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Handicapped Dafa Practitioner Zhang Aimin's Home Ransacked Twice by Jilin City Police

September 05, 2005 |   By a Jilin City practitioner

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Zhang Aimin is 43 years old. She is a handicapped worker for the Jilin West Railroad Section (Jilin Division of the Shenyang Railroad Bureau, National Railroad Department) who has lost both of her legs.

Zhang Aimin obtained the Fa in 1997. Before that her personality tended to be suspicious and angry. She had suffered from heart disease, hepatitis B, pancreatitis, migraines, lower back aches, neck problems, and bursitis in the shoulder. Three of her fingers would go numb when she tried to use them, for example while writing or doing needlework. In her back she felt heaviness, coldness and aches all year long. During seasonal changes, her legs would ache several days in advance. When she became angry, she would stay away from home all day and all night. After obtaining the Fa, all of the illnesses in her body and problems in her mind went away. Being someone who does not believe in anybody except for herself, these changes enabled her to more diligently study the Fa and practice the exercises.

In 1999, when the persecution of Falun Gong began, Zhang Aimin was targeted and her home was ransacked.

At around midnight on September 15, 2003, Zhang Aimin was awakened by shouting. It was not clear how the police broke in. A woman among them claimed she was from the city's 610 Office. Later it became known that her name was Jin Yu. Zhang Aimin struggled and sent forth righteous thoughts, but she was held down by three or four men. Later it was discovered that these men were from the Yan'an Street Police Station. One of the perpetrators was a young man with the first name. All of them were in plain clothes.

The following is the list of property that was confiscated:

Computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, a pair of speakers
Canon laser black & white printer, 3 original drums, 2 replacement drums, 6 boards
Two boxes of printer paper
Three boxes of toner (about 8-10 bottles in each box)
Internet cards, one worth 50 yuan and one worth 100 yuan
Miscellaneous items valued at about 7000 yuan
All of her Dafa books and tapes, CDs, and truth-clarification VCDs

At around 8 am on July 25, 2005, Zhang Aimin went to the Jilin Railroad Xishan Detention Center. At the time, there was no guard at the gate, so Zhang Aimin put truth-clarification flyers on the cars parked in the yard. Then some people approached her, so Zhang Aimin asked whether there were practitioners being detained there. The person said there were a few without giving any names, and also gave Zhang a phone number. Another person pretended to talk about Falun Gong with her, but in reality they were just stalling until the police could come.

Later, four or five policemen carried her into a vehicle and put her wheelchair into another vehicle. Xiao Tian from Zhang's work unit led the way to Zhang's home. The police broke open the door and ransacked the home. They confiscated all of Zhang Aimin's possessions that could help clarify the truth about Dafa.

The taken property included:

Qi Xi brand computer: PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, CDR drive

External 80G/7200 RPM hard drive containing Dafa materials


3 Printers: Laser HP1010, 4 original drums, 3 bottles of toner; Canon ip1000 color jet, 3 color ink cartridges, 3 black ink cartridges; Epson C43 color jet, original ink set: 2 color cartridges, 3 black cartridges.

4 Bolang ebooks; one electric stapler and one electronic book binder, 2 packages of high quality copy paper

4 boxes of blank CDR's, more than 30 CDs, more than 20 truth-clarification CD masters; a copy of the Dalian Lecture on CD

Audio tapes: Lecture series in Dalian, Guangzhou, Jinan, exercise music, songs, and others, at least 40 tapes and more than 40 blank tapes

More than 50 Dafa books

Three copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party

More than 400 copies of the title page for the Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party

That same day, Zhang Aimin went to the Railroad Police Department to ask for her books back, but they just pushed her away.

Because of Zhang's health condition, the police did not persecute her any further, but several times they confiscated her property.

Responsible perpetrators:

Shenyang Railroad Bureau Jilin Office:
Jilin Police Department address: 323 Chongqing Road, Jilin City, Zip code 132001
Railroad Detention Center Director: Zhao Chengli, 86-133-64440702 (Cell)
Su Fu: 86-139-4424236 (Cell)
Railroad Police Section Police Chief: Bo Yuehua, 86-431-2328938
Railroad Police Section Social Order Section Chief: Song Jiaping, 86-133-31710009(Cell)

August 16, 2005