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While Suffering a Tribulation, One Needs Even More Help from Fellow Practitioners

September 12, 2005 |   By a practitioner from China

(Clearwisdom.net) In most cases, a practitioner knows he should look inward to find the problem and cultivate his xinxing whenever he encounters a tribulation. Sometimes, however, it is difficult for one to know where the root of the problem is. Therefore, some practitioners have been hindered for a long time.

After encountering some personal problems, I learned some hard lessons that I want to share with fellow practitioners. If anything inappropriate is found, please point it out with compassion.

One day, I suddenly had a back pain, a very serious pain, which made it very difficult for me to sit down, stand up, or lie down. If not very careful, I would feel intense pain, just as though my back was being broken. At six o'clock the next morning, when I sent forth righteous thoughts, I felt a sudden relaxation and the pain abated noticeably. I then thought that I must get rid of all my attachments through cultivation, giving the evil no chance to interfere with me so that my back pain would quickly disappear. Unexpectedly, the pain became more severe on the third day. This time I really couldn't be steady. What on earth was the matter with me? At a time when there is such urgency to save sentient beings, why had I been obstructed in this way? Some of my attachments must have been hiding somewhere. I searched my conscience: Why did the evil interfere with me? Why could it successfully interfere with me? Having racked my brain, I still didn't find the root of the problem.

I told my fellow practitioners about my situation, without holding anything back, and asked them to help me find the root of the problem. A fellow practitioner told me without thinking, "You always like to lie down for a while, even after you finish the sitting meditation. I told you before but you didn't pay attention. When you read The Minghui Weekly, you sometimes lie down. Articles written by fellow practitioners should be respected." My fellow practitioner's words were quite right. I had also noticed this, but I didn't consider it a big issue and thought that it didn't matter much. I didn't think it through very carefully.

Then I looked back at the progress of my back pain. The pain was severe the first day and alleviated the second day, but was back again the third day. The root cause was my attachment to avoiding suffering and looking for comfort. On the second day, I had gotten up after four o'clock to do the sitting meditation for 90 minutes and then sent forth righteous thoughts. Then the pain was suddenly eased. On the third day, I also had gotten up after four o'clock to do the sitting meditation, but I felt uncomfortable from head to toe. After sitting for less than 60 minutes, I lay down. Although I also sent forth righteous thoughts at six o'clock and even finished the other four sets of movements, the pain became worse. My fellow practitioner's words made me suddenly see the light. No wonder I had sudden back pain. Is it just to seek temporary comfort that I always like lying down for a while? Is it my failure to get rid of my attachment to seeking comfort? Until that day I had not realized it. Is this a trivial attachment? Doing things this way, can I make my every single word and action in line with the Fa? I felt quite ashamed. I knew I should go back to the righteous way and assimilate myself, without any condition, into the higher requirement of the Fa. After I found the loophole and rectified my attachment, my back pain was relieved the next day, and I recovered within two days.

This was a profound lesson and made me understand the power of Dafa, the compassion of Teacher, and the important role that fellow practitioners play in our cultivation. From this lesson, two profound realizations motivated me to write this experience-sharing article.

First, the Fa's requirements for us are becoming stricter and stricter. When the mighty current of Fa-rectification arrives in the human world, we cannot bring to our future any regrets just because we have not gotten rid of the bad things in our cultivation. Teacher has emphasized in many lectures recently that we should cultivate ourselves well. Therefore, within the little time remaining for our cultivation, we should never be lazy or shirk our responsibilities and duties. Wasting a single minute, even a second, is a loss. We must meet the requirements of various levels of the Fa. If all of our Dafa disciples complete their cultivation successfully, the unlimited power of the Fa will demonstrate itself to human society. Also, it can help more ordinary people be saved.

Secondly, our fellow practitioners not only have the same Teacher and cultivate themselves by the same Dafa, but they are also capable helpers in our cultivation. Whenever we stumble, Teacher will arrange for fellow practitioners to help us up. Whenever we get lost, Teacher will arrange for fellow practitioners to hold our hand so that we can go home together. Especially in the current process of validating the Fa, we can never ignore our fellow practitioners at any time. Whenever we have a tribulation or hardship that is hard to get through, we should, besides studying the Fa more and better, earnestly ask them for help. There is a saying among ordinary people, "Complete sincerity can affect even metal and stone." Maybe our fellow practitioners can point out our mistakes with just a single sentence. Maybe Teacher will guide us through words spoken by our fellow practitioners. At ordinary times, we should cherish fellow practitioners' critical comments and get down from our high horse to listen to our fellow practitioners' criticism. Honest advice and truthful words might offend the ear but they can help us improve step by step. We should modestly ask our fellow practitioners to point out our shortcomings. If we remind each other, urge and encourage each other, we can avoid detours and suffer fewer losses. We should treasure the predestined relationships among our fellow practitioners even more. Whenever we encounter a tribulation on our way home, let us unselfishly reach out to help each other and make solid progress together.