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I Cannot Keep Silent After Learning of the Rape in Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province

January 27, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) I am a resident of Zhuozhou City. I learned about the rape that took place at the Dongchengfang Police Department. I received phone calls from overseas. He Xuejian, a man wearing a police uniform, raped two women Falun Gong practitioners. Liu Jizhi, one of the victims, is of similar age as He Xuejian's mother. He Xuejian's hideous act reminds me of Ren Binghui, the Party secretary for Political and Judiciary Committee in Yihezhuang Township in Zhuozhou City.

On October 1, 2000, five Falun Gong practitioners were illegally arrested in Beijing for appealing and were taken to the Yihezhuang Township government and held in the conference room. These five practitioners are Mr. Wang Gang in his 30s, Mr. Zhang Muo in his late 20s, Zhang Muo's mother in her 60s, Ms. Zang Cuiqing in her late 30s, and Ms. Chen Lingmei around 50 years of age.

A loudspeaker installed in the conference room blasted propaganda in a shrill and deafening voice to prevent the practitioners from sleeping, as the captors attempted to destroy the practitioners' will. It said that their fates would be determined on October 8.

It was cold in October. These practitioners were held for seven days. The phone rang on the morning of October 8 at the party secretary's office, and the government issued an order stating, "Treat [the Falun Gong practitioners] as counterrevolutionaries. If they are beaten to death, it will be counted as suicide." After receiving this order, Ren Binghui, the Party secretary of Political and Judiciary Committee, Ma Shuhai, the township Party secretary, Bai Jinghua, the township head, and several deputy township heads started torturing the practitioners. The captors divided themselves into groups. They dragged the practitioners out, handcuffed them and hung them up in a bike-park shack for three days. They also didn't allow the practitioners to eat or to sleep.

At noon on October 12, Han Zhanshan, the Zhuozhou City Political and Judiciary Committee secretary, oversaw the persecution being carried out. They first held a meeting at the township government, after which Han Zhanshan asked each of the five practitioners, "Will you still practice Falun Gong?" The practitioners firmly answered, "Yes!" With a wave of his hand, Han Zhanshan ordered the others, including Ren Binghui and Ma Shuhai, to start beating the practitioners. Some people sympathized with Falun Gong and didn't want to beat the practitioners, so they left. Those who stayed followed Han's instructions.

The first practitioner to be beaten was Zhang Muo, a retired soldier. The room was very crowded. The thugs dragged Zhang Muo into the courtyard and whipped him from head to toe with sticks and a whip made of three electric cords twisted together. Zhang Muo screamed in pain but they refused to stop. Zhang Muo's mother almost fainted because she couldn't bear watching her son being tortured. The thugs called You Hong from Yihezhuang Township Clinic over and told him, "Give her a shot." Zhang Muo's mother said, "I'm not sick! I'm not getting any shots!" Ren Binghui said in a menacing voice, "Oh really? Let's see if you really don't take any drugs or shots!" He grabbed the syringe from You Hong, pulled down the old woman's pants and jabbed her with the syringe. It's unknown what kind of drug was in the syringe.

Zang Cuiqing was the second practitioner to be tortured. They let her down from the hanging position in the shack and pushed her to the ground. Ren Binghui said, "It doesn't hurt if we beat her with her clothes on!" He started to remove Zang Cuiqing's clothes. He pulled her coat down to her shoulder, and then he pulled her pants down to her ankles. Zang Cuiqing was then left in underpants. Ma Shuhai, the township Party secretary, led a few township heads to start beating Zang Cuiqing. They used the same instruments that were used to beat Zhang Muo. Sometime later Ren Binghui said, "This whip doesn't hurt her; let's break it in three, because the thinner it is, the more it hurts!" They whipped her until she lost consciousness. Then they poured cold water over her. When she came to, they hung her up by her handcuffs.

After Zang Cuiqing was hung up, they still had her pants around her ankles, and this was more obvious with her being hung up. Everyone who was coming to work could see this. They hung her up for a long time. Ren Binghui thought that he had achieved his goal, so he pulled Zang Cuiqing's pants up. Bai Jinghua, a township head, stopped Ren Binghui and said, "Don't pull it up for her." As he said this, he violently kicked Zang Cuiqing's shins, making Zang Cuiqing's body sway back and forth in the air. Ren Binghui was encouraged by the violence and asked Zang Cuiqing, "Will you still practice?" She answered, "Yes I will!" He ordered people to bring several glasses of water and forced them into Zang Cuiqing's mouth. Ren Binghui said, "Then relieve yourself in your own pants!" He ordered people to bring a basin of cold water. He held Zang Cuiqing's collar and poured all of the cold water down her neck. She was soaked and the water dripped from her feet. She shivered and trembled.

Chen Lingmei was the third practitioner who was beaten. Su Guohua was the fourth practitioner, and Wang Gang was the last practitioner who was beaten and tortured.

All of the violence took place under the supervision of a Zhuozhou City government head and was led by the township Party secretary. All of these crimes were committed by Communist Party members.

Why did this happen? Why did these government officials personally carry out this gross abuse under the persecution? Are they devoid of human nature? I think they are afraid. They are a cog in the Communist Party machine; a pawn in Jiang's persecution of Falun Gong. They feared losing power, and they feared losing the privileges only Party officials have, because the five practitioners went to Beijing to appeal for justice. They trample on conscience and justice when it comes to personal interests.

What was Ren Binghui, the Political and Judiciary Party secretary, thinking when he stripped off Zang Cuiqing's clothes in front of everyone? I can only speculate that he was doing it to please Han Zhanshan and beg forgiveness for letting the practitioners go to Beijing to appeal.

Ren Binghui's actions helps us better understand He Xuejian's rape of two female Falun Gong practitioners. First, the Communist Party is corrupt and villainous, and as Ren Binghui's example demonstrates, we know what kind of person Song Xiaobin is [Song Xiaobin is a superior of He Xuejian]. Ren Binghui acted with sadistic violence in front of his superior Han Zhanshan, just as He Xuejian acted to please Song Xiaobin.

He Xuejian's crime is not an isolated incident. If someone joins the Chinese Communist Party, the Party will instill him with wicked theories that resemble psychological time bombs. If we don't understand that the Communist Party is an evil organization, we won't be able to explain the sinister crimes that take place one after another in China.

I heard that many Falun Gong practitioners went to Beijing to appeal in the second half of 2000 in response to Jiang Zemin's irrational persecution of Falun Gong. Some practitioners were transferred to Zhuozhou City and they were held at Group 5 of the Zhuozhou City Police Department Criminal Police Division. The wardens at Group 5 savagely tortured female practitioners and shocked the practitioners' private parts and other sensitive body parts with electric batons. I hope that practitioners who suffered such abuse will step forward and expose the truth.