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Details on the Torture Death of Ms. Shi Shengying, a Falun Dafa Practitioner from Shenyang City (Photos)

September 20, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) At 7:00 p.m. on August 25, 2005, Shenyang Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Shi Shengying's family members received a phone call from the police at the Liaoning Province Women's Prison, informing them that Shi Shengying had passed away and her body was at the Shenyang City No. 739 Hospital. Her family members rushed to the hospital, where four policewomen from the prison received them. Among them was their chief, a policewoman in her thirties with the family name Xu. They claimed Shi Shengying died of a heart attack on August 23. She was sent to the prison hospital for "treatment." The family members requested to be shown the medical records for treatment at the prison but were refused. The prison police only showed the medical records from the No. 739 hospital. The medical record had only this entry: Shi Shengying was dead on arrival at the No.739 hospital at 3:00 p.m. on August 25.

Photo of practitioner Ms. Shi Shengying
Photo of Shenyang City No. 739 Hospital

Shi Shengying started to practice Falun Gong in 1996. Thereafter she had been healthy and had never suffered from heart disease before. On August 18, 2005, family visiting day, her family members went to visit Shi Shengying in the prison. The No. 3 prison ward guard said, "Shi Shengying refuses to wear the prison uniform, so she is not allowed to be visited by her family."

On the evening of August 25, 2005, when Shi Shengying's family members saw her body, she was wearing the prison uniform. Her body showed many injuries, old and new: an old wound on her left side rib area, her throat showed a blue-black semi-circle, and below her throat was a fresh-looking, blood stained square wound. In the chest area were dotted signs of a healed old wound where the scabs had fallen off. At the point of death her eyes were half open and there were tearstains at the corner of her eyes. It was suspected that the above were signs of being suffocated while been physically assaulted.

The family members questioned nerve specialist doctor Hu Yan, who was in charge of this matter about the circumstances. Hu Yan said, "The wounds on the body were not inflicted by [people from] the hospital. Hospital chief Mr. Zhang was also present. Please ask him." After that, the coroner from the city suburban Procuratorate stationed in the prison procurator office examined the body and confirmed that there were indeed injuries on the body.

On the evening of August 25, the family members requested to take photographs of the body. The prison sent more than thirty policewomen to deter the family from doing so. When the family members attempted to take photos, some policewomen went out of their way to snatch the camera. They removed the battery from the camera. The other policewomen dragged the body into a vehicle. During the chaos, the violent pushing and pulling caused Shi Shengying's daughter to spit blood. A middle-aged policewoman with the family name Li, mobile no: 86-13889825941, said, "Don't allow them to take photos! When the photo get published on the Internet we will lose our jobs." She even threatened the family members and said, "I advise you not to appeal this case, or else a few of you may be jailed for this matter!"

The assembled crowd saw the barbaric behavior of the police and felt outraged. They called a reporter. The reporter came to the scene and witnessed the whole affair. In the end, the policewomen sent Shi Shengying's body to the Shenyang City Yuhong District's funeral parlor.

At 9:00 a.m. on August 26, the family members went to Yuhong District funeral parlor to pay their respects to the deceased Shi Shengying. The prison police said, for show, "Shi Shengying's husband and two relatives are allowed to enter the funeral parlor but must be accompanied by the prison police to pay respects to the deceased." Covertly, the prison police tried all sorts of ways to stop them. They even lied and told the local police that someone was making trouble, so five local police vans were dispatched to the funeral parlor. Together with the prison police, more than sixty police officers were present to deter the family members. The family members had waited from morning until afternoon and still did not get an opportunity to view the body.

On August 27, Shi Shengying's three daughters came again to the funeral parlor. An officer from the Tiexi District Police Department in Shenyang City who was standing guard there asked them rudely, "Who are you?" He video taped them against their will and still did not allow them to enter. Officials from the Liaoning Province Women's Prison also sent local social workers to warn the family members not to appeal to higher authorities. They also monitored the family members' movements.

From the start, the court in the Tiexi District of Shenyang City fabricated evidence. During the illegal sentencing at the first hearing, Shi Shengying's age was changed from 66 years old to 59 years old, and her education level was changed from elementary school to third grade. Since the prison police said that Shi Shengying died at 3:00 p.m., why did the prison wait till 7:00 p.m. to inform the family members? The prison administrations' main hospital is located a mere 300 meters away from the women's prison. If Shi Shengying really died of heart disease as the female police officers claimed, why didn't they send her to the prison administration's main hospital? Why did they send her instead to the No. 739 hospital that is over 10 kilometers away? If there was nothing to hide, why did they not let the family members have one last look at the deceased and stop them from taking photos of her body?

Shi Shengying's case was not the first one where Shenyang City Prison law enforcers of the evil Communist party persecuted a Falun gong practitioner to the point of death. Many other practitioners were also persecuted by those people until they died. Among them are Mr. Li Ling (ex-chief of the Labor Department in the Guta District in Jinzhou City), Wu Yuan (math teacher from the Beilu Township Secondary School in Lingyuan City), Lou Yan from Anshan City, Guan Wenjiang, 33, from Tongjiafang Village in Damintun Town, Xinmin City, Zhou Zhi (engineer from Benxi steel design and control factory), Gao Lianyi (taxi driver in the Tiexi District in Shenyang City - he was persecuted until he died at the main hospital in the prison administration department) and Han Liguo (a worker at a certain steel factory in Lingyuan City, Liaoning Province). There were others.

Of those, Han Liguo was incarcerated in the Shenyang City No. 2 Prison. In August 2004 he lay in the prison cell for a day, and then he was sent to a prison hospital. He died suddenly the following day. The hospital claimed that he died of heart disease, but Han Liguo had never suffered from heart disease before and his stated cause of death was suspicious.

Contact data for the Liaoning Province Women's Prison:
Main switchboard telephone: 86-24-89296600
Prison chief office: 86-24-89296666
Politics Committee Office: 86-24-89296677
Administration Office Head: 86-24-89296868
Political and Security Division Head: 86-24-89296767
Secretary of Discipline Committee: 86-24-89296818
Facsimile room: 86-24-89296711
Deputy Prison Chief: 86-24-89296655, 86-24-89296688, 86-24-89296633, 86-24-89296633 or 86-24-89296858
Discipline Committee Procurator Office: 86-24-89296607
Procurator office stationed in prison: 86-24-89296685
Prison Politics Division Chief: 86-24-89296686
Prison Entry Team Office: 86-24-89296692, 86-24-89296693 or 86-24-89296695
Hospital office: 86-24-89296857
Hospital political head: 86-24-89296861
No. 1 prison ward political head: 86-24-89296866
No. 2 prison ward political head: 86-24-89296870
No. 3 prison ward political head: 86-24-89296873
No. 4 prison ward political head: 86-24-89296876
No. 5 prison ward political head: 86-24-89296777
No. 6 prison ward political head: 86-24-89296885
No. 7 prison ward political head: 86-24-89296889
No. 8 prison ward political head: 86-24-89296891
No. 9 prison ward political head: 86-24-89296896
No. 10 prison ward political head: 86-24-89296899
Telephone for the Laochan Prison District Office: 86-24-89296755
Telephone for the Prison Shift Main Office: 86-24-89296733

Names and contact details of people personally involved in this case:
No. 3 Prison ward where Shi Shengying was detained: 86-24-89296873
Team Head Li: 86-13889825941

Cell Division Chief Xu:

Contact Details for the Shenyang City No. 739 Hospital:
Address: No. 121 Huanghebei Main Street, Huanggu District, Shenyang City, Postal code 110034
Telephone: 86-24-86536739
Hospital Chief: Zhang Yanan
Deputy Hospital Chief: Zhang Jinying
Nerve Specialist Doctor: Hu Yan

Telephone number for the procurator's office stationed in the prison: 86-24-89296685