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Senior Physician Ms. Dai Zhijuan Dies under Persecution

January 11, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Dai Zhijuan was the Senior Physician employed by the Dalian City Women and Children's Hospital in Liaoning Province. She had been arrested twice and taken to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, where she was subjected to all sorts of torture, such as being deprived of the right to sleep, forced to do heavy labor, injected with unknown drugs, etc. She was tortured nearly to death twice before being bailed out on medical parole. She died on December 21, 2005. Her husband Yang Chuanjun (also a Falun Dafa practitioner) is now detained in Dalian City Prison.

Ms. Dai Zhijuan was 39 years old. After July 1999, she was detained five times and sent to forced labor twice for clarifying the truth and validating Falun Dafa. In April 2000, she went to Beijing to appeal and clarify the truth. She was sentenced to forced labor, and was tortured in the Masanjia Forced Labor camp with beatings, sleep deprivation, and heavy labor. She was monitored by criminal inmates and injected with unknown drugs. Her physical body was severely damaged, so she could not take care of herself, and had to be bailed out on medical parole.

Ms. Dai Zhijuan's husband, Yang Chuanjun, was one of the chief volunteers at Dalian City's Falun Dafa Assistance Center before the persecution. He is one of the main targets listed by local police departments, and has been detained many times. On April 24, 2002, Mr. Yang Chuanjun was arrested by Dalian City Chinese Communist Party (CCP) 610 Office officials and policemen, and Ms. Dai Zhijuan was also arrested at her work place. They were detained in the Yaojia Detention Center. On January 21, 2003, Falun Dafa practitioners Mr. Yang Chuanjun, Tian Jun, and others were put on trial in a Ganjingzi District Court in Dalian City. Mr. Yang Chuanjun and Mr. Tian Jun solemnly declared to the Court that Falun Dafa is righteous, and that Falun Dafa practitioners are innocent. They also exposed how the local police fabricated evidence, and subjected them to electric baton shocks and cruel beatings for three entire days non-stop. Mr. Yang Chuanjun was about to show the bruises under his shorts to expose the evil torture, when the Court session was quickly ended. They later secretly sentenced Mr. Yang Chuanjun and others. Mr. Yang Chuanjun has been detained in Dalian City Prison.

Ms. Dai Zhijuan had been sentenced to three years of forced labor and detained in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp again. She went through inhumane torture which damaged her physical and mental health severely. She could not eat, and had to be bailed out on medical parole again.

On September 1, 2004, seven to eight policemen tried to arrest Ms. Dai and her mother and force them into police vehicles, but failed. They arranged four policemen to wait under their apartment building to closely monitor them. Ms. Dai Zhijuan had to become homeless to avoid being illegally arrested at home. Under long-term harassment and severe persecution by the CCP evildoers, Ms. Dai Zhijuan died on December 21, 2005.