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Study "Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005" and Feel Master's Compassion

January 03, 2006 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner


"It's been a long time since I last came here, so you probably want me to talk a little bit more. Let's do it this way. Just as we've done before, you can write questions on slips of paper and pass them up, and I will then answer them. Write the words big." (Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005")

When I read this, I could not stop my tears. Then Master said:

"Try your best not to ask questions that have nothing to do with cultivation, and try your best not to ask questions about the many things that you can resolve on your own while cultivating, for you have to walk your own path. The same holds for every student. If [you were to succeed] because I brought you there, then you absolutely couldn't be considered someone who cultivated, and you wouldn't have cultivated."

Seeing Master's request to "Write the words big," I felt sure that it held a very profound meaning. Master has endured all kinds of hardships and sufferings for his disciples, day after day and month after month, from prehistory all the way to today's Fa-rectification. Master has used all he has for sentient beings. He has passed through all kinds of difficulties and suffered enormously in the human world in order to save us.

Master also said,

"No matter how much power Master has in Fa-rectification, on the surface the old force is still causing a partition, and it has separated Master's enormous power from the surface. Under normal circumstances it wouldn't be able to create this partition, but they are using the method of lining up a great multitude in a constant stream, and using as a partition a gigantic mass and the long, drawn-out time-space contained within that mass. Looking at it from beyond the cosmic bodies, one can see that very soon it will be broken through, but it feels like a few years when measured with the time of the human dimension. But once it is broken through, then this entire cosmos's Fa-rectification will be complete. So as [I go through] the process of crashing against it, they do a few things against Master, and have some effect on Master's surface body. Since July 20, 1999, the evil has done a lot of bad things, but I won't talk about those things too much. There is such an enormous amount of evil for Master to clear away, and Master has to bear the karma of many students, so there is a certain amount of harm done to [Master's] surface body."

Though it is old forces that caused this partition, I wonder, why are they able to cause this partition for Master? I enlightened that Master is still waiting for those Dafa disciples who have not yet stepped forward. It is because we as Dafa disciples haven't done well. We still have too many human notions, and cannot become one with Dafa. We are not improving as a whole entity and coordinating well with each other--that's the cause of the old forces' partition, which has brought many troubles and burdens to Master and increased the difficulty in Master's Fa-rectification.

Word by word, these two paragraphs of Master's in "Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005" deeply touched my heart as well as the root of the origin of my life. I truly felt Master's magnificent mercy. I don't know where my tears came from, they just kept falling.

This is just my personal experience. Please correct anything inappropriate.

December 19, 2005