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Ms. Cheng Linghui from Xiangtan City in Hunan Province, 67, Dies as a Result of Persecution

October 20, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Cheng Linghui, 69 years old, was a retired official from Xiangtan City No. 5 Plastics Factory in Hunan Province. She lived in Apartment 205, Unit 2, Building 1, Wanren Residential Village at Chezhan Road, Xiangtan City. Ms. Cheng started practicing Falun Dafa in 1997, and her hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure and other illnesses were cured.

She went to Beijing in January 2001 to appeal for Dafa and was illegally detained for 15 days. In May of the same year she went to Beijing again. The authorities took her back to Xinagtan City. From detention, a group of police, including policewoman Pan Jianli from the Xiangtan City Yuhu Police Department, sent Ms. Cheng to Baimalong Women's Forced Labor Camp, where she was sentenced to one year of forced labor. Her family members were not informed of this sentence until 23 days later. In the meantime they looked for her everywhere.

Ms. Cheng refused to wear the inmate's uniform and badge and refused to cooperate with the guards. As a result, the guards and the drug-addicted inmates hung her from an iron rail, exposing her to the hot sun. The torture finally paralyzed Ms. Cheng's legs and she could not take care of herself anymore. The labor camp officials did not inform her family members to take her home until her life was in peril.

Three years later, in May 2005, even though she could not walk and needed others to take care of her, the National Security police again arrested her. Six policemen carried her out of her home and put her into a vehicle. After she was incarcerated in the local detention center for 36 days, and even though the police interrogation had not generated the results they wanted, the police arbitrarily sent her again to Baimalong Forced Labor Camp, even though the camp later refused to admit her.

The repeat sentencing to forced labor on top of her having to endure the CCP's long-term persecution caused Ms. Cheng Linghui tremendous physical and emotional suffering. She died on August 17, 2006.