted, "The leader is beating people!" The guard closed the door and hit her more severely. Ms. Zhang's arms, neck, face, and chest exhibited many bruises. Some areas of the wounds were very large.

15) Practitioner Ms. Fan Shuilian did not cooperate with the evil's arrangement and she tried to escape. After guard Pei Heng found and caught her, she was beaten. After that, the guards regarded her as a mental patient. The guards asked criminal inmates to put some unknown drugs into Ms. Fan's porridge, trying to mentally control her. Dafa practitioners had cooperated well. Once the porridge was doped with drugs, the practitioners told her not to eat the porridge. This situation lasted several months. Later, because Ms. Fan was determined in her belief in Dafa and did not cooperate, the guards forced her to run in the field in the winter to torture her.

16) Practitioner Ms. Wang Shuzhen from Mian County was detained in solitary in late 2003. The labor camp leader, Tan Zhenglin, asked Ms. Wang, "What is your opinion of Falun Gong?" Ms. Wang replied, "Falun Gong is a righteous way of cultivation. Falun Dafa is good." Tan left unhappily. After that, Ms. Wang was kept in a cell. She was not allowed to leave the cell, to take a shower, to change clothes, or to see others until she left the labor camp.

17) The determined practitioners all experienced inhuman tortures in Shaanxi Province Women's Forced Labor Camp. They were forced to squat on only one leg. If anyone failed to squat well, she was be kicked. The guards tortured them by forcing them to sit on tiny stools. While they sat, the practitioner had to hold their legs together, put their hands on their knees, and they were not allowed to move. If they moved, they were kicked and cursed. They were not allowed to use the toilet or to sleep, and they were forced to perform heavy labor for long periods. There were all kinds of physical tortures. The guards often searched the practitioners and their belongings. Practitioner Ms. Guan Hualian, 56, developed poor health because of the continuous heavy labor. She died of tuberculosis one year after she was released from the labor camp.

September 22, 2006