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Spain: Practitioners Study the Principles of Falun Dafa and Expose the Persecution Together (Photos)

September 05, 2005 |   By a Spanish practitioner

(Clearwisdom.net) From August 13 to August 16, Falun Gong practitioners from various places in Spain gathered in Barcelona to hold four days of activities including group study of Falun Gong's principles, sharing and exchange of understandings, and exposing the persecution.

Group practice

Group practice

Group Fa-study

On August 13, practitioners came to Barcelona one after another. Ignoring their fatigue due to long-distance travel, some practitioners went directly to the activity site after getting off the plane. Some coming from Madrid and Malaga drove directly without a break to the famous La Rambla in Barcelona. After an over seven-hour drive, they joined fellow practitioners in holding an anti-persecution photo exhibition and signature collection activity in the afternoon.

In La Rambla, crowds of people gathered. Stopping in front of the photos of the persecution, the passers-by were shocked. They could not believe what they saw, and some had tears in their faces. People could not believe that such bloody, cruel genocide is happening in China. People could not even imagine how a government could be so cruel to its people. People gave their support by signing their names to end this persecution as soon as possible. They gathered in front of the signature-collection desk and signed their names without hesitation.

Those shocked by the persecution condemned the Chinese Communist Party's atrocities and signed their names to support Falun Gong.

In front of the long signature collection table were lines of people awaiting to sign their names. People are eager to understand the truth and hope to end the persecution together. Seeing the touching scene, practitioner cannot help but think - the stronger the power of justice, the harder it will be for the evil persecution to be sustained.

During the activity, a member of the "Free Tibet" organisation signed his name and told our fellow practitioners, "Do you know that we just submitted a file to the Spanish National Hall of Justice to sue Jiang Zemin and the Chinese Communist Party for genocide and cruel torture they committed against the people of Tibet? In China, where people are ruled singly by the Chinese Communist Party, people have no human rights or freedom, whether it's people in Tibet, the Buddhists, those with a belief in Taoism or in Christianity, or Falun Gong practitioners. Anyone who has a different point of view from the Chinese Communist Party is persecuted." "I believe that the day for them to step down (the Communist Party) is soon to come. What they have committed will eventually be made public. In the near future, those guilty people will be brought to trial by the whole world."

When signing her name, a lady from Eastern Europe said to a practitioner, "I know the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party very well. Its nature is bloody and cruel. I am not surprised to see the crimes it has committed in China. Only by quitting the Chinese Communist Party can people truly live a good life. It is something I've experienced personally." In the end, she wished the practitioners good luck. A tourist from Germany said, "I had already signed my name for Falun Gong in Germany. However, I'd like to sign again with the hope of helping to end this unjust persecution as soon as possible."

On August 15th, some Spanish Falun Gong practitioners went to the Chinese Consulate in Barcelona to peacefully protest against the Chinese Communist Party's six-year persecution of Falun Gong. Over here, practitioners in Barcelona have persisted in telling those coming to the Chinese Consulate about Falun Gong being persecuted in China. Through their continuous efforts over the past two years, the attitude of the Chinese people toward Falun Gong has changed dramatically. In contrast to the very beginning when people were not willing to or didn't dare to take leaflets, or when some even shouted at us loudly, a great number of people nowadays voluntarily ask for fliers and express their thanks to practitioners.

Though the western Falun Gong practitioners present do not speak Chinese, the letters they printed to encourage people to be good, taped messages they broadcast in Chinese, and their persevering belief and pure hearts deeply touched the Chinese people. The evil lies told by the Chinese Communist Party are no longer effective. Instead, they are coming to a good understanding of Falun Gong and gaining respect for Falun Gong practitioners.

At the same time, practitioners also hope that those working in the Chinese Consulate understand the truth, give up the evil, and do not continue to be pawns for the Chinese Communist Party to persecute good people anymore.

In front of the Chinese Consulate, a couple was hurrying on their way to attend a friend's party with their two children. They saw Falun Gong practitioners peacefully presenting a petition when passing through the Chinese Consulate. They carefully looked at photos exposing the Chinese Communist Party's cruel persecution against its own citizens. They were extremely shocked. After stopping to further ask Falun Gong practitioners about more facts, one of them said to the practitioners, "Thanks for helping us understand so much that we have never heard before. I used to think differently. Today is a major turning point in my life because I know about truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance."

Peaceful appeal in front of the Chinese Consulate

During the four-day activity, the practitioners studied Zhuan Falun, the main text of Falun Dafa, together. They shared their experiences and where they fell short in the process of validating the Fa, so as to do better in future cultivation. Practitioners also discussed the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party". Practitioners believed that the "Nine Commentaries" is exposing the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In particular, it can help Mainland Chinese people who have been deeply poisoned and brainwashed by CCP's deceit to clearly see through the CCP's nature, so as to break away from it. The "Nine Commentaries" will also help people to comprehensively learn about the facts of the persecution that Falun Gong practitioners have encountered in China.

Practitioners also exchanged opinions and experiences and identified individual shortcomings so as to do better in their future activities. The four-day activity concluded successfully.

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