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Brutally Force-Fed, Practitioner Ms. Practitioner Li Fengqin Is Emaciated and Weak

January 31, 2006 |  


Ms. Li Fengqin is a Falun Dafa practitioner. She's from Yushu City, Jilin Province. Police authorities illegally arrested her three months ago. They then beat her and brutally force-fed her. Now her life is in danger. She has to get transfusion treatments every day, and she is extremely thin and weak.

On the morning of October 11, 2005, Ms. Li Fengqin paid a visit to her friend Ms. Yang Xiuhua at her home. Suddenly, a few police from the Municipal Public Security Bureau broke into Yang's home and forced the two women to sit on the couch. Ms. Yang's husband returned home and the police then monitored him as well. The police then started to search Ms. Yang's home. Eventually, the police carted Ms. Li, Ms.Yang, and another practitioner off to the police car. Two other practitioners who had been arrested were in the police car already.

The police took them to the National Security Squad. Qi Li from the Squad kicked Ms. Li Fengqin very hard with his boots. Ms. Li fell on the ground and wasn't able to stand up. Other practitioners helped her stand up. Even today, she is still unable to walk properly on her right leg. It was bruised and pained her badly.

That afternoon, the police interrogated them. At about 2 p.m., the police sent them to a detention center. Ms. Li Fengqin couldn't walk, but police officer Zhang Deqing pushed her into a police car. Ms. Li immediately experienced extreme pains in her chest and lower abdomen so intense that she could barely breathe.

After they arrived at the detention center, Ms. Li was in such pain that she wasn't able to get out of the police car. Policeman Chai Wen'ge, along with Zhang Deqing, dragged her out of the car. They handed her over to a few criminals. When two of the criminals saw Ms. Li crash to the floor, they carried her into the cell and put her on a very cold wooden bed. Her leg and stomach hurt badly. She started a hunger strike to protest her mistreatment. On the seventh day of her hunger strike, guards dragged Ms. Li to the detention center clinic for force-feeding. Doctor Li, a doctor at the clinic, force-fed her. They tied her down and inserted a tube into her nose. They poured salt water and milk formula into the tube. The next day they force-fed her again. Ms. Li threw up after both of the two force-feedings, and her stomach hurt badly. On the ninth day of her hunger strike, they gave her a saltwater transfusion. On the afternoon of the tenth day, two doctors came from Changchun and examined her. By that time, Ms. Li wasn't able to sit up. After the examination the two doctors left without saying anything. At 6 p.m. that same day, Ms. Li's family came to pick her up. Several criminals helped carry her out.

The police extorted from 2,000 to 10,000 yuan from each of the families of the more than ten practitioners that they "illegally arrested," that day, including Ms. Li's.

After she went home, Ms. Li started to throw up a greenish substance. Her family sent her to a hospital where they gave her shots, but her condition didn't improve and she still threw up. When doctors examined her, they couldn't detect her blood pressure, and they were unable to draw her blood to test it. Her abdomen swelled. Eventually the doctors figured out that she had a serious intestinal obstruction. However, her health was too precarious to withstand surgery, so the doctors couldn't do anything. Before her arrest, Ms. Li Fengqin didn't have any illnesses and was very healthy.

When Ms. Li Fengqin became unconscious, her family transferred her to the Changchun Medical College Hospital. She came around after 14 hours of intensive treatment.

Ms. Li hasn't able to eat anything since October 11. She often throws up and can't get out of bed. She has to have medicine and infusions every day to keep her alive. She is emaciated and weak. Her family is very worried and has spent over 100,000 yuan in medical bills.

We call upon all kind-hearted people to help stop the inhumane persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners!