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Additional Information Regarding the Persecution Leading to the Death of Practitioner Mr. Li Baifan from Shanghai

October 18, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Li Baifan, a Falun Dafa Practitioner from Shanghai, was around 40 years old, and a lecturer at the East China Normal University. He died as a result of the persecution on April 14, 2001. In mid September 2000, Li Baifan was illegally detained at Shanghai First Labor Camp located in Sichahe, Dafeng County, Jiangsu Province. He was assigned to the first ward, second division of the camp which was the "strict management" ward for all the newly arrived Falun Gong practitioners. Li Baifan was sent by ward leader Hong Congrong into a group which was led by a cruel person named Wan Shaobing.

Wan Shaobing is from Jiangxi Province. No one, including the ward leader, dared to provoke him because he was so vicious. A few days after Li Baifan got there, he suffered a mental collapse, and only looked around with a blank stare.

Two weeks later, under such tremendous mental pressure, Li Baifan was forced to write some materials that defamed Falun Dafa and then was transferred to the "general management" team. Wan Shaobing was rewarded with one month early release because of his "achievement."

In the "general management" team, ward leader Hong Congrong continued to persecute Li Baifan, and forced him to write articles about why he "transformed." He was also forced to persuade other wavering practitioners to follow suit. Some of the steadfast practitioners wanted to talk with Li Baifan individually, but Hong Congrong would not allow it.

Deep in his heart, Li Baifan still believed in Dafa. It was very painful for him to have to persuade others of something he himself didn't believe in, but he was trapped in the persecution. In the end, when he refused to attend another "transformation" session, he was tortured to death.

The evildoings of policeman Hong Congrong have been exposed many times, but Wan Shaobing's bad deeds were seldom exposed.

In the First Labor Camp, there was another vicious policeman named Xia who is a member of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). Hong Congrong usually assigned him to persecute steadfast Dafa disciples, including Ji Ping, Deng Guoping, Xiang Donghui, and Zhang Chongming. Xia's wrongdoings were seldom exposed because he left his post in April 2001. He directed the group leader of inmates to employ persecution methods including forcing practitioners to run for a long time until they are exhausted, forcing them to sit straight up on the legs of an upside-down bench without moving at all, force-feeding practitioners who were on hunger strikes with water and hot chili pepper, and forcing the practitioners to hop around like frogs until exhausted. He also forced practitioners to press their heads against the sharp edge of the wall until there was a deep dent on the top of their heads. Inmates that followed these orders, and were actively involved in persecuting practitioners were rewarded with an early release. One particular inmate named Huang Longyin from Sichuan Province was released one month early because of his efforts in persecuting Falun Gong.