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In Memory of Mr. Ma Jujun, a Falun Dafa Practitioner from Changji, Xinjiang Province

September 21, 2005 |   By a Falun Dafa Practitioner from Xinjiang Province

(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Ma Jujun was a Falun Dafa practitioner from Changji, Xinjiang province. Because he constantly validated Dafa, corrupt officials sentenced him to two years in a labor camp. After his release, the 610 Office and the national security staff arrested him two more times and sent him to a brainwashing center at a wool plant in Xinjiang province for further persecution. Because he was steadfast in his belief, he was frequently trailed, monitored, harassed and threatened. Later, he was arrested and sent to the Mental Hospital in Urumchi where he suffered inhuman torture. He was persecuted to death on September 27, 2004. His vast kindness and firm belief in Dafa left an everlasting impression on me. The following is what I remember about him. I'm publishing this on the one-year anniversary of his death to show respect and mourning for Mr. Ma Jujun.

Mr. Ma Jujun was somewhat slender and of average height. At a glance, he appeared to be very naïve. When I first saw him, I was touched by his frankness and enthusiasm. He cared about new practitioners. If he found that someone did not have Dafa books, he would go out and buy them to give to new practitioners. Once, there were many new practitioners who came to study without Dafa books. He put aside his personal business and took a bus to Shihezi to buy several books, thereby solving the problem. He was an easy person to get along with. We all liked him.

After July 20, 1999, Mr. Ma Jujun wrote an appeal letter and mailed it. As he was preparing to go to Beijing to make the appeal, he was arrested by police from the National Security team. He was illegally detained at a detention center. As a steadfast practitioner in Dafa, he refused to write a letter of repentance, so the police sent him and two other practitioners to a forced labor camp. In Wujiaqu forced labor camp in Changji, his mind and body were devastated by unimaginable physical and psychological torture.

According to some eyewitness, since he requested permission to do the exercises in the forced labor camp, the police persecuted him with electric batons, threats, curses, restriction of his personal freedom, and more.

In November 2001, in order to vindicate Dafa, all practitioners in the labor camp stepped forward and protested against the persecution in the camp. The police handcuffed practitioner Li Yulin's hands onto a heater because he was the first one who stepped forward. Then the police fooled other Dafa practitioners by saying that he was in the office. Mr. Ma Jujun immediately asked to go to the office and take a look. The police threw him to the ground and pulled off his shoes. Three to five police dragged Mr. Ma Jujun to the third floor, beating him all the way. Later on, corrupt staff members, prison guards and many criminals surrounded Dafa practitioners and abused them further.

The last time I saw Mr. Ma Jujun was on a winter day. At that time, he was very thin and was not wearing enough clothing. But from the expression in his eyes I could tell that he was more determined than ever. I talked with him for over an hour. At that time, I was in a relatively fearful mindset. I was moved by his firm belief. Before I left, he reminded me to be more careful. I was truly reluctant to leave him.

I never guessed that this meeting with him would be the last time we would see each other. One of his family members who was brainwashed by the evil Communist Party's lies reported him. He was arrested by National Security Bureau agents and later died from the persecution he then suffered in the mental hospital in Urumchi. I felt very sad.