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The Tortures Practitioners Have Been Subjected to at Duyun Prison in Guizhou Province

October 10, 2006 |  


1. Methods of Torture Used May to September 2004

In their attempt to force Falun Dafa practitioners to give up their belief, the officers at Duyun Prison in Guizhou Province use all kinds of torture methods to torment and brutalize them. They have given these methods nicknames and compiled an assortment of tortures into what they call a "menu."

"Biscuit with Filling" A prisoner smashes a practitioner's back with his elbows while others strike the victim's chest with their knees.

"Stir-Fry Kidney" One or two prisoners raise the practitioner's arms and strike at the waist and kidney area with their elbows until the victim vomits blood.

"Kungpao Chicken" Prisoners lift the practitioners up and punch them in the chest.

"Stabilizing Pill" Shove the practitioner against a wall and punch him in the chest.

"Washing the Ears" Prisoners standing behind the practitioner pinch the base of the ears.

"Knock on the Walnut" Prisoners use their knuckles to rap the practitioner's head.

"Relaxing the Big Muscle" Prisoners use their fists, elbows or feet to strike at the practitioner's thighs.

"Stir-Fry Liver" Prisoners strike the practitioner's back with their elbows.

"Two-in-One" Two prisoners pull the practitioner's arms into the shape of a cross and then kick the practitioner's back and chest simultaneously. When they don't have enough people to do it, they just kick the practitioner in the back.

"Flat Shoot" Prisoners spread the practitioner's arms, hold him or her against the wall, and fiercely kick the chest.

"Pulling up the Sapling" Prisoners spread the practitioner's arms while another prisoner hooks the practitioner's neck and kicks him in the chest.

"Eating Garlic" A prisoner lifts a practitioner's chin with his thumbs and forces the mouth and nose closed, cutting off the practitioner's air.

"Plucking Chicken Wings" The practitioner's hands are cuffed behind the back and then he's hung from bunk beds, or the arms are stretched and cuffed between bunk beds.

2. Methods of Torture Used Between October 2004 and March 2, 2006

  1. Knees struck with rubberized wooden clubs; the torture is applied at intervals, causing constant swelling.
  2. Boiling water and cigarette butts are used to burn the skin on the arms or other parts of the body.
  3. Practitioners are forced to sit on small stools without moving from morning till night; the practitioners are beaten if they move.
  4. Many prisoners are kept on duty in shifts, interfering with practitioners' rest or preventing them from sleeping altogether.
  5. A practitioner's wrists are cuffed to a bed in the shape of a cross, all the windows and doors are closed, and DVDs that slander and defame Falun Dafa are played with the volume turned up all the way.
  6. Practitioners are prevented from using the toilet or forced to stop going before they finish, causing kidney problems.
  7. Practitioners are shocked with electric batons on the face and neck until the smell of burnt flesh fills the room.
  8. Electric batons are used to force practitioners to watch TV from two centimeters away.
  9. Guards wrote words on practitioners' clothes mocking Teacher and the Fa and made a tall pointy paper hat for practitioner Xu Shiwen with words written on it defaming Teacher and the Fa.
  10. Guards wrote Teacher's name on pieces of paper that were put in practitioners' shoes while they slept, insulting Teacher.
  11. Practitioners were forced to live in close confinement for long periods of time and forced to observe imaginary borders near the windows and doors. They weren't given enough food and were only allowed to buy essential toiletry items from the commissary and nothing else. (Used between October 2004 and 2005)
  12. Practitioners are bound with ropes at the ankle and hung from the bunks.
  13. Newly confined practitioners were beaten as a demonstration of the guards' authority.
  14. Officers threatened practitioners with statements like: "You must "transform", and if you don't we'll stomp you to death."
  15. Guards glued thick white paper over the doors and windows or covered them with cloth so that no one could see what went on inside, allowing the officers to do whatever they wanted unobserved.
  16. Guards set up prisoner "transformation" classes and subjected practitioners to brainwashing.
  17. Guards forbade practitioners from speaking to each other.

3. Two Additional Tortures

"Noise Therapeutics" Practitioners were cuffed by their wrists and ankles to a bed with their limbs outstretched, and speakers were placed on each side of their heads and played at the maximum volume, or prisoners shouted through megaphones directly into the practitioners' ears. Cao Jun, Yu Hongbing, and Yi Siheng were among those who suffered this torture.

"Bacteriotherapy" A prisoner mixed a tuberculosis patient's phlegm into the practitioners' food, and five people were infected with pulmonary tuberculosis (Wang Shougui, Zhou Shunzhi, Hu Dali, Song Binbin and Yang Xiumin).

4. Beatings

  1. On May 5, 2003, after Mr. Wang Shouming refused to give up his belief, Yu Wenli, the head of the Shaocheng Prison Area, stomped his genitals twice and then dragged him to the office, beat him with a rubber club until his face was bruised and swollen, and finally forced him to renounce his beliefs.
  2. From March 10 until April 8, 2004, Wang Huachuan, chief of the Education Section, was so angry and ashamed for failing to "transform" practitioner Ms. Wang Meihua that he slapped her face repeatedly.

5. Evidence of Crimes (1)

  1. Beginning February 9, prior to a 40-day "transformation" campaign that lasted from February 24 to April 5, 2003, Zang Dongsheng, Zhu Xinbi and Bao Jianwei were brainwashed and subjected to beatings and sleep deprivation for more than ten days. All of the practitioners resisted the persecution by writing letters to the warden and clarifying the truth to the guards.
  2. Eight or nine prisoners took turns preventing Mr. Li Lin from sleeping for five days and nights. Mr. Li was hospitalized after they smashed his head against the wall to force him to "transform."
  3. Four pairs of handcuffs and one pair of foot shackles were used to restrain Mr. Yi Siheng to a wood block bed with the mattress removed in a confinement room. Wang Huachuan personally put the handcuffs on him. Mr. Yi conducted a hunger strike in protest. The weather was very cold, and the small cell was cold and damp. After more than 20 days, Mr. Yi was paralyzed by the cold; he couldn't even move his eyeballs. Only then was he taken to the prison hospital.
  4. From August 2003 to March 2004, the prison kept all of the practitioners in Prison Area 1 because the prisoners there were willing to do whatever the officers asked of them. They held Wang Meihua in solitary confinement for 15 days and then in strict discipline for three months. They kept Zhang Shougang, Zang Dongsheng, Zhu Xingbi, Mo Qi, Chen Zhongquan in confinement for 45 days, Lin Jian for 15 days and Xu Shiwen twice for more than 20 days.
  5. From March 10 to April 8, 2004, Ma Tianjun, Chen Zhongquan, Wang Meihua and Zang Dongsheng tore cartoons that slandered Dafa off the walls, for which they were tortured with electric batons by deputy area head Zhong Shan, until the flesh on their faces and necks was burned. They were cuffed to their beds in the shape of a cross and forced to watch videos that slander Dafa for nearly 40 days. Ma Tianjun was held in solitary confinement.
  6. Starting on March 15, 2004, the following practitioners were cuffed to their beds in the shape of a cross and forced to wear criminal identity cards: Xu Shiwen (for more than 20 days), 61-year-old Zhang Shougang (seven days), Shi Dengling (seven days), Zhao Echuan (six days), Zhou Hengyuan (40 days), and Mo Qi (four days).
  7. For s70 days from May to August 2003 Shi Dengling was held in an isolation cell.
  8. From May 20 to September 20, 2004, prison and 610 Office personnel formed a "transformation" persecution team. Yu Wenlin (Yu is extremely vicious and has developed many persecution methods) was the team leader and set "transformation" goals for each prison area. Yu demanded results with no regard for the safety of the practitioners. The leaders of each prison area selected the most vicious prisoners to join the "transformation" persecution team, especially the prisoners of Area 3 and 4. Shaocheng Area and Shipping Area exchanged information and selected prisoners who had been convicted of violent crimes as many as five times. They employed many of the above mentioned torture methods. The prison rewarded the criminals who participated by excusing them from work. Those who "transformed" one practitioner would receive a single merit and a three-month sentence reduction. Practitioners who couldn't be "transformed" in other prison areas were transferred to Prison Area 4 because the prisoners there were selected from a group of 400 for their propensity for violence and willingness to participate in the persecution. Area head Zheng Jiajun and deputy head Zhong Shan were especially cruel.

They detained practitioners in four prison areas and focused on Prison Area 4. Their assignments were: Prison Area 1: Ma Tianjun, Yang Maojun; Prison Area 2: Tang Runchun, Du Guilin; Prison Area 3: Mo Qi, Wang Guojue, Xu Shiwen; Construction Area: Zheng Gang, Zhou Shunzhong; Shipping Area: Chen Zhongquan, Shi Dengling; Production Area: Xiao Zhifei, Zhao Echuan, Zang Dongsheng; Baking Production Area: Wang Meihua, Mei Guinan; Prison Area 4: the rest of the practitioners.

  1. From October 2004 to March 2, 2006, practitioners from each prison area who didn't "transform" were eventually returned to their original areas for further persecution. Starting in June 2005, they tried to "transform" Xiao Zhifei, Ma Tianjun, and Yang Maojun with the help of collaborators Yu Hongbing and Zhou Kuangjian. The following events occurred during this time:
  1. On August 9 at 4 a.m., Mr. Wu Guozhong (this may be a fake name given by police), a 71-year-old resident of Anshun, died from persecution in Prison Area 8. Area head Zheng Jiajun and clerk Ying Xu carried him to the hospital, where he was given an IV, and then they carried him out of the prison. Though he was already dead, they pretended to give him emergency medical treatment. His mattress was soaked with blood.
  2. On the night of August 2, newcomer Mr.. Wang Limeng was violently beaten by four or five prisoners. Wang Limeng's mouth was stuffed with socks and his face was bruised and swollen.
  3. Practitioners Li Lin, Zheng Gang, Wang Xiaodong, Wang Limeng, Yang Xiumin, Yao Junjing, Liu Shukang, and Chen Zhef were beaten many times.
  4. d. In a blind corner on the second floor, Ma Tianjun, Chen Zhongquan, Xiao Zhifei, Wang Limeng, Tang Runchun, Lin Yuzhong, and newly jailed practitioners are still being persecuted. (Xiao Zhifei nearly gave up his belief in August and made some mistakes, but is now awakened).

6. Evidence of Crimes (2) (May 20, 2004 to September)

A police officer ordered prisoners to beat practitioners. Education section officer Wen Yong failed to "transform" Ms. Wang Meihua from May 25 to the end of June 2004 and angrily ordered prisoner Wang Wupeng, who worked on prisoner records in Shaocheng Prison to "torture her to death and clean her up." Prisoner Wang Wupeng viciously slapped Ms. Wang Meihua's face and prisoner Xiong Qianli hit her with a shoe. Prisoner Li Xianyou put his knee on Ms. Wang's back to hold her down and force-fed her with boiling water. Prisoner Ke Xing suggested that they use drugs to destroy Ms. Wang's will. Seven prisoners took turns talking to her and wouldn't let her rest, use the toilet, or sleep. Ms. Wang was forcibly "transformed" and contracted tuberculosis, which spread to her chest cavity, heart, and lumbar vertebra. After four months, she was extremely weak. Mei Guinan encountered the same suffering.

Mr. Wang Guojue was tortured by prisoners Chen Yuanlong, Zhang Shihong and Qin Zhaoxi of Prison Area 3 with the "Two-in-One," "Eating Garlic," "Knocking on a Walnut," "Washing the Ears," and the "Stir-Fry Kidney" methods from July 10 to the end of the month. When Mr. Wang Guojue used the toilet, three prisoners shoved him to the ground and stepped on his chest and stomach. They deprived him of sleep for a long time and forced him to give up Falun Gong.

  1. From the end of July to early September, Mr. Xu Shiwen was tortured and persecuted by Chen Yuanlong, Zhang Shihong and Qin Zhaoxi of Prison Area 3. As a result, Mr. Xu vomited blood, food and a clear liquid. He conducted a hunger strike to protest. They pried Mr. Xu 's mouth open with chopsticks for force-feeding. The three prisoners even put their genitals on Mr. Xu's mouth, head and neck. His mouth was injured and he couldn't bear it. He was forced to give up Falun Gong.
  2. Shipping Area deputy head Liu Shimin failed to transform Mr. Chen Zhongquan, so starting on May 20 he had prisoners Chen Yuanlong and Zhang Shihong torture him with the above mentioned methods. They wouldn't allow Mr. Chen to close his eyes for several days and nights, forced him to stand facing the wall, and tied him to the bed during his two hours of sleep. Mr. Chen's entire body was bruised, and his feet were severely swollen.
  3. Shi Dengling was cruelly beaten on the orders of Shipping Area head Yu Xinzhong, and wasn't allowed to move while sitting. On July 15, 2004 Shi Dengling was covered with blood from a beating and sent to the hospital for a month for emergency treatment.
  4. Mr. Zhang Shougang (61 years old) was hospitalized from persecution on May 22. Young prisoners in their 20s assigned to supervise him had beaten him for three months. The prisoners told Wang Jianjun, deputy chief of the Education Section, that they were shorthanded, so they had to do it. (Prison Area 4)
  5. Mr. Huang Lei was hit in the knees with wooden clubs by "supervising" prisoners in Prison Area 4, causing his knees to swell up. He wasn't allowed to sleep and was forced to "transform" after a month.
  6. Between June 16, 2004 and the 2005 Chinese New Year, Mr. Wang Xiaodong of Prison Area 4 was forced to stand by a brick wall without moving every day until as late as 4 a.m.. When he fainted, the prisoners poured cold water on him. In the winter, he was forced to shower every three days. The prisoners would burn him with hot water and then rinse him with cold water. After he rinsed the soap off and got ready to dress, the prisoners would torment him by soaping him up again. When he went back to the cell, they would open all the windows and pour cold water on the floor and turn the fan on. Disgustingly, they frequently broke wind toward his mouth.
  7. Mr. Mo Qi's hands were cuffed behind his back and he was hung from bunk beds. Du Guilin was handcuffed to the bed. Clerk Wang Shijun and some prisoners beat Tang Taiguo.

7. The Prison Examination Section Colluded with Duyun Prison

When practitioners wrote to the warden, the procurator, and the court to complain, one section chief told a practitioner, "If you want justice, wait till he dies." Wang Huachuan said, "You've caused a serious international incident, and you should be killed." Zhong Shan, deputy head of Prison Area 4, said, "If you sue the prison, you're suing me."

After current Education Section Chief Wang Huachuan's cruel torture tactics were exposed, he said in an assembly, "Duyun Prison has been smeared for persecuting Falun Gong." Then he said to a fanfare of applause, "We must fight Falun Gong till the end!" Under his leadership, the prison officials carried out many campaigns against Falun Gong practitioners and used every perverse method they could come up with. "Dragon in China" came to conduct interviews and invited everyone to attend. Before I left, they conducted most of the persecution in a blind corner on the 2nd floor. Long term sleep deprivation and sitting on the Tiger Bench were their favorite methods of persecution. There are nine people on the 2nd floor and eleven people on the 4th floor at the moment; the other "transformed" practitioners are all on the 3rd floor.

Currently they are redecorating the area around the blind corner on the second floor. After reading about the organ harvesting from living practitioners in Sujiatun, I remembered that some supervising prisoners said they wanted to transfer practitioners from the north to Duyun Prison, so I made a sketch of the floor plan of the prison. Wang Huachuan is the current head of Prison Area 4, and Zhong Shan is the deputy head.

Duyun jail schematic drawing